Small But Mighty: Riedel Bolero Intercoms at Work on The Masked Singer SA

Small But Mighty: Riedel Bolero Intercoms at Work on The Masked Singer SA

ApexPro providing Riedel Bolero Intercoms for The Masked Singer SA S2 filming

When it comes to the magic of television production, even the smallest details can make a world of difference. Our team at ApexPro was proud to provide The Masked Singer SA production with our Riedel Bolero Intercoms. These intercoms ensure seamless communication among key crew members. 

In the fast-paced world of entrainment, clear communication is crucial. Communication from the director to the camera operators, right down to the masked singers themselves. Without reliable intercom systems like the Riedel Bolero, chaos could easily ensue on set. 

The introduction of Bolero to The Masked Singer South Africa S2 was an easy decision for Ashley Wilson (Engineer In Charge) and Vuyo Ncube (Guarantee Engineer) for this project.

Vuyo Ncube and Ashley Wilson on set  of The Masked Singer with their Riedel Bolero Intercoms

“Bolero would address a large and demanding wireless comms mandate that we needed to fill for the second season of the show.  Thanks to the Bolero’s seamless integration capabilities, the Bolero system effortlessly integrated with our existing setup, allowing for quick and easy install without any compatibility challenges. The Bolero comms are known for their crystal-clear audio quality and that is exactly what they brought to this high intensity environment. The clear and reliable communication lead to the success of this season’s production as every message, and cue was delivered with precision and clarity, even in a noisy studio environment.” Ashley Wilson

“Bolero is always a first choice for any of the productions I get to work on. The belt packs  are intuitive and easy to use and understand quickly. The dedicated reply button on this specific production made it a breeze for crew members to respond quickly and effectively, even in high-stress situations. Once we had installed the system the positive feedback from the crew was a joy to have. The excitement that they could have their own partylines, each pack was customisable, and that we had integrated the belt packs into the existing PA system really took them all by surprise and made their jobs really simple. A big thank you to ApexPro for making this happen and their constant support in all the projects I’m involved in” Vuyo Ncube

At ApexPro, we understand that innovation doesn’t always come in large packages. Sometimes it’s the small tools behind-the-scenes that play a monumental role in bringing a production to life. We’re honoured to be a part of The Masked Singer SA journey. We also look forward to continuing to support the magic of television with cutting-edge technology.