ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx partner with Genelec

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx partner with Genelec

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx partner with Genelec to distribute their exceptional product throughout Southern Africa. 

The collaboration between ApexPro, Audio Visual Worx and Genelec is expected to bring cutting-edge audio technology advancements, providing customers in Southern Africa with enhanced audio solutions and pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction.   

“When being hosted by Clifford Pereira and the Genelec team in Finland, I was struck by their unique and inspiring company culture; they have an emphasis on staying true to their roots and founding principles but at the same time being forward-thinking, investing heavily in R&D and their people. In a highly commoditised, global environment, it was refreshing to be in the company of industry professionals with a genuine passion for technology, audio and music,” says Justin Acres, Director of ApexPro.

Together, ApexPro, Audio Visual Worx and Genelec are poised to shape the future of the audio industry and deliver unparalleled audio experiences to professionals and enthusiasts alike.  

“ApexPro specialises in distribution within the music retail market, primarily focusing on delivering a wide range of audio equipment and solutions to meet the needs of musicians, performers, and music enthusiasts.   

Audio Visual Worx provides solution-based systems in the audio-visual industry, focusing on delivering comprehensive audio-visual solutions for various applications, including corporate settings, installations, and professional broadcast projects. 

“Having these two distribution arms, we can effectively cater to the diverse needs of both the music retail market and the solution-based systems sector, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to audio distribution,” Acres explains.  

Genelec is renowned for its exceptional professional audio speakers, highly regarded in the industry for their outstanding sound quality, accuracy, and reliability.   Specifically designed for critical listening environments like recording studios and broadcasting facilities, Genelec speakers incorporate advanced technologies, such as the Directivity Control Waveguide, ensuring consistent and transparent sound reproduction across a wide frequency range.   

Additionally, Genelec offers a range of Audio Visual (AV) speakers, which cater to any vertical market that requires an installation speaker, from hospitality, corporate and architectural.  With Genelec’s newly released IP range of speakers, the company combines their outstanding audio quality with network connectivity, allowing for flexible and scalable audio solutions in various environments.  

With features like PoE (Power over Ethernet) and advanced control options, Genelec’s IP speakers offer seamless integration into networked audio systems for easy management and distribution of audio content.  

Audio Visual Worx product specialist, Dwaine Schreuder, adds that “in the studio and broadcast market, Genelec doesn’t need an introduction as they are globally recognised and extensively used by industry professionals.  Building on this solid platform, we are thrilled to introduce Genelec’s range of IP install speakers to Africa, which is not a vertical historically associated with Genelec in the region.   

“Audio Visual Worx is uniquely positioned to offer value-added designs to studio and broadcast professionals,” Schreuder adds. “We not only have an impressive Genelec Showroom, but we have also incorporated Genelec’s IP range of speakers throughout our Johannesburg-based headquarters.”  

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx are proud to be associated with Genelec and look forward to sharing this exceptional product with you.

Existing Genelec clients will be pleased to know that Audio Visual Worx has been appointed as an authorised Technical Service Center.  

To book your Southern Africa Genelec Experience, please contact dwaine@avworx.africa.  

DPA Microphones Unveils New Drum Miking Kit

DPA Microphones Unveils New Drum Miking Kit

DPA Microphones has launched the DDK4000, the company’s first-ever Drum Microphone Kit, to help deliver a clear and natural reproduction of the low-frequency, high SPL instrument. Comprised of the brand’s acclaimed 4055 Kick Drum Mic, as well as the new 2012 Cardioid and a stereo pair of the new 2015 Wide Cardioid, the kit also features three of the brand’s renowned 4099 CORE Instrument Mics. With consideration for durability at the forefront of this solution, the kit has been rigorously tested to perform flawlessly for all types of music genres and is designed to withstand the demands of life on the road.

“We are ecstatic to offer sound engineers a perfect drum miking solution with the DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit, comprised of several instrument mics with similar sonic characteristics that allows users to capture a uniform, uncolored sound of the entire drum setup,”

– Bo Brinck, Product Specialist/Sound Engineer, DPA Microphones.

“Every mic in the kit is designed with linear on- and off-axis response, which helps the sound designer keep the natural direct sound as well as the organic bleed between the drums and cymbals. Beginning with the clear, true sound of the entire kit gives engineers the best starting point to shape the sound. We are very excited for the creative possibilities and high-quality sound that this microphone kit will provide to the industry.”

With an intentional use for kick drum-specific applications, the 4055 Kick Drum Microphone offers a very tight, natural, well-defined sound that is not pre-tailored like traditional kick mics. Also, unlike other kick drum mics, the DPA 4055 will provide different sounds depending on its placement relative to the kick drum. Owing to its condenser mic capabilities, the 4055 produces a tight, fast and clean sound even at very high SPL (max SPL is 164 dB). Additionally, its asymmetric design is easy to position both inside and outside the kick drum, making it quick and effortless to find the ideal placement. Its large housing and wind-damping foam in front of the capsule, behind the grille, help minimize the pick-up of the air turbulence in front of the hole in the kick drum.

The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone acts as a reliable, all-around, generalist pencil mic that can capture crystal clear, single-instrument pickup with ease. Unlike dynamic mics, the 2012 combines a robust design with intricate sound pickup, extended frequency range and flat frequency response in a small-form-factor for accurate close miking on any live stage setup. The exceptional transient response of the 2012 allows it to cope with high SPLs while also capturing the most delicate of sounds.

Designed for use as an overhead stereo pair on drum kits, the 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid Microphone features uniform, wide cardioid directionality and a linear frequency response. This stereo pair can be positioned closer to the drum kit than normal and captures the balanced sound of the entire instrument with less bleed from the stage. Additionally, the compact design of the 2015 allows for unobtrusive placement at venues of any size, while its durable, reinforced construction means it will last from stage to stage. Both the 2012 and 2015 are pre-polarized condenser mics, each with a specifically designed 17mm (0.67-inch) capsule that is perfectly tailored for its intended application.

Featuring the company’s renowned CORE by DPA amplification technology, the award-winning 4099 CORE Instrument Mics are designed to minimize distortion and increase dynamic range ― from the highest of highs to the lowest of the lows. The kit features the 4099 CORE “Extreme SPL” (109 dB dynamic range) version, which is perfect for drum miking applications. Known for its discreet size and versatile mounting/clip options, this longstanding member of the DPA microphone lineup is a great fit for a variety of applications ranging from the studio and theatre to live performances. Like most DPA solutions, the DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit comes in a sturdy Peli case, which includes microphone holders and adapters. Additional accessories, such as a stereo boom, gooseneck mount and corresponding shock mounts, are also available.

ApexPro is the sole distributor of DPA Microphones in Southern Africa. Contact Us to find out more.

ETC shows its colours at Prolight + Sound 2023

ETC shows its colours at Prolight + Sound 2023

ETC will be returning to Frankfurt for Prolight + Sound 2023 with a showcase of the latest in lighting technology, stage machinery, product seminars and more from the 25th-28th of April at the Messe Frankfurt.

On stands C53 and C45 in Hall 12.0, ETC will present a selection of its newest entertainment fixtures and controls, including the next generation of ETC’s automated framing luminaires: High End Systems Halcyon. This best-in-class range consists of Halcyon Gold, Titanium, and Platinum, offering matching feature sets, exceptional colours, and increased output at a reduced cost.

Visitors will also see the new ColorSource V family featuring both Spot and Fresnel fixtures. With many of the features from premiere fixtures at an accessible price point, venues around the world are already excited by their possibilities. With Multiverse® wireless, NFC, and a five-colour array that brings both soft pastels and bold, punchy colours, all that’s left is to choose between spot or wash!

Having received much attention at the recent USITT Expo in St Louis, the newly launched Source 4WRD Color II will be on the stand. The powerful, new version of the colour-mixing LED retrofit offers an intensity increase of 36% in warm whites and unlocks the world of additive colour mixing for your existing Source Four incandescent profiles.

The latest in lighting control will be available for visitors to interact with, including the powerful Eos Apex 10, Apex 5 and Gio @5 as well as High End Systems Hog 4-18. The new line of Eos consoles offers an innovative programming surface with advanced technology and award-winning software.

ETC product specialists will be on hand to share further information on the latest releases as well as presenting several new seminars during the four-day show. On Tuesday 25th, ETC Product Manager for Entertainment Fixtures Jim Uphoff will present ‘LED Variance and the need for Calibration’ from 12:00 – 13:00 CEST in the Manufacturer’s Forum, Halle 11.0. This will be followed by ‘Hands-on Hog – Myths, Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks’ at 15:00 – 17:00 CEST (in German) by Lighting Designer Andreas Fink in the same space.

ETC Senior Technical Product Manager Michael Lichter will present an overview of a modern hoist and control system and its benefits on Thursday 27th. His session will be presented in German at 13:00 – 13:50 CEST on the Theatre + Light Stage in Hall 12.0. Attendees to stands C53 and C45 will also get a chance to explore the latest rigging solutions with ETC’s stage machinery specialists at the show.

This year, ETC will be supporting the Future Talents Day on 28th April at Prolight + Sound, a day for students, trainees and interns to network with industry colleagues. 

“Prolight + Sound is always a highlight of our tradeshow calendar, and we can’t wait to get back on the show floor and reconnect with our partners and customers. We look forward to sharing in their excitement about these fantastic products and the strength of the industry as it rebounds from the difficulties of the past few years.”

Market Manager Rory Fraser-Mackenzie
BMX Daredevils Perform Stunts To The Beat Of Electro-Voice

BMX Daredevils Perform Stunts To The Beat Of Electro-Voice

The “King of Wheels” BMX contest held on March 11th at the “Stuttpark” skatepark in Stuttgart, Germany, was a huge success. With riders from all over the country competing in three different classes – Kids, Amateurs, and Professionals – the competition was fierce, but in the end, it was all about the skills, the stunts, and the fun! The incredible atmosphere of the event was ensured by Electro-Voice sound systems.

Two EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker systems served as the main PA, with a further two EVERSE 8 battery-powered loudspeakers deployed for the adjacent areas and as a DJ monitor to blast out the perfect mix of cool beats and tunes, while announcements were made crystal clear via a wireless RE3 microphone system that was connected to the EVOLVE 50Ms.

Two EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker systems served as main PA,

The DJ also used a Dynacord CMS 600 mixing console for signal processing and to keep the party going, making sure that every rider’s trick was accompanied by the perfect sound.

ApexPro is the premium distributor of Electro-Voice products in sub-Saharan Africa.

ApexPro is the premium distributor of Electro-Voice products in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact us to book your demo.

ETC introduces a new version of the Power Pack Automatic Load Control Relay

ETC introduces a new version of the Power Pack Automatic Load Control Relay

ETC has introduced a new version of the Power Pack ALCR (Automatic Load Control Relay).

ETC Power Pack ALCR (Automatic Load Control Relay).

The new ALCR-PP-Mk2 model now supports emergency control of 0-10 VDC, DALI, and DMX512 directly controlled emergency luminaires in accordance with 2023 NEC section 700.24.

When used for emergency control of 0-10V luminaires, these additional relay contacts allow two separate control circuits for luminaires that require two channels of control.

The ALCR allows emergency lighting fixtures that are also used for normal illumination to be controlled under everyday non-emergency circumstances. When normal power is lost, or a fire alarm is activated, the ALCR bypasses normal control and forces the emergency lighting fixtures to an emergency state.

Luminaires that are energized to the appropriate emergency level upon loss of control connection are no longer required to be UL 924 listed because of changes to section 700.24 in the 2023 NEC. Unlike the DEBC that actively drives DMX512 channels to full, the ALCR-PP-Mk2 will disconnect 0-10V, DALI, or DMX512 control signals, driving the emergency luminaire to its data-loss state, as well as bypassing any normal line-voltage power control of the luminaire.

The ALCR is a UL 924 Listed emergency lighting device for control of a single 120/277 V circuit. The ALCR-DIN will remain unchanged from its original version and will still support a single control circuit of 0-10V or DALI. All new quotes for the ALCR-PP will switch to the Mk2 version immediately. Any existing orders for the original ALCR will continue to ship as the original product. If you want to change your order to the new version, please contact your customer service rep or project manager.

“At ETC, we understand that emergency lighting is first and foremost a matter of life safety. This new version of our Power Pack ALCR will give our customers access to control of many more emergency luminaire types that we weren’t previously able to support.”

Learn more about ALCR emergency lighting options.

Dynacord SONICUE 1.2.4 and WPN1

Dynacord SONICUE 1.2.4 and WPN1

The smooth way to drive your sound

Dynacord SONICUE 1.2.4 Sound System Software has been released. It supports the upcoming Dynacord WPN1 networked wall panel controller, offers operational parameters for IPX and TGX amplifiers for designing control panels in SONICUE’s panel designer, and comes with new MXE logic featuring an active HTTP API, a scheduler function and other enhancements.

In October Dynacord will release the WPN1 networked wall panel controller. It provides simplified operation and control of devices within the SONICUE ecosystem. With its 1.77” TFT color display and rotary encoder it can control MXE5 Matrix Mix Engines or IPX amplifiers system-wide. Configuration in SONICUE’s panel designer provides dedicated customization, from volume control in a single zone to multi-zone control with individual pin-protected menus. Combined with the color display and support of characters for local languages, the WPN1 provides a customization level close to a touch panel controller, ensuring that users can interact effectively with their system.