A newly built restaurant and cocktail lounge in Mozambique called El Patron has reinforced its sound solution. Prosound’s Durban and Johannesburg team was appointed to deliver the audio system. With the venue being divided into sections, comprising a dining area, bar, VIP/performance area and a private room, the audio needed to be distributed evenly throughout and allow for a divisable source, as well as volume controls for each section. 

The first thought was to go with a wall-mount loudspeaker solution, however being on the ground floor of a residential building, audio level control was an overriding factor in the choice of the EVID ceiling-mount loudspeakers. Acoustic consultant Bruce Gessner was called in to advise on how to contain/dampen the sound so as not to disturb the residents above.  

The final installation included EVID 4-inch and 8-inch ceiling-mount 2-way coaxial loudspeakers and EVID 10-inch ceiling subwoofers, along with EV CPS 8 and 4-channel Class-D amplifiers. A Symetrix Prism was used for DSP and control. In the performance area, an Electro-Voice Evolve 50 column array was supplied and installed for performances, while the DJ booth was kitted out with Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus2 Media Players with a DJM900 Nexus2 DJ Mixer.