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Broadway runs on Eos

This fall, ETC is proud to once again be involved in an overwhelming number of shows on Broadway as they begin or continue to run their performances on the Eos platform. ETC was founded through a love and an appreciation for the art of technical theatre, and is truly thrilled that its Eos Family consoles are considered the premier desk in the business.

“Our software and family of consoles have grown and expanded right along with the advancements in entertainment technology. We truly depend on the designers and programmers out in the field—their input and innovation drive what we build at ETC,” says Anne Valentino, senior product manager of entertainment controls. Built for venues of every scale, from Broadway theatres to smaller spaces like school auditoriums and basement theatres, the ETC Eos Family of consoles share a common programming surface and powerful software, based around what we hear from the industry.

Whether bringing new voices to life in groundbreaking new productions, or introducing younger generations to the classics, Broadway theatre is a pillar of culture and innovation in the United States. ETC is proud to be there, helping keep the magic alive every day.