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AEQ has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for radio, television and multimedia, for 35 years. With its commitment to high quality products and services, AEQ is using a quality assurance program for all its design, manufacturing and commercialisation processes.

In the broadcasting market, the company offers high quality products with innovative and strong engineering designs, at very competitive prices.

AEQ has served an array of customers worldwide with its advanced audio technology, telephone communications expertise, audio storage applications and automation of multimedia production and broadcasting.

Moreover, AEQ has been present at the major international sport events such as the Torino, Vancouver and Sochi Winter Olympics and the Athens, Beijing and London Summer Olympics and was instrumental in providing the audio signal to a worldwide audience during the transmission of those major sport events.

As a prominent broadcast equipment manufacturer, AEQ dedicates 25% of its human resources to R&D. This strong commitment to cutting edge technology has resulted in the introduction of new products every year for the last 15 years.

AEQ is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with an office in the USA, since 1993. There are established AEQ offices in Portugal and in the UK.

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