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Archive for Month: May 2020

ETC lighting chosen for Malaysian city council building

City council building, Majilis Bandaraya Johor Bahru, has been installed with an array of ETC fixtures by AFS Engineering. Located in the heart of Johor Bahru, the new government building is 15 storeys high, with seven additional underground levels.

AFS Engineering has installed a variety of ETC fixtures including Source Four Zoom, ColorSource Linear and Source Four Fresnels into the Majilis Bandaraya Johor Bahru’s auditorium and banquet hall. The company also installed SmartPack ThruPower dimmer packs, and all lighting is controlled via an Element 2 console, which runs on the Eos platform. According to ETC Asia, the brand was chosen because of the reliability of its products, the 24/7 support available locally and the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Majilis Bandaraya Johor Bahru, which has received the Green Building Index Recognition as a mark of its ecological credentials, is used to host frequent government meetings and forums as well as major public events.  

ETC launches luminaires and power controls for LED systems

ETC has unveiled two new product ranges, designed to work together: ArcSystem Navis, a range of LED luminaires as well as an F-Drive system with customisable output cards, combining together to create an LED system for a variety of spaces. The Navis line of luminaires fixtures are available in a range of colour temperature options from 2700 K to 5000 K alongside an RGBW colour-mixing option.

A 3000 K fade to warm variant is available as a warm light at lower intensity levels, with aesthetic changes able to be made with a range of magnetic trim plates, clip-in optical accessories and twist and click beam angle lenses.

The Navis 100 features three wind-down clamps for ceiling thicknesses from 0.5mm to 20mm, with Navis 100 products able to be transformed into a surface cylinder or pendant system by sliding into hardware accessories.

An optional wall wash accessory is also available, allowing the Navis 100 to provide a blanket of light for a wall or corridor application. 

The F-Drive LED power control is designed for use with ArcSystem Navis luminaires and third-party fixture applications, using category type cable with RJ45 connections.

The F-Drive range can include both an R12 rack mount option and a W1 wall-mount option.

The R12 option includes 12 slots for swappable output cards with four channels of power output each, with mix-and-match driver cards available that are compatible with a variety of LED fixtures such as constant current and constant voltage loads.

The cards are hot-swappable, allowing changes to be made while maintaining power for the rest of the LED system. Power and data support is provided for up to 48 individually controllable Navis 100 luminaires.

Bosch launches Inteox open camera platform

Bosch has announced the launch of Inteox, a camera platform designed to modernise the security and safety industry. Inteox gives users, system integrators, and developers unlimited freedom for innovation and customisation. The Inteox open camera platform combines built-in Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch with a commonly used open OS, and the ability to add software apps securely.

It supports technologies such as neural network based analytics, the next step in machine learning and AI. Inteox enables app developers and integration partners to take advantage of its built-in intelligence and capabilities to develop unlimited software apps based on a common language.

At the same time, system integrators can customise security systems to meet specific and changing customer requirements by adding apps and deploy them into Inteox cameras.

The Inteox camera platform will power an entirely new line of Mic, Autodome, Flexidome, and Dinion fixed and moving cameras supported by an open IoT infrastructure.

Developed by Security and Safety Things, a Bosch start-up company, this IoT infrastructure is based on four pillars:

  • An open OS based on Android Open Source Project and strengthened for increased security
  • An application store to access relevant app information, browse the public store and purchase ready-to-use apps for all Inteox cameras
  • A web portal for app developers and designers that offers information and tools to develop and test apps
  • A device management portal that shows app and device health statistics and enables easy management of apps

The first cameras based on the Inteox platform are expected from July 2020 onwards.