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ETC celebrates successful Prolight + Sound

ETC celebrates successful Prolight + Sound

ETC celebrates successful Prolight + SoundVisitors flocked to ETC’s stands in Hall 3.0 at the recent Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt to get a glimpse of the company’s latest innovations. Among the main attractions were several brand new products – the Element 2 lighting control console from the award-winning Eos family, ColorSource Pearl variable white-light LED fixtures, and the Irideon WLZ architectural wash light – all making their European debut.

Launched at the show, the Element 2 control desk is designed for venues with modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control needs. It brings the fundamentals of lighting control to the forefront while allowing access to a wealth of advanced control features below the surface.

ColorSource Pearl, a variable white-light, LED array produces an impressive range of colour temperatures at an affordable price point. Engineered for applications in need of tunable white-light such as studios, houses of worship, and architectural installations, Pearl is available in the ColorSource PAR, Linear, and Spot form factors.

The Irideon WLZ, or Wash Light Zoom architectural fixture, features exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space. This feature-packed luminaire has been designed with museums, lobbies and retail environments in mind.

Meanwhile, in Hall 4.0, High End Systems teamed up with colleagues from parent company ETC to deliver a packed programme of product demonstrations, hourly light shows, and the latest instalment of the ever-popular academic lighting programming competition, Hog Factor. The two companies also collaborated to deliver a Student Session, giving aspiring lighting professionals behind-the-scenes access to ask questions and learn more about the two companies.

Additionally, at the 2018 Prolight + Sound International Press Award (PIPA) ceremony, ETC CEO Fred Foster was presented with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The jury, comprised of journalists from over 100 trade magazines, wanted to acknowledge Foster’s “outstanding reputation in the sector – not only for his successful products and innovations, but also as an exemplary leader who puts a focus on the greatest assets his company has to offer: its employees.”

Foster said of the honour: “While this is an individual award, I believe that it belongs, as well, to the thousands of people who have worked for ETC over the last 42 years. Each person’s contribution has led to the success that ETC has enjoyed.”

Introducing Element 2, Irideon WLZ, and ColorSource Pearl

ColorSource Pearl

Element 2 consoleIntroducing the Element 2 console and a new Eos family brochure

The new Element 2 console brings a significant hardware upgrade to the hands-on, entry-level desk, including an updated keyboard layout that matches the rest of the Eos® family.

The Element 2 console will require the upcoming Eos v2.7 software, which is anticipated to release within the next month. Once the new console begins shipping, the classic Element console will be retired and supported as a Legacy product.

A new Eos family brochure is also available in multiple languages. It can be obtained via download or literature request.

For more information, visit the Element 2 product page.

Wash Light Zoom fixtureNew architectural wash light from ETC

The Irideon® line of architectural fixtures from ETC features exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space. The newest addition to this family, the WLZ or, Wash Light Zoom fixture, is no exception. This feature-rich design is ideal for museums and retail environments.

Similar to the other fixtures in the Irideon family, the WLZ is available in a variety of colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 5000 K, and three mounting variations; Track mount, portable. and ceiling canopy.

The most innovative feature of the WLZ is the built-in rotating zoom adjustment at the rear of the fixture housing. This enables beam angle adjustment within an impressive range of 9-78 degrees. The zoom position markers on the fixture make fixture-to-fixture referencing quick and easy.

Shipping of the Irideon WLZ will begin in May.

Click here to watch the short video on the many benefits and features of the Irideon WLZ.

ColorSource PearlColorSource Pearl: the many colours of white

ColorSource Pearl is the newest array for our ColorSource® line of fixtures. Available for the Linear, PAR, and Spot, Pearl is a variable, white-light option that can be tuned to output white light anywhere between 2700K and 6500K.

And because it is part of the ColorSource Family, the Pearl array includes the same great feature set and high quality construction as its full colour siblings including an impressively bright output, a simple user interface, and a price point that is tough to beat.

Designed for installations that depend heavily on white light such as studios, houses of worship, and architectural installations, this array features flicker-free operation and an impressively smooth dimming curve.

Click here to watch the product video and find additional information.

ColorSource Pearl fixtures will begin shipping in May.

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Historic Tallinn theatre chooses ETC

Historic Tallinn theatre chooses ETC

Historic Tallinn theatre chooses ETC

Built in the 14th century, the unusually shaped Hobuveski building in Tallinn, Estonia originally served as a mill and was later used for storage. In 2003, the circular structure was converted into a theatre and events venue, and has since become recognised as one of the most extraordinary theatres in Europe. A recent refurbishment saw the installation of state-of-the-art technology, including a Gio @5 console, ColorSource luminaires and Sensor3 power control from ETC.

Until recently, the 140-seat venue relied on makeshift solutions for performances. With no real infrastructure, changing from one production to another involved building a new, temporary lighting and sound system, almost every time. In 2017, the Hobuveski received the investment and permission it needed to proceed with a major refurbishment. The revamp included a much-longed-for permanent installation of lighting and audio equipment.

The renovations were undertaken as part of a Green Theatre Programme and were designed to meet the latest energy efficiency guidelines. Unsurprisingly, emphasis was placed on LED lighting. The package selected comprised around 95 per cent LED luminaires, including 12 ColorSource Spot fixtures from ETC. Although dimmers were not required for the LED solution, the venue personnel were keen to retain the option of using tungsten fixtures for some productions. This led to the addition of an ETC Sensor3 power control system, with ThruPower modules, capable of accommodating all loads – tungsten, LEDs, arc-source movers, and the unknown.

“The decision to use ETC’s ThruPower modules with dimmer and relays offers the option to switch freely between dimmer and hard power,” says Kalle Karindi, from OÜ Focuspoint, the ETC dealer involved in the installation. In addition to saving time and simplifying the day-to-day operations for the theatre technicians, the solution offered further advantages. “If you consider the expense involved in having separate dimmer and relay racks, including the extra cabling and labour, versus the Sensor3 solution, the cost is comparable,” adds Karindi. “Furthermore, the electrical company said it saved at least a week of installation time for everyone involved in the project.”

More proof that ETC fixtures are built to last

Over the past couple of years, ETC have started sending more of their fixtures to a nationally-recognized, third-party lab for testing to the LM84 standard. This standard gives an accurate representation of the lifespan of the LEDs in a complete fixture as it’s used in a real-world environment. Some of the information that comes out of testing to this standard is an L70 rating; an increasingly common rating used throughout the LED fixture industry.

The L70 rating was created as a way to measure when the LEDs of a fixture are no longer “useful.” This rating gives a representation of the amount of hours it will take for LEDs to depreciate to 70% of their original output.

As they continue to get official test results back from their third-party lab for more of their fixtures, ETC are proud to say that the numbers continue to exceed even their original expectations.
Proof that their fixtures are, and always have been, manufactured to the highest quality.

Increased warranties
ETC has always put product quality first and the recent L70 ratings reaffirm that commitment. Their fixtures are built to last. To solidify this dedication to quality they’ve decided to pass the peace of mind along to you.

This warranty applies to the following LED products sold after January 1st, 2018. All full LED fixtures now hold a:

  • 5 year full fixture warranty
  • 10 year LED array warranty

All Source 4WRD products continue to hold a 3 year warranty with an unmatched technical support team around the world, we’re proud to stand by a decade of coverage and a lifetime of support.

Additional information on L70 and the warranty extension can be found at www.etcconnect.com

ETC to unveil new products at Prolight + Sound 2018

ETC to unveil new products at Prolight + Sound 2018

At the upcoming Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, ETC is set to present a cross-section of its extensive collection of lighting and rigging products across three stands in Hall 3.0 ­– E51, F51 and E47. The event will mark the European debut of a number of products from the company’s portfolio of lighting control consoles, LED luminaires and architectural control solutions. Trainers and product experts will be on hand to offer demos and advice on all the products on display.

Visitors can get a first look at the soon-to-be-launched Element 2 console – a revamp of the original Element desk – which offers the award-winning Eos software with an interface and price point that is accessible to a broad range of users and venues. Also making its regional premiere will be the ETCpad, a tablet accessory providing dedicated, touchscreen-based wireless or wired remote control for all Eos family consoles and controllers.

Several new additions to the successful ColorSource family will be previewed at the show. ColorSource Pearl fixtures feature cold and warm white LEDs for a seamless colour temperature range, from 2,700K to 6,500K. Available in PAR, Spot and Linear (1, 2, 4) configurations, they boast the same user-friendly interface as their established ColorSource siblings.

ETC is also introducing a new fixture for architectural spaces: the Irideon WLZ wash light. Engineered to be a companion to the popular Irideon FPZ framing projector, the WLZ has a zoom range of 10-68 degrees and is available in portable, canopy and 3-circuit track mount versions, all with remote DMX and local control.

The ETC Rigging area will feature QuickTouch and QuickTouch+ Controllers and a Prodigy P2 hoist with a new cable management solution. There will also be a dedicated section displaying ETC’s versatile and scalable architectural lighting control solutions – designed to suit installations of all sizes and budgets. Highlights will include sophisticated facility-lighting control and building systems integration from Unison Paradigm; flexible and intelligent control solutions from Unison Echo; and Unison Mosaic, for merging show control, LEDs, moving lights, media effects, and more into a single work of art.

Additionally, Michael Lichter, an ETC senior technical product manager, will deliver a 75-minute presentation, organised by the VPLT, entitled “Lighting: Communication protocols for stage lighting systems, an introduction.” He will present an English version on Tuesday 10 April, and a German version on Wednesday 11 April; both starting at 2.45pm in Hall 4, Level C.

One of ETC’s world-renowned Student Sessions will take place on Thursday 12 April at 5pm in Hall 3. This will be a great opportunity for students and apprentices to chat with ETC managers, product specialists and technicians, and have their lighting-related questions answered. This year, ETC founder, Fred Foster is planning to join the panel. Interested students should pick up a free entry pass in advance from ETC’s reception desk on stand E51.

Meanwhile, in Hall 4.0, on stand D59, ETC company High End Systems will be showcasing several consoles from the Hog 4 family, and an array of its acclaimed LED automated lighting fixtures. Also, High End will be hosting a visual spectacular not to be missed: the Hog Factor final. From 5pm on Wednesday 11 April, four teams of aspiring lighting professionals will compete to win this year’s title.

ETC releases Unison Paradigm 4.0

ETC releases Unison Paradigm 4.0

ETC releases Unison Paradigm 4.0ETC’s Unison Paradigm® system oversees the largest, most complex, and most demanding lighting installations in the world. And it just got better. With the release of its latest software, Paradigm 4.0, the flagship system incorporates: energy monitoring options, including Demand Response; improved support for tunable white and colour-changing fixtures; extended support for Paradigm Inspire stations, including faders; and many software optimisations to make programming and customising the system simpler than ever.

Energy monitoring, conservation and response are mission critical in today’s lighting systems and Paradigm’s latest release means building managers can reap the rewards. Demand Response is now a fully-integrated component to Paradigm. Individual channels, groups of channels or whole spaces can be set to shed load when the system receives a demand response command from the utility company. Standard actions are defined in Paradigm and can be executed from contact closures, UDP, RS232, or BACnet.

Power junkies have more tools in Paradigm 4.0, with reporting options to help keep track of energy usage. Load Schedule import and export functions make it easy to enter load information, and Paradigm’s software automatically calculates energy usage for all load types from any manufacturer. In fact, many ETC products communicate with the Paradigm control system natively using Net3 Energy Reporting to get accurate, real-time energy usage. The system is smart enough to accommodate multiple costs for peak, partial-peak, and off-peak consumption, too. All this information is available in interactive graphs showing energy consumption for up to 10 years, while users can also export daily usage information in a calendar format.

The public face of Paradigm receives an update as well, with improved support for Paradigm Inspire stations as well as tunable-white and colour-changing fixtures. The sleek and stylish stations were introduced in 2017 and now offer increased control options with button support for push, double-tap, and hold functionality. Plus, the new four-button with fader control station offers a simple and intuitive way for users to choose colour, intensity, hue, saturation, colour temperature, and tint – all from one knob. It packs an incredible amount of control into a station while avoiding the expense of a touchscreen. All that control can be used to its utmost, with full support of tunable-white and colour-mixing fixtures, including RGBA and RGBW fixtures.

Paradigm 4.0 makes life easier behind the scenes as well, with UI updates and design software improvements. Paradigm’s own design software, LightDesigner and ControlDesigner, both receive an upgrade. New features in LightDesigner make it easier than ever to put a system together, while new image handling functions in ControlDesigner mean customising every touchscreen is a breeze.

Paradigm provides the control options required for the most demanding installations. With version 4.0, Paradigm expands its scope to offer more power, colour and control choices while making every aspect of the system friendlier for everyone.

For more info about ETC’s Unison Paradigm, visit etcconnect.com/paradigm.

Please contact us or your nearest ETC dealer for more information.

ETC makes the news at Fox Studios

ETC makes the news at Fox StudiosThe Los Angeles Bureau of the Fox News Channel has seen its share of rising and falling news personalities but a constant star is ETC.

The small studio in Culver City serves as the Left Coast broadcast centre for several prominent US TV presenters, including Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera. In the late 80s and early 90s it was the home of the late-night talk show, The Pat Sajak Show. In 2017, the stage underwent a complete overhaul – out with the wood-panelled look in favour of a Plexiglas and stainless steel design with a curtain track backdrop that can switch from night to day faster than you can say “breaking news.” With its unusually high ceiling and excellent acoustics, the stage is now home to The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton Sunday night broadcast.

The revamped set design came with a much-needed new lighting package provided by 4Wall Lighting’s Los Angeles office. Lighting Director Eric Reinig and his counterparts in New York specified a mostly ETC LED system. “It only made sense to go LED, for the flexibility and the reduction of heat onstage and the running costs,” says Reinig. “The old rig of standard 1K and 2K fixtures and old Strand gear was well past its prime.”

The new rig features 32 ETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures with Lustr arrays and a range of lenses (19, 26 and 36 degrees), serving as the new key lights for the talent and colour washes on the scenic panels. A few classic Source Fours are used as specials, powered by an ETC 24-channel Sensor3 dimmer pack. “Even though we have to colour correct them to 4300 degrees, the conventional fixtures give me a softer look. But you can’t beat the Lustrs for flat field and coolness to the touch.”

Describing the change in lighting control, Reinig jokes: “We went from a ‘baby starter’ two-scene, preset to an ETC Ion 1500 with a 2×20 Universal Fader Wing.” The learning curve more than paid off in the ability to set up pre-programmed looks for Fox shows and any incoming rentals. The nearby Fox Sports One/Fox Deportes studio, where Reinig is also an LD, uses an Ion console.

Reinig’s career path was equally transformative. While he worked in construction, he maintained an interest in photography and operated a DJ company with several DJs and mobile systems for private parties and nightclubs. When he was injured on a construction job, he went back to school – first to Moorpark College, followed by a degree in cinematography at California State University, Northridge. “I was lucky to have a friend at Fox who let me play with equipment and learn the gear – I also was also an apprentice with cinematographer Bill Bennett (a member of ASC) and fell in love with lighting.”

Today Reinig uses studio down time to experiment with new lighting looks and get deeper into the workings of the Ion. Pointing out the extremely long top hats on the Lustr fixtures around the news desk, he explains, “Our host Steve Hilton is bald and we use this technique to reduce hot spots on his head. I am guessing other shows have faced the same challenges in controlling multiple points of light off of the top of their host – it’s a great trick.”

Looking ahead, Reinig already sees a need for 12 more Lustr fixtures and 12 spares, as the studio may expand into more of an entertainment stage. “Every time I go to LDI, my mind starts racing with the possibility of new gear. It’s an exciting time in lighting.”

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ETC takes balloon museum to new heights

ETC takes balloon museum to new heights

ETC takes balloon museum to new heightsThe Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum in Albuquerque showcases the beauty, ingenuity and history of lighter-than-air flight in a building that has become a beloved landmark in its hometown. Thanks to new control products from ETC they were able to modernise their lighting control, offering a dynamic lighting environment that was also more energy efficient.

The museum doesn’t just house balloons, it also is meant to look like one. Its striking facade is the silhouette of a hot air balloon, with the top of the building a dome ­– newly washed with colour-changing LED fixtures. The museum wanted to take advantage of capabilities of the LED fixtures and reinforce the iconic nature of the building. The solution was an ETC Paradigm system. Lighting looks were programmed into the system and now the museum staff can choose custom colours for different themes or special events.

“Because we are used a lot and we do a lot of activities all year round in the very early morning or late at night, it gives us a way to add an element of beauty to the building,” says Paul D. Garver, manager of the museum. He has plans to let the lights react to weather conditions like temperature, wind speed and more, and when he’s ready to do that ETC’s system will be able to accommodate that as well. As it is, the lights are still a big hit. “They’re a living, breathing part of what’s going on and it’s a big benefit to us.”

The Paradigm system is also a hit inside. The Museum’s event spaces are now easily changeable thanks to Paradigm control and the 7-inch Touchscreen station. Positioned near the ballrooms, the museum can easily shift preset looks in the ballrooms, showcasing the flexibility of the space.

“We use the Touchscreen and its ease of use as a selling point to potential clients,” says Garver. “Everyone is really impressed.

“Museums are educational and engaging venues. We’re always looking for creative ways to get people involved and connected to us, lighting is one way to do that.”

Now, thanks to ETC, it’s easier than ever for the museum to take its patrons to new heights.

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ETC ColorSource Console and Fixtures Training

ApexPro and ETC are proud to announce a 1-day training course to take place on 2nd March 2018 at the ApexPro offices in Weltevreden Park.

The course will cover programming on ETC’s range of ColorSource consoles. The course will also introduce participants to ETC’s range of LED fixtures, providing them with a working knowledge of the different types of fixtures, the light that they produce and how to spot a bad LED fixture as well as where the pros and cons of LED over Tungsten truly lie.

The aim of this training course is to offer young technicians who are keen to learn, the opportunity to get hands on experience with real-world lighting equipment in an atmosphere that is fun and not intimidating while also being informative and above all, useful

By the end of the day participants will leave with the ability to program on ETC’s ColorSource Consoles as well as have practical knowledge on various kinds of performance lights and how to deploy them properly to get the best results.

All participants will be presented with a certificate upon the successful completion of the course confirming that they have undergone the training.

The ColorSource Console and Fixtures Training course offers an excellent opportunity for those looking to get into lighting to give themselves a boost into the industry. Absolutely anyone is welcome from any one or more disciplines so please don’t feel shy. The only real pre-requisite is a desire to learn, and perhaps pick up a few new tips and tricks along the way.

Space is limited but don’t worry, if you miss out on this session, there will be more later in the year.




ETC ColorSource Console And Fixtures Training

ISE 2018: ETC presents architectural lighting control solutions

ISE 2018: ETC presents architectural lighting control solutions

ISE 2018: ETC presents architectural lighting control solutionsETC will showcase a selection of its versatile and scalable architectural lighting control solutions at ISE 2018. Stand 15-R260 will be dedicated to a collection of reliable, well-supported and easy-to-maintain architectural systems from ETC – designed to suit installations of all sizes and budgets – from a single room to office complexes, large museums, convention centres and entire theme parks.

Unison Paradigm control system

Designed as a new way of thinking about building control, ETC’s visionary Unison Paradigm system fuses architectural lighting control advances with entertainment lighting control technology. ETC’s award-winning expertise in both areas together, providing the best of both worlds.

Paradigm delivers a new level of comprehensive control – sophisticated facility-lighting and building systems integration. And it does so with unprecedented flexibility and simplicity: a green-minded energy management system that capitalises on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings, plus the power to speak with different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system.

Making its debut at ISE, Paradigm version 4.0 boasts several additional features, including energy management monitoring and display, colour control support for conversion to RGBA and RGBW, and comprehensive Paradigm Inspire support in LightDesigner.

Unison Echo control system

The Unison Echo control system offers flexible, intelligent, and scalable control – simply. Whether it’s turning lights on and off, a need for multiple presets, daylighting and occupancy controls for energy savings or the ability to control hue, saturation and intensity of colour-changing LED luminaires; Echo has a solution to fit your requirements.

Mosaic control system

Everyday life has become the staging ground for entertainment technology experiences. The art and wonder of interactive lighting, automation, audio and visual spectacle, kinetic-art displays, water effects, and more are captivating people’s attention – differentiating a venue, creating a landmark, making a truly memorable event. ETC’s Unison Mosaic is a control solution that allows users to merge show control, LEDs, moving lights, media effects, and more into a single work of art, seamlessly closing the distance between technology and life.

“ISE 2018 presents the perfect opportunity for visitors to explore the full range of architectural solutions from ETC,” says Rosi Marx, ETC’s European marketing manager. “Whether you’re looking for one control system used independently as a focused control solution for a specific room or small venue, or multiple systems integrated together to form a single powerful system, our team of professionals will be on hand to discuss options to suit your specific requirements.”

This article is originally from www.pro-systems.co.za

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