Budget-friendly LED upgrade with Source 4WRD Color II

Budget-friendly LED upgrade with Source 4WRD Color II

ETC has sold millions of Source Four incandescent fixtures over the past 30 years. In many cases, these fixtures are still running strong and revered as the workhorses of their school auditoriums, houses of worship, and theatres. When it comes to upgrading from incandescent to LED, throwing out fixtures that are still in good working condition can, understandably, be a difficult decision.

Source 4WRD Color II makes this decision easy. Upcycle any existing ETC incandescent Source Four fixture to an RGBA LED fixture in minutes and use only a quarter of the power. This non-destructive retrofit maintains the majority of the Source Four incandescent fixture and reduces overall waste. Bring the flexibility of additive color mixing, saturated washes, and quick color changes to any venue with upgraded technology while staying within budget.

Compared to the previous generation of Source 4WRD Color, the addition of the new snap in reflector and the significantly brighter red emitter provide a notable intensity increase of 36% in warm whites and dramatically improves color rendering performance. Rich, saturated colors, pastel hues, and cool toning blues loved by theatre designers worldwide also see remarkable improvements.

This second generation of Source 4WRD Color is not only an incredible retrofit but also can be a full spot profile, a full PAR, or full PARNel fixture. With 12 built-in color presets and 5 built-in sequences, stand-alone operation is intuitive. Maintain the most-loved features of Source Four, including crisp shutter cuts, beautiful pattern projection, field peak-to-flat adjustment, and a full library of Source Four lens tubes.

Source 4WRD Color II includes ETC’s industry leading 5-year fixture, 10-year array warranty.

New ColorSource V fixture family from ETC

New ColorSource V fixture family from ETC

ETC launched a new family of multi-venue fixtures. Building on the popular ColorSource line that is lighting schools, houses of worship, hotels, and theme parks around the world, ETC announced ColorSource V. This trio of fixtures includes ColorSource Spot V, ColorSource Fresnel V, and ColorSource Spot VXT.

The roman numeral “V” in ColorSource V hints at the five-color array of red, green, blue, indigo, and lime. This combination of emitters makes it possible to produce the softest pastels and bold, punchy colors from the same fixture. In addition to the array, all ColorSource V fixtures include Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM, NFC for remote fixture configuration when used in collaboration with ETC’s free Set Light app, and increased brightness from the past ColorSource line.

ColorSource Spot V is shipping now and takes the place of the previous ColorSource Spot luminaire. Just like with Spot, ColorSource Spot V uses the same lens tubes, barrels, and accessories as ETC’s other spot fixtures, including the iconic Source Four incandescent fixture. If you have ETC’s CYC or Fresnel adapters in your inventory, Spot V works with those as well.

ColorSource Fresnel V delivers the technology of ETC’s premier Desire Fresnel fixture at an accessible price point. Incorporating a true microFresnel lens and motorized 13-44 degree zoom control both via DMX and manually from the back of the fixture from both the back of the fixture, Fresnel V is truly a workhorse for every theatre. ColorSource Fresnel V is expected to begin shipping in January of 2023.

ColorSource Spot VXT is the outdoor fixture you’ve been waiting for. With impressive brightness, and the same color mixing technology as the other ColorSource fixtures, this IP65-rated fixture brings the drama to your outdoor spaces. The same wireless feature set streamlines setup and configuration, but the best part is, VXT also utilizes the same lens tubes, barrels, and accessories as your other ETC spot fixtures.

ETC will begin taking orders for ColorSource Spot VXT in early 2023, and it is scheduled to begin shipping in late Q1, 2023.

Find out more about the Colorsource V family HERE.