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Archive for Month: September 2019

Attero Tech launches audio extension module

Attero Tech has released its Axiom ML1 audio extension module, the latest addition to the company’s audio extension I/O modules. The Axiom ML1 provides extension of analogue mic and line level audio sources in a single gang wallplate.

The Axiom ML1 features a combination of XLR and a ¼ -in connector, with +4 dBu nominal input level.

A 3.5mm jack is included with -10 dBV nominal input level, featuring 20dB of adjustable gain.

Audio signal-level indicator LEDs are included for each input, providing input gain adjustments.

Selectable sum-to-mono options for both inputs are featured, allowing  two ML1s or an ML1 and another Axiom device to be daisy-chained on a single bus.

The Axiom ML1 sends mono or stereo analogue audio for up to 100 metres (total run length) over the Attero Tech Axiom bus via a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to an Axiom AXP20 expander unit.

In turn, the AXP20 outputs balanced analogue audio on 3-pin depluggable connectors for connection to commercial audio equipment. 

Mason Sound adds Dynacord SONICUE to the mix at the Illinois State Fair

Each year, Mason Sound (Jacksonville, IL) provides the sound system and crew support for the concert series at the Illinois State Fair’s main grandstand stage. New for 2019, Mason Sound utilized Dynacord’s SONICUE sound system software to streamline the control and configuration of their Dynacord TGX-powered Electro-Voice X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system.

Requiring a 250-foot throw across a dirt racetrack to the very wide grandstand, the Illinois State Fair in Springfield is one of the region’s more challenging outdoor concert venues, so controlled coverage is key. Additionally, the fair’s diverse line-up of performers requires a sound system with the flexibility to accurately and easily deliver a wide range of musical styles in the hands of the various visiting mix engineers who run the rig over the course of the eleven-day concert series. This year’s line-up included Reba McEntire, Snoop Dogg, Old Dominion, Pentatonix, Dan + Shay and Bad Company, among many others.

SONICUE elegantly assisted in addressing all the above for this year’s deployment. SONICUE is system-focused software that uses an intuitive “speaker view” GUI that provides direct access to every system parameter on the fly, resulting in amazingly fast and precise set-up and tuning. With reduced preparation time on several days, due to horse and auto racing events on the racetrack in front of the stage, SONICUE proved to be a big help: “Our older system would take an hour or so to set up,” says Mason Sound system tech Jason Hebron. “This one takes about 20 minutes. All the engineers have been very happy with it.”

Ian Zorbaugh, FOH engineer for country stars Old Dominion, was among those with positive reviews for the Electro-Voice and Dynacord system. “It exceeds all expectations,” he says. “I mix pretty dynamic with Old Dominion, and had no issues with running out of headroom. As soon as you turn sound on, you feel comfortable mixing. It’s been a very pleasant experience.”

This year’s system included twin 18-box hangs of Electro-Voice X2-212 line-array modules, with Mason Sound opting for the 120-degree dispersion model. Six more boxes were ground-stacked to ensure full coverage of the very wide venue. Massive low frequency capability was supplied by two banks of 16 X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers stacked on the deck under the main arrays. Side-fills of three X2-212/120 were stacked on top of a pair Electro-Voice X12/125F subwoofers. The entire system was networked together for central control through 16 Dynacord TGX20 DSP amplifiers, providing 320,000 watts of clean, efficient power.

Being invited back to provide sound at the Illinois State Fair for several years now, Mason Sound President Dave Mason credits his personnel and sound system. “There are a lot of sound companies in our area, and Electro-Voice is one of the main reasons we stick out above the crowd,” he notes. “Their products and support are second to none.”

High End Systems Introduces Solawash 1000

High End Systems introduces the newest member of the Sola Series, the SolaWash 1000 automated luminaire. SolaWash 1000 is available in two versions; either with an Ultra-Bright engine producing 20,000 field lumens or a High CRI Engine featuring incredibly accurate colour rendering. 

The fixture includes a full framing shutter system, CMY/CTO linear colour mixing system, a seven-plus open position replaceable colour wheel, iris and dual Linear Frost systems for medium and heavy frost. Sharp edge focus performs throughout the entire 12° – 55° zoom range. A TM-30 Filter boosts the Ultra-Bright engine to 85+ CRI.

Automated Lighting Product Manager Matt Stoner commented, “The SolaWash 1000 offers an elegant feature set for our users.  Whether you are using the fixture as an Ultra-Bright wash light with framing, a High CRI key light for face lighting or even a wide and soft edge wash fixture, the SolaWash 1000 is designed to give designers a great light, a wide gamut of pure and even colors, and a beautifully simple feature set.”

“From a feature perspective, the SolaWash 1000 is a wash light with the best of the basics: fantastic colour mixing possibilities, great output and near-silent operation,” says High End Systems Brand Manager Tania Lesage. “The fixture is designed with fast serviceability in mind and is of course equipped with High End Systems’ patented lens defogger. SolaWash 1000 will be a great complement to our SolaFrame 1000.”

ETC and High End Systems showcase new products at PLASA 2019

ETC and High End Systems return to PLASA on stand J38A/B with a selection of their latest products, ‘Tech Talks’ seminars by ETC specialists and an evening of networking and Augment3d games.

Visitors to the Olympia London from 15-17 September can explore the newest innovations including High End Systems’ TurboRay effects fixture, ETC’s Augment3d software being added to the Eos family of controls and the ArcSystem range of house light fixtures.

Augment3d is ETC’s first integrated 3D programming environment which will be a part of the upcoming Eos v3.0 software. The power of previsualization, live interaction and augmented reality are combined in this Eos tool allowing users to work more effectively before and during production periods. Visitors to the stand on Monday 16th September can attend ETC’s networking event from 5pm where there will be an extra chance for attendees to experience first-hand how to program from a new perspective with Augment3d.

A range of the latest moving lights will be displayed at the tradeshow including High End Systems’ SolaWash 1000, TurboRay and ETC’s Relevé Spot. The newly launched SolaWash 1000 includes a full framing shutter system, CMY/CTO linear color mixing system, a seven plus open position replaceable color wheel, iris and dual Linear Frost systems for medium and heavy frost. Sharp edge focus performs throughout the entire 12° – 55° zoom range.

TurboRay’s radial diffusers give it a classic retro look. It is truly versatile and can be used as a punchy narrow-angle wash light or as a powerful hard edge beam producing beautiful aerial effects and spectacular textures unseen in any other fixture.

Relevé Spot is the first member of a new automated lighting family for ETC. Specifically designed for use in theatre Relevé Spot brings the color quality, control, and consistency of the ETC LED product lines to the automated lighting world.

ETC’s Eos and High End Systems’ Hog 4 family of entertainment control systems will be on show and available for demonstrations at PLASA. The powerful console desks, including Hog 4-18 and Eos Ti, use the very latest technology and are suitable for all sized venues.

ETC’s newly acquired ArcSystem, BluesSystem and CueSystem product lines will be present on stand J38A/B alongside interactive product presentations with product specialists on hand to provide demonstrations of the new options and features ETC has added to ArcSystem such as Fade to Warm and RDM versions of the entire ArcSystem range.

Product specialists will present ‘Tech Talk’ seminars throughout the three days covering a range of topics including ‘Maximising your LED Colour System’, ‘Power Up – managing your LED power infrastructure’, ‘The Illusion of Colour’ and ‘Effects & Affects’ sessions on both Eos and Hog.

Bosch, Dynacord and Electro-Voice provide professional sound solutions for 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan from August 31 to September 15, 2019. This is the first year in which China is hosting the event, which features a record number of participating teams and anticipates record attendance numbers. Accordingly, the demands on infrastructure – including sound and security systems — are higher than ever.

Thanks its rich experience in stadium system installations and an extensive product portfolio, Bosch and its professional audio brands Dynacord and Electro-Voice were chosen to provide integrated sound and security solutions for four of the tournament’s major venues: Beijing Cadillac Center, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Wuhan Sports Center and Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center.

According to the different requirements of each site, Bosch PRAESIDEO public address and voice alarm, Dynacord IPX and Electro-Voice TG multi-channel amplifiers, Electro-Voice X1 line array loudspeakers and EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers, and a range of other high-performance products have been installed to help elevate the game-day audio experience for fans and help share the excitement of the FIBA Basketball World Cup with the world.

Cadillac Center

Beijing’s 18,000-seat Cadillac Center, formerly known as Wukesong Station, served as a competition venue for basketball matches during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Since it is the venue for semi-finals and finals of this year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup, its reconstruction project has attracted a lot of attention. Thanks to its location and advanced facilities, Cadillac Center is among the busiest stadiums in the world, with a particularly high utilization rate in recent years. The installation was successfully completed within a tight time frame, significantly reducing the impact on daily activities at the venue.

The placement of the X1 arrays was limited by having just four hoisting points available on the stadium’s ceiling structure. The choice of horizontal coverage patterns – 90 and 120 degrees – and rigging hardware options meant that a total of 48 X1 full-range elements were installed across the space with no compromises in coverage or sound quality. These are supported by 12 X12-128 subwoofers distributed in four groups, ensuring excellent low-frequency reproduction. Four EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers cover the court area, ensuring the players and team members hear announcements clearly. The system at Cadillac Center is powered by 21 Dynacord IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers, which offer presets to optimize the performance of the Electro-Voice loudspeakers.

Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center

Compared with Cadillac Center, which has been in use for over ten years, Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center — built in 2018 – is an up-and-coming star. Within just one year the stadium, designed to host international NBA games and the FIBA Basketball World Cup, has become one of the most important sports and cultural facilities in south China.

“In order to meet the customer’s strict requirements for the sound reinforcement system, together with Electro-Voice team we installed a total of 54 X1 line-array loudspeakers in six groups with 12 Xsub subwoofers to cover the spectator area, as well as 20 TG7 power amplifiers to satisfy system drive needs for transient peaks and low impedance,” explains Wang Yong, project manager at Bosch partner Nanjing Hiwin. “To ensure that spectators throughout the venue hear games and announcements clearly during every match, we selected 28 EVF loudspeakers as auxiliary fills (powered by seven TG5 amplifiers), and eight ZX3 loudspeakers as mobile sound fills (powered by two TG5 amplifiers), delivering the exciting competitive atmosphere to every corner of the venue.”

In addition, an Electro-Voice N8000 digital audio matrix controller provides comprehensive and extensive management for the entire system. Wang Yong adds,“depending on the requirements for places of various sizes, such as deluxe boxes, chairman lounges, VIP lounges and club lounges, we have installed hundreds of EVID and ZX1i loudspeakers together with Dynacord C-series power amplifiers, ensuring that personnel in different areas can hear sound clearly and synchronously. In addition, a Bosch CCS 1000 D digital conference system also allows effective communication between stadium and FIBA staff for meetings during the event.”

Wuhan Sports Center

1000 kilometers away from Foshan, the Wuhan Sports Center has also transformed its sound reinforcement system for the upcoming Basketball World Cup. The Electro-Voice and Dynacord team installed four EVH loudspeakers to cover the court area, with 36 flown EVA compact line-array elements in six groups to cover different zones of the spectator area. Utilizing the powerful processing functionality of 24 DYNACORD C-series amplifiers, the system provides consistently excellent performance for major events at the venue.

Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

Bosch and Electro-Voice solutions are also providing a combination of sound and security at the 18,000-seat Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. This large indoor sports facility installed Bosch and Electro-Voice products soon after its completion. 10 years later, their excellent performance continues to extend the value of the initial investment.

Key products include EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers and N8000 digital matrix systems to coverage and intelligibility across multiple audio zones. The PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System from Bosch, combined with a range of ceiling and surface-mounted speakers in zones, enhances the venue’s overall operating efficiency, safety and security. More than 1000 high-performance Bosch cameras are installed on site to ensure personnel safety and to conduct real-time surveillance inside and outside the stadium.

Bosch, Dynacord and Electro-Voice are proud to play such an integral role in hosting the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Like every player on court, each brand strives for excellence in every project.

Electro-Voice X-Line Advance powers the college baseball party in Omaha

Each June the city of Omaha is invaded by roughly 300,000 college baseball fans over the two weeks when the city hosts the NCAA’s college baseball championship tournament. Just outside the stadium is the Omaha Baseball Village, located at the parking lot of The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill, a local-favorite sports bar. With family-friendly activities by day and DJ-driven parties by night, “The Matt” is the go-to place for hanging out near the stadium.

Event producer Pinnacle Productions (Sioux Falls, SD) decided the time had come for a better sound system, so Pinnacle founder Chris Hintz brought in NLFX Professional of Bemidji, MN to complement their lighting, video and staging. NLFX Pro President Ben Stowe chose an Electro-Voice X-Line Advance system for the job. “They needed full-volume coverage for DJ parties that draw 8000 on a good night,” he says. “We knew the EV X2 system would be perfect for that.”

Stowe’s system design consisted of twin eight-box X2-212 line arrays, with six 90-degree boxes flying above two 120-degree models. Beneath the stage, eight X12-128 subwoofers kicked out plenty of low-frequency energy to keep the party moving. The entire system was powered by 12 Electro-Voice TG7 amplifiers, each equipped with RCM-28 OMNEO network and DSP modules.

The system created smooth, even coverage across The Matt, while its networking ability allowed Stowe to customize the volume levels. “We wanted full volume the first 100 feet or so, then there’s a giant beer tent and all the food vendors,” he explains. “So I engineered a 10 dB drop out there so that the vendors could work effectively. For the people up front, there was still plenty of volume. In fact, I had 20 dB of headroom to spare, so everyone was happy.”

To ensure sufficient volume on stage, NLFX Pro installed an Electro-Voice ETX-35P three-way loudspeaker coupled with an ETX-18P subwoofer at both ends of the booth on stage. “Lots of DJs like it extremely loud, so we made sure they had what they wanted,” says Stowe. Performers included national artists like DJ Skribble, Kryoman, James Kennedy, and DJ Spryte, along with top local talent like DJ JAB.

Entertainment producer and talent booker Leah Johnson reports that that the X-Line Advance system was a clear upgrade. “The EV system was an incredible step up for us, and Ben from NLFX Pro was fantastic to work with,” she says. “It really improved the entire experience for concert-goers at The Matt. We were very impressed.”

The X2 system handled 13 nights of Omaha weather, from blazing sun to torrential rains. “The stage was covered, but the main arrays were exposed,” Stowe notes. “Those boxes got plenty wet, but we never had a failure. When we get home, we’ll take them apart and drain them, and they’ll be as good as new. That’s why I love using the X2 outdoors: It delivers the reliability and control we need with the sound the customer wants.”