ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx Partner with Genelec

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx Partner with Genelec

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx partner with Genelec to distribute their exceptional product throughout Southern Africa. 

The collaboration between ApexPro, Audio Visual Worx and Genelec is expected to bring cutting-edge audio technology advancements, providing customers in Southern Africa with enhanced audio solutions and pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction.   

When being hosted by Clifford Pereira and the Genelec team in Finland, I was struck by their unique and inspiring company culture; they have an emphasis on staying true to their roots and founding principles but at the same time being forward-thinking, investing heavily in R&D and their people. In a highly commoditised, global environment, it was refreshing to be in the company of industry professionals with a genuine passion for technology, audio and music,” says Justin Acres, Director of ApexPro.

Together, ApexPro, Audio Visual Worx and Genelec are poised to shape the future of the audio industry and deliver unparalleled audio experiences to professionals and enthusiasts alike.  

“ApexPro specialises in distribution within the music retail market, primarily focusing on delivering a wide range of audio equipment and solutions to meet the needs of musicians, performers, and music enthusiasts.   

Audio Visual Worx provides solution-based systems in the audio-visual industry, focusing on delivering comprehensive audio-visual solutions for various applications, including corporate settings, installations, and professional broadcast projects. 

“Having these two distribution arms, we can effectively cater to the diverse needs of both the music retail market and the solution-based systems sector, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to audio distribution,” Acres explains.  

Genelec is renowned for its exceptional professional audio speakers, highly regarded in the industry for their outstanding sound quality, accuracy, and reliability.   Specifically designed for critical listening environments like recording studios and broadcasting facilities, Genelec speakers incorporate advanced technologies, such as the Directivity Control Waveguide, ensuring consistent and transparent sound reproduction across a wide frequency range.   

Additionally, Genelec offers a range of Audio Visual (AV) speakers, which cater to any vertical market that requires an installation speaker, from hospitality, corporate and architectural.  With Genelec’s newly released IP range of speakers, the company combines their outstanding audio quality with network connectivity, allowing for flexible and scalable audio solutions in various environments.  

With features like PoE (Power over Ethernet) and advanced control options, Genelec’s IP speakers offer seamless integration into networked audio systems for easy management and distribution of audio content.  

Audio Visual Worx product specialist, Dwaine Schreuder, adds that “in the studio and broadcast market, Genelec doesn’t need an introduction as they are globally recognised and extensively used by industry professionals.  Building on this solid platform, we are thrilled to introduce Genelec’s range of IP install speakers to Africa, which is not a vertical historically associated with Genelec in the region.   

“Audio Visual Worx is uniquely positioned to offer value-added designs to studio and broadcast professionals,” Schreuder adds. “We not only have an impressive Genelec Showroom, but we have also incorporated Genelec’s IP range of speakers throughout our Johannesburg-based headquarters.”  

ApexPro and Audio Visual Worx are proud to be associated with Genelec and look forward to sharing this exceptional product with you.

Existing Genelec clients will be pleased to know that Audio Visual Worx has been appointed as an authorised Technical Service Center.  

To book your Southern Africa Genelec Experience, please contact dwaine@avworx.africa.