Genelec Japan recently held a vibrant local launch event for the 8381A and introduced our new UNIO Platform and 9320A Reference Controller. To give you some insight into the experience, Genelec Strategy Advisory Officer Lars-Olof Janflod has gathered a few highlights below.

“Key team members from both Genelec Japan and our headquarters in Finland joined forces in Tokyo to officially introduce the 8381A Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor to Japan, with a well-attended hands-on listening event at the city’s legendary King Records Sekiguchidai studio complex. King Records, founded in 1931, were one of the very first studios in Japan to invest in our 1035A monitors, which they installed in the early ‘90s. Today, all four of their suites are equipped with 1035s.”

“The event, held in Studio 2 and led by Genelec R&D Director Aki Mäkivirta, ran over two afternoon sessions and gathered over 80 highly knowledgeable attendees. Aki started us off by shedding light on the design ideas behind the 8381A, and we followed up with a hands-on control room demo where each participant was invited sit at the desk and choose their reference material. The group of participants featured a healthy mix of mostly younger generation engineers alongside a few well-known and highly respected industry veterans. It’s safe to say that, across the board, reactions were very positive indeed.”

“Following the 8381A’s introduction at King Records, a separate session was held at Genelec Japan’s office and Dolby Atmos suite to introduce our new UNIO Platform and 9320A Reference Controller. Aki, once again, led the way for a similar mix of young and more-experienced engineers, who relished the opportunity to form a greater understanding of UNIO and try out the unique, highly consistent listening experience it offers between in-room and headphone monitoring.”

As a bridge to UNIO, our compact 9320A Reference Controller enables you to create, optimise and manage a single, liberating workflow – for professional loudspeaker and headphone monitoring options, from stereo to immersive, which are easy to access, trust, and cross-reference, wherever your work takes you.