A popular tourist destination was recently challenged to create an elaborate new interactive exhibit. This destination is a 12,000-square-meter attraction, visitor center, and communal space which is known for providing unique experiences for visitors with multiple, innovative exhibits.

Interactive Exhibits with Audinate’s Dante Connect

One elaborate exhibit was designed to allow visitors to move physical items around to interact with the exhibit. The organization wanted to have auditory feedback whenever items are placed in different locations. This required video processing from multiple IP video cameras to identify which objects are being moved and to what location. When specific actions were taken and identified, a particular calibrated audio response was then triggered. The audio was sent via Dante Connect through the cloud back to a local Dante-networked amplifier. 

To provide the best customer experience, the organization sought to eliminate reliance on some on-premise hardware and moved processing and system management to the cloud. Supported by the regional Audinate team and partnered with an IT services provider, the organization deployed a beta version of Dante Connect running on Microsoft Azure to power the audio integrations. Due to the low latency of the Dante Connect solution in the cloud, the integration enabled a phenomenal experience for visitors, coupled with a reliable, easily serviceable tech stack for IT managers.

Dante Connect enables organizations and broadcasters to centralize audio production in the cloud by seamlessly connecting Dante-enabled products onsite with other locations or cloud-based mixing and editing software. This example showcases how locally installed audio systems at events or locations can send multi-channel Dante audio directly to cloud-based virtual machines running editing and production suites. With this workflow design, skilled audio producers located on or offsite can edit and distribute audio from anywhere to anywhere.

“Our exhibit is grounded in delivering a tactile and immersive physical experience, yet it’s astounding that the heart of this runs entirely in the cloud,” said the Head of Technology for the organization. “Navigating the intricacies of such an integration was no small feat. With Dante Connect, not only did we seamlessly meld the AV and IT realms, but we also crafted a groundbreaking blueprint for how physical interactions can be powered and elevated by cloud capabilities.”

“This phenomenal exhibit can be attributed to how the concept is interoperable, intuitive, and eminently useful,” said Will Waters, Principal Product Manager, Audinate. “That’s a lesson all technology providers should take to heart; we recognize that Dante Connect embodies those factors.”

This installation is the first of many forthcoming examples of how Dante Connect can serve as a comprehensive platform for advanced system integration of audio.