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High End Systems to Launch SolaHyBeam 3000 at LDI 2019

At the LDI 2019 exhibition, High End Systems will introduce the new SolaHyBeam 3000 automated fixture. With a feature set designed for beam control, aerial effects and raw power, the flagship luminaire has all the elements to cut through the haze and shine brilliantly in the world’s largest venues. Powered by an exceptionally efficient White Light LED engine, SolaHyBeam 3000 features a large front aperture and optimized long throw optics for superior light output throughout the fixture’s wide zoom range.

Automated Lighting Product Manager Matt Stoner commented, “We are so excited to have the SolaHyBeam 3000 added to our family of ultra-powerful premium quality fixtures. The SolaHyBeam 3000 specializes in a fantastic narrow 3.1 degree beam, turning its massive output and dazzling front lens into a powerful narrow beam. Whether used as a long throw front light (yes it has framing shutters) or for shining dazzling aerials across your rig, SolaHyBeam 3000 is a beam light unlike any other, a wash light with punch and versatility, and so much more. We can’t wait to see this fixture burning the skies on festivals and tours around the world!”

HES General Manager Becky Koester added, “Our development and product management teams did an exceptional job on defining and pioneering the narrow beam capability and unique lens effect that offer a unique tool set for designers and end-users. The SolaHybeam 3000 addresses a universal segment of the market that has been dormant the past several years. The early product previews have been remarkable.”

An ETC Company, High End Systems is a leading manufacturer of LED automated lighting and control products for the entertainment industry. For more information on High End Systems, visit highend.com. To learn more about SolaHyBeam 3000, visit highend.com/products/lighting/solahybeam.

Symetrix Enables Creative Solutions at New Life Community Church

A part of the Reformed Church in America, the New Life Community Church has been a member of the Artesia/Cerritos community in southeast Los Angeles County for more than 80 years. Most of the buildings on its current nine-acre campus were built in 1972, including a 620-seat Worship Center that hosts services, concerts, and other functions. With a stage ramp, single-level entry, a green room, and areas for props and wardrobe, the Worship Center is well equipped.

Recently, the Worship Center received a major remodel and technical upgrade, enabling the congregation to enjoy a more contemporary sound and look. The previously raked floor was filled in to achieve a flat-floor design, and new infrastructure was installed, including floor boxes, power locations, CAT5 cabling, mic and monitor lines, and more. To top it off, systems integrators TechArts of nearby Cypress, California, designed and installed a new Dante-enabled sound system based on a Symetrix Prism 12×12 DSP.

“The original install had two older Symetrix Express 8×8 DSPs, which used CobraNet,” begins TechArts programmer and associate designer Jason Vandergrift. “The current Symetrix DSPs are so much more powerful that we were able to replace both older units with one Symetrix Prism.”

One major goal of the upgrade was to improve the communications system. “There was an existing party-line-type, analog communications system that was part of the original install,” Vandergrift recalls. “It was noisy, and nobody was happy with the way it sounded. Also, with that type of system, everybody talks to everybody on Channel A or Channel B. Using the Symetrix Prism, we were able to connect a bunch of Studio Technologies 2×2 Dante audio communication devices to the network and program individual, discrete routings between them. We built everything into a mixing matrix in the Prism, and I programmed preset routings for the church’s various needs.”

The biggest issue was communications between front-of-house and the musicians onstage, but it was also important to provide flexible communications between the music director, FOH, and other volunteers. With the old system, there was no way for the music director to communicate to the sound engineer and lyrics person if, say, the band was going to skip a verse or a song, resulting in the wrong lyrics appearing onscreen.

“We also needed a system that worked with the musicians’ in-ear monitors and integrated with the talkback system they were already using,” Vandergrift notes. “With a Dante-enabled console and comm system, I could route the talkbacks into the comm system, managed with the Prism. Now the person at FOH and whoever is running lyrics or the video machine can talk directly to the music director and the production crew. We can route the FOH engineer’s comm mic to all in-ear monitors onstage. Unlike a regular talkback system, we have programmable, two-way communication. And the FOH engineer doesn’t have to dig through layers on a digital console to set up a PFL talkback.”

Routing everything through the Symetrix Prism also makes the talkback system less vulnerable. “In churches, volunteers break stuff and don’t even realize it,” avers Vandergrift. “Let’s say your talkback system is running from the FOH console, on a utility layer deep in the desk that nobody touches, and a volunteer recalls a mixer scene that doesn’t include the talkback routing. The engineer who is visiting that week has no idea that they’ve killed the talkback, and nobody can fix it. When you run it all through a Symetrix DSP, which nobody touches, you can set up a Symetrix ARC-WEB control system with a couple of presets for the comm system-I create Symetrix presets for all of the audio stuff-and the system will operate reliably.”

In addition to communications, the Prism handles the Worship Center’s PA speakers and more. “With Dante, I wasn’t limited to the Prism’s analog I/O,” Vandergrift observes. “Once audio was in the network, I set up all sorts of static routes in and out of the Prism for various purposes. For instance, I needed an ADC circuit for a broadcast mix because when the pastor was speaking the volume was too low, and the video volunteer didn’t understand how to set the volume. So I programmed a solution in the Prism.”

A devoted, long-time Symetrix DSP user, Vandergrift has a deep understanding of the products’ capabilities. “We use Symetrix on every project that requires a DSP,” he confirms. “They sound great, they’re inexpensive, and I can program them to do whatever we need. And they have a crazy amount of horsepower: With just one Prism, you can manage 64 channels of audio. The Dante-enabled Prism DSP was key to our ability to integrate the talkback and other audio systems at New Life Community Church.”

Symetrix releases Dante stage box

Symetrix has launched its Xio stage 4×4 Dante stage box, an audio-over-IP system that installs in NEMA 8-inx8-inx4-in electrical enclosures.

Four analogue microphone/line inputs and four line-level outputs are provided, converting signals to and from Dante for transfer over CAT5/6 cable from a stage or other source location to a Symetrix Radius NX, Prism or Edge DSP.

24-bit, 48 kHz A/D/A converters and Neutrik XLR connectors, being powered by a PoE injector or PoE network switch.

Signals can be routed by a Symetrix DSP once on the Dante network into multiple zones, with Symetrix Composer software enabling setup and control from a Windows PC.  

Dubai’s Wavehouse Atlantis Enjoys Versatile Symetrix Audio Network

Located on Palm Island, between the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf, Atlantis Dubai includes a world-famous resort, the world’s most Instagrammed hotel, award-winning restaurants, a waterpark, and much more. Wavehouse, Atlantis Dubai’s an all-encompassing entertainment venue, features zones for kids, families, and adults, including a bowling alley, kids play area, two-story arcade, projection room, restaurant, indoor/outdoor stage, indoor/outdoor bar, outdoor lounge area, and wave simulation pool. Whether you like to be active or want to kick back and relax, it’s all here.

Installing a sound system to serve a venue the size and complexity of Wavehouse was a major challenge. However, the team at Dubai systems integrator Pulse Middle East (www.pulse-me.com) was fully up to the task, thanks to its extensive experience providing AV systems to high-end venues in the region. Led by Managing Director and audio engineer Joe Chidiac, the Pulse Middle East team designed and installed a Dante-enabled audio system for Wavehouse based on two Symetrix Radius NX 12×8 DSPs and one Radius NX 4×4 DSP.

“We were brought in to design and install a sound system for live music, background music, and non-emergency paging that would have complete flexibility for the operator to play any source in any and all zones,” Chidiac recalls. “Having so many different entertainment functions, the sound system needed to be separated by function and music requirements, so Wavehouse was separated into 11 main zones for source selection and volume control. The 11 zones are then divided into sub-zones for additional volume control, allowing the operator access to 25 sub-zones to be able to cater for special events. Each individual zone can be monitored from the AV room speakers.”

The Wavehouse system is hosted on the hotel’s network, with fiber connecting two separate AV rooms connected to the main intermediate distribution frame. Connection points for Dante devices around the venue are on CAT6 cable. In addition to portable devices, audio sources include a Pioneer DJM900 DJ mixer with CDJ2000 multi-players, connected with an AVIO adapter; a Midas M32 console with DN32-Dante card; and several TV receivers plugged directly into the Symetrix Radius processors. On the output side, Powersoft amplifiers drive loudspeakers from TW Audio and Martin Audio.

“The Symetrix Radius makes it easy to manage the Dante network, and it’s extremely reliable,” comments Pulse Middle East Head of Audio Andy Morris. “Most DSP for the loudspeakers at Wavehouse was done inside the Powersoft amplifiers but it was necessary to set balancing and delays within the Symetrix Radius DSPs in order to be able to change these settings for different operation modes. Symetrix Composer software made it easy to integrate our Powersoft amplifiers and enabled us to set up the routing without having to use Dante Controller.”

The Pulse team also used Symetrix Composer’s SymView GUI authoring to create a control server. “We made custom control pages for each zone, plus a diagnostics page for problem solving,” details Morris. “Because it’s hosted on the hotel’s network, there is flawless wi-fi coverage throughout the venue, so the operators can sign in and control any zone from anywhere around the venue.”

Designing, building, and configuring the Wavehouse system and providing a user-friendly interface, while keeping up with the construction schedule, was no easy job. But using Symetrix Radius processors and Composer software, Pulse Middle East met every challenge. “We had to work on the installation in parallel with construction and interior design in order to finish on time but we got it all done, and the system performs fully up to our expectations,” Chidiac reports. “Our customer is very satisfied.”

ETC and High End Systems are set to impress at LDI 2019

ETC and High End Systems will exhibit the latest innovations in lighting technology in a combined booth at LDI 2019. Visitors will get the chance to see powerful fixtures, sophisticated controls, and intuitive rigging products in booths 325, 425, and 525.

Among the new in-booth products is the upcoming Augment3d programming environment. This exciting tool will be included in Eos v3.0 and enables programmers to control and design in a three dimensional space. Live demos of Augment3d will take place throughout the show.

The High End Systems booth will be packed with new automated and effects fixtures to view. The SolaPix family makes its grand entrance at LDI with an exceptionally bright wash. The HaloGraphic Pixel Definition featured in the SolaPix provides improved face definition with edge lighting on the pixel cells. For more unforgettable effects, TurboRay will turn heads with its many different looks as a washlight or hard edge beam. Additionally, SolaFrame 1000 and SolaWash 1000 make their first appearance at LDI this year. Booth visitors will also get a first peek at an upcoming addition to the Sola line of automated fixtures.

The ArcSystem family of LED house lights heads to LDI with the addition of a new Pro One-Cell High Output luminaire, packing more than 8,000 lumens.

For advanced networking solutions, visitors can learn more about the Response Mk2 DMX Gateways, offering easy-to-read status screens and a configuration interface on every unit. Rounding out ETC’s family of Show Control Gateways, the Response SMPTE Gateway is another new solution on display at LDI.

ETC and High End Systems will spearhead a number of sessions at LDI, including:

Students are invited to the annual Student Session led by Nick Gonsman in room N258 on November 23 at 6:15 to discuss all things lighting with product experts from ETC.

ETC Dubai – The Studio opens with celebration

ETC celebrated the opening of ETC Dubai – The Studio with a launch event at the new premises in Dubai Media City. The new site, which consists of a black box space for product demonstrations and an area for console training sessions, welcomed industry professionals from across the globe to the inaugural event.

Attendees met with product specialists from ETC and High End Systems and received demonstrations of the newest innovations including High End Systems’ new automated fixtures SolaWash 1000 and TurboRay.

The latest member of the Sola Series, the SolaWash 1000 features a full framing system and is available with either an Ultra-Bright or High CRI engine. Alongside this was TurboRay, the distinctive fixture creates dynamic effects from its animation and gobo wheels and can be used as a powerful hard edge beam or narrow-angle washlight.

Visitors to the opening were also shown Augment3d in the space’s black box area. The award-winning 3D programming environment which is part of the Eos v3.0 software is designed to increase programming speed and dramatically improves workflow.

In addition to providing a base for product demonstrations The Studio will host regular training sessions in the region. ETC’s Eos and High End Systems’ Hog 4 console sessions are currently available for registration (etcconnect.com/Training) with more courses planned in the new year.

“We are thrilled to have ETC Dubai up and running with a space that specifically offers specialist product demonstrations, training sessions and a black box area. It is the only space in the region to provide this and we are delighted to expand our offering and sales support in the Middle East territory,” comments Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East, Mark Larcombe.

High End Systems & ETC Shine at Greece’s SNFestival

With an eclectic program of events, this year’s Summer Nostos Festival (SNFestival) attracted more than 200,000 people and featured an array of High End Systems and ETC gear across five stages.

Athens’ most modern cultural landmark – the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center – played host to the annual, week-long SNFestival. The center’s beautiful gardens, the canal, the National Library and the Greek National Opera were transformed into stages for music and theatrical performances, family activities, educational workshops and sports for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

George Tellos of LightingArt oversaw all lighting design for the festival. With a team of five lighting programmers, Tellos was tasked with illuminating the vast and varied schedule of events while under tight time constraints. It involved designing, programming and operating 50 shows over eight days. This was a manageable challenge for Tellos, who is familiar with working under pressure, thanks in part to his role as LD for the Sochi Medals Plaza at the 2014 Olympic Games.

This year’s events featured concerts by Neneh Cherry, Rita Wilson and Andrew Bird; Ana Sánchez-Colberg’s dance performance “Seven to Seventh”; Brian Eno’s music and image installation 77 Million Paintings; and the festival’s largest collective work, Tape Art.

“For the Alternative Stage we needed absolute silence for some of the performances and High End Systems’ SolaFrame Theatre fixture was perfect for this,” Tellos says.

“For some of the shows, including Rita Wilson, I used the SolaFrame 3000,” he adds. “I wanted an amazingly bright and precise fixture, and anything else looked subdued in comparison. With its high CRI, low shutter distortion and great zoom range it was an obvious choice.”

Supplied by PRG XL VIDEO and UTG, the SNFestival lighting package also featured products from ETC – High End’s parent company. These included an Eos Ti and two Gio lighting control consoles; and Source Four LED Series 2 Lustrs, Source Four LED CYC Adapters, Source Four Fresnels and ColorSource Spot fixtures.

“ETC and High End Systems products are first-class,” Tellos concludes. “Working on this production I was reminded that even with a little quality equipment you can do great things!”

Electro-Voice sound system installed at AFM Church in Botswana

Pepe Khumalo, from the Johannesburg branch of Prosound, discusses the company’s sound system installation at the AFM Church in Botswana. The characteristics of the Electro-Voice EVA line array speaker system for fixed installation combined with the shape of the building made the system the perfect choice for the church.

Find The Best Sound System For Your Church with Electro-Voice

Pepe Khumalo, from the Johannesburg branch of South African Electro-Voice partner Prosound, discusses the company’s sound system installation at the AFM church in Botswana. The characteristics of the Electro-Voice EVA line array speaker system for fixed installation combined with the shape of the building made the system the perfect choice for the church. #ElectroVoice #Dynacord

Posted by Electro-Voice on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Symetrix Radius Manages Audio Network at Luxurious Kudadoo Island

When Luxury Travel Intelligence named Kudadoo the world’s best new luxury hotel for 2019, it greatly understated the case. Kudadoo isn’t just a luxury hotel; it’s a stunningly gorgeous, private, adults-only, tropical island resort. Part of the Republic of Maldives in the southeastern Indian Ocean, Kudadoo offers 15 private over-water bungalows with a spa, bar, restaurant, infinity pool, game room, and much more-and it’s 100 percent solar powered. Want 24-hour access to a butler? You get that too, along with just about anything else you’re likely to want.

Naturally, nothing less than a first-rate sound system will do for such a high-class facility. To that end, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island’s management asked the top-flight team at Pulse Middle East of Dubai to design and build a sound system that would give them complete flexibility to play background music, and sometimes live music, from various sources around the island resort, yet be simple enough to operate without a technical person on site.

Led by managing director and audio engineer Joe Chidiac, the Pulse Middle East team designed a Dante audio network for Kudadoo managed by a Symetrix Radius 12×8 EX DSP. The system serves the bar, restaurant, pool area, spa, salt room, games room, and restrooms.

“This installation was very special, since the location is extremely particular-and breathtaking,” notes Chidiac. “The main difficulties at Kudadoo were the logistics, the hotel being on an island in the Maldives, and the timeline. The system was installed and integrated in a three-day stay, after the initial visit and overseas prep. Due to the surrounding water body, many measures had to be taken in order to complete everything on time and have a lasting result.”

“Another main challenge was designing a user-friendly interface that could be operated by anyone, while still giving options for different sources and volumes in each zone,” adds Pulse Head of Audio Andy Morris. “One way we got around this was to use logic automation within the Symetrix Radius EX so that certain events, such as a band starting to play from a certain Dante adapter, would cause the background music to automatically fade out in the concerned zones, gradually fading up again when live input is no longer detected.”

In addition to portable devices, audio sources for Kudadoo’s network include a Pioneer DJM900 DJ mixer with CDJ2000s, connected with an AVIO adapter; a Midas M32 console with DN32-Dante card; and several TV receivers plugged directly into the Radius 12×8 EX. On the output side, Powersoft amplifiers drive loudspeakers from TW Audio and Martin Audio. The Pulse Middle East team installed CAT6 cable throughout the facility, routing input from the portable devices via Dante connection points to the Symetrix Radius DSP and from the Radius to the amplifiers. Symetrix ARC-3 wall panels enable simple user control of volume, mute, and source selection.

The Radius 12×8 EX DSP provides 64×64 Dante 1000 Base-T networking, along with 12 switchable analog mic/line inputs and 8 analog balanced line outputs. That’s plenty of I/O for the Kudadoo audio network, but more can be added with option cards should that be required in the future. A second Dante port enables daisy-chaining multiple units and redundant Dante network audio implementation. Delivering studio-grade sound, and programmed using Symetrix’ Composer open-architecture software for Windows, the Radius 12×8 EX can run hundreds of audio processing and control modules for a wide variety of applications.

“The Symetrix Radius makes it easy to manage the Dante network, and it’s extremely reliable,” assures Morris. “We also like the way Symetrix Composer software makes it easy to integrate our Powersoft amplifiers. Having all the routing set up in Composer instead of using an additional piece of software like Dante Controller saves a lot of time and confusion. All the routings are there in Composer, clear to see and easy to restore should any issues arise.”

Far out in the southeastern Indian Ocean, luxury beckons at Kudadoo Private Island, Maldives. There you can enjoy tropical breezes, gorgeous blue seas, and virtually anything you want, anytime, anywhere. While you’re relaxing, you’ll enjoy background music to match, thanks to the new Symetrix-managed sound system provided by Pulse Middle East. “The people at Kudadoo are very satisfied with their new sound system,” confirms Joe Chidiac. We suspect that’s as much of an understatement as Luxury Travel Intelligence calling Kudadoo a “luxury hotel.”

Scale-Model Sunrises with ETC Mosaic and the Pasadena Model Railroad Museum

Model railways, with their enduring charm, remind us of an America before the Interstate system and airline travel. As the full-scale versions struggle to survive, their legacy is kept alive by enthusiasts who combine architectural, electrical, and scenic skills to amazing effect.

When programmer Zach Moore got the call from Laura Green of Kinetic Lighting (Glendale, CA) to work on the Pasadena Model Railroad Museum, he could not have been more delighted. “I love trains and lately I have really got into Echo programming,” he said. This was the perfect opportunity to combine them both.

Founded in 1940, the Pasadena Model Railway Museum is a Mecca for model and railway enthusiasts from all over the world. It inhabits a 5,000-square-foot building in Los Angeles. (Yes, they know. They moved decades ago, but the name stuck.) The Museum is the home of the Sierra Pacific Lines, an HO-scale model railroad that is one of the largest in the world.

The scale of the project is impressive: the main line stretches nearly 1,700 feet (28-scale miles) between Alhambra and Zion. It takes trains about an hour to traverse under normal speeds and traffic conditions. The principle yards at Alhambra, Midway, and Zion can store about 2,000 cars. The railroad requires more than 20 operators to fully staff the yards, branch line, and industries.

Members of the Museum went to Kinetic Lighting’s Annual Open House looking for an LED upgrade lighting and control solution and a dynamic way to create more colors, effects, and dimming. At first they decided to replace 14 fluorescent strips with Rosco VariColor units and control four basic looks with an ETC Echo system. But the job quickly grew in scope. Soon, Moore found himself building and programming a hybrid system.

Using an Echo button station and scene controller to send DMX signal to a Mosaic Show Controller, Moore programmed a 35-minute sequence that encompassed changes in the light from sunrise to sunset and included a wave of clouds that passes over the model. “With high overhead angles, the challenge was to create motion within the cues,” says Moore.

To intensify the color saturation of the sunsets, Moore introduced four new colors into the crossfade. Strobe and thunder-clap effects are triggered independently by the train dispatcher who controls the lighting and audio sequences.

Moore’s background as a train enthusiast with extensive theme park experience made him the perfect choice for the job. A native of Boston, he graduated from Cal Arts, became the resident lighting designer at Magic Mountain and has worked for Universal, Disney and a series of corporate shows. “I own a couple of ETC Gios and I like to keep them – and myself – very busy.”