Genelec has been dedicated to creating monitoring tools for audio professionals since its inception 45 years ago. This remains the company’s core mission. Genelec aims to listen to its customers, comprehend their problems, and collaborate with them to find solutions.

Throughout its history, Genelec has focused on researching and developing innovative solutions and technologies to meet the needs of the most demanding customers worldwide. The company is committed to establishing long-term relationships based on trust with its customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Genelec places great emphasis on the quality of its solutions, which is why its designs have stood the test of time. Even the oldest models can still be serviced by Genelec and its global distribution partners, ensuring that customers can continue to use and enjoy their products for many years.

From the beginning, Genelec has been at the forefront of technological advancements in active monitoring systems, with the goal of achieving accurate and transparent sound quality. This requires ongoing technological research, innovation, and a strong dedication to scientific and design principles. Genelec strives to develop the best possible solutions that meet its customers’ needs.

Every new design starts with a deep understanding of the customers’ needs and challenges, followed by finding effective ways to address them. In pursuit of this goal, Genelec has partnered with various entities.

“To drive innovation, we continuously explore scientific research and emerging technologies, while also considering market dynamics and human behavior. Our ultimate objective is to leverage technology to serve our users’ needs and contribute to societal well-being. Continuous learning, recognizing capabilities, supporting one another, and fostering collaboration are essential for both technological innovation and delivering value to our customers.”

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