Introducing OneTrack by ETC

Introducing OneTrack by ETC

ETC, a global leader in lighting solutions, is thrilled to introduce OneTrack by ETC, a versatile track lighting system, designed to deliver unparalleled flexibility, capability, and reliability for a wide range of installations. OneTrack by ETC offers two 20-amp circuits that can be independently switched or dimmed, providing ultimate control over lighting setups. Its robust data circuit, integrated directly into the track, ensures seamless compatibility with low-voltage dimming, via DMX, 0–10V, DALI, and other signal types.

With standard lengths of 4-, 8-, and 12-foot (1-, 2-, and 4-meter), OneTrack by ETC caters to diverse spatial requirements. Designers will appreciate the array of coupler options, empowering them to create imaginative lighting patterns with ease. OneTrack’s intelligent hardware design ensures secure mechanical and electrical connections, even when mounted vertically.

“We are delighted to partner with A.A.G. Stucchi and introduce the OneTrack by ETC track lighting system to our customers,” said Ned Keitt, Product Manager at ETC. “This -product empowers lighting professionals to achieve stunning results in any installation, particularly when paired with our exclusive OneTrack Backbone to combine the best features of track lighting and performance luminaires.”

ETC’s Source Four Mini LED, Irideon FPZ, Irideon WLZ, and Desire D22 luminaires will soon be available with OneTrack adapters, enabling seamless integration of these popular fixtures. Moreover, OneTrack by ETC supports an extensive range of LED track fixtures from various manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and versatility for lighting designers and specifiers.

ETC Introduces Hyperstar

ETC Introduces Hyperstar

ETC introduces the High End Systems Hyperstar, a new, sensational companion to the popular Lonestar automated luminaire. A powerful, compact moving light optimized for projection versatility, Hyperstar will help create uniquely beautiful designs for a wide variety of venues. Hyperstar is the same size as Lonestar, and is just as bright, compact, and affordable.

Lonestar is recognized for its projection capabilities and framing; with Hyperstar the framing modules have been removed to provide even more versatility when using patterns and aerials. With nine rotating patterns, 11 fixed patterns, an Animation wheel, dual frosts, and dual prisms, designers have an almost endless choice of breakups, aerials, radial patterns, and gobos specializing in morphing and texture. And by layering the fixture’s effects, a vast collection of custom visuals are available to achieve your desired look.

Market Manager Tania Lesage highlights the Hyperstar, saying, “It’s a luminaire tailored for venues of all sizes and aesthetics. Boasting punchy output, extensive effects, and versatile color capabilities, Hyperstar continues ETC’s unwavering commitment to providing unmatched professional quality and impeccable service, all within an accessible size and price range.”

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Teatri di Siena upgrades to energy-efficient lighting solution with ETC Lonestar

Teatri di Siena upgrades to energy-efficient lighting solution with ETC Lonestar

Teatri di Siena is leading the way in sustainable theatre practices by upgrading to the latest and most efficient LED systems from ETC. With support from Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the venue is embracing an eco-friendly option that not only benefits the planet but also enhances the audience’s theatrical experience.

In an effort to promote technological advancement and energy conservation, PNRR is extending aid to the theatre industry as it recovers from the pandemic. Teatri di Siena is seizing this opportunity by upgrading its lighting system. Seasoned electrician and lighting aficionado Andrea Garbini is leading the venue’s ongoing renewal efforts, along with colleague Michele Pisano. Together, they are making significant strides towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future for the theatre industry through the PNRR initiative.

According to Garbini, Teatri di Siena has a clear objective – to produce exceptional shows. “As the world of theatre continues to evolve, venues must be equipped with professional and reliable resources to attract and support high-quality productions,” he says. “ETC is a perfect fit. It’s a company I have established a relationship of trust and precious collaboration with, that I have gladly made available to a theatre that feels like my own.”

With the addition of 25 Lonestar fixtures and an Ion Xe 20 lighting console from the Eos family, Teatri di Siena is preparing to bring its productions to the next level. Garbini is confident that the equipment will be put to great use, especially with upcoming productions by the Accademia Chigiana later this summer. The Lonestar’s ability to create stunning visual effects and its smooth movement will add a new dimension to the performances, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Additionally, the venue is eagerly anticipating the arrival of even more ETC products to enhance its productions, including LED ColorSource Spot V fixtures and Source 4WRD Color II engines, which will transform their existing Source Four incandescent profiles into more energy-efficient color-mixing LED fixtures.

As lighting design technology continues to evolve, more and more companies are turning to the Eos system. “During the most recent season, I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow experts who shared their unique programming styles using the same system,” comments Garbini. “It was fascinating to see the versatility and potential of Eos, especially with the latest updates that have been added. I look forward to testing out the rest of the products in the coming months and can’t wait to see how they enhance theatre and outdoor events.”

As part of the (IM) Patti Chiari project aimed at reducing environmental impact, Teatro di Siena has taken various measures such as reducing printing, eliminating plastic bottles at the bar, and planting trees to offset CO2 emissions. The replacement of lighting fixtures with energy-efficient luminaires will further reduce consumption, making it a sustainable venue. With ETC’s advanced lighting equipment, the theatre is poised to deliver exceptional shows that leave a lasting impression.

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ETC Controls Playful Lights for Aquatic Delights

ETC Controls Playful Lights for Aquatic Delights

Life can be tough for aquarium-bound fish. Their days are spent patrolling the confines of their tank, staring back at the young faces pressed against their glass walls. On the upside, there is companionship, regular meals, and freedom from predators. For the denizens of the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium in Omaha Nebraska, there is the added bonus of a stunning environment and a spectacular after-dark light show, controlled by ETC’s Mosaic system. The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) added Special Citation for Playful Use of Integrated Color to its outdoor lighting award, and it’s easy to see why.

The playful element starts with the re-designed entry canopy that established the aquarium as the focal point of the Omaha Zoo. Blue stainless-steel panels with a rippled surface texture and a front canopy of perforated metal suggest a coral reef seen from underwater. The theme carries upwards to a roof decked with eight stainless-steel wave sculptures. The stainless steel oceanic-inspired structures reflect sunlight in daytime and become a pallet for dynamic lighting after hours.

Lighting designers Steve Gollehon and Jeff Frank of Morrissey Engineering were part of the original project team. “As we got into it, we realized that color changing effects would play a key role in the final design,” says Head Designer Steve Gollehon, “and this led us to the ETC Mosaic control system.” Power and control for the color-changing fixtures is provided by a 50-universe Mosaic Show Controller X, 15 Response Mk2 DMX Gateways, and an Echo Relay Panel. A Mosaic Tessera touchscreen controller acts as the user interface.

“For added effect we imported custom video content into Mosaic to support the standard effects. We had fun creating the effects of waves crashing, bubbles forming, and fish swimming and a couple of bio luminescent themes that caught the attention of passersby.”

– Head Designer Steve Gollehon

Nine custom shows were created to cover the various social functions that the aquarium hosts. “The ETC wireless interface proved essential as we experimented with the effect of light and video on the diverse surfaces we were dealing with,” says Gollehon. “We were able to color-correct on the fly.”

Heartland Scenic, with Michele Yindrick as project manager, provided the ETC control elements. The one-year time frame for construction and installation allowed the team to test full-scale mockups in Kansas City and design the custom touch screen for show control. “The main challenge was integrating the multi-manufacturer lighting fixtures and keeping track of it all,” says Yindrick. But ETC’s Mosaic system provided a clean, comprehensive interface that got them all working in harmony. “This was a smooth project,” finishes Yindrick.

ApexPro is the sole distributor and supporter of ETC lighting technology in Southern Africa.

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ETC fixtures light up Greek TV and Theatre

ETC fixtures light up Greek TV and Theatre

ETC’s automated luminaires and entertainment fixtures have been selected by rental company Papadimas AVL S.M.P.C in Greece for renowned TV shows ‘The Voice’ and ‘Just the 2 of Us’, as well as a recent production of the hit musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in Athens, and Thessaloniki.

Almost 200 High End Systems moving lights feature across the productions, including Lonestar, SolaPix, SolaFrame and SolaSpot automated luminaires. ETC’s affordable Lonestar fixtures took their Greek TV debut on the talent show ‘Just the 2 of Us’, bringing their professional feature set, and quality output all wrapped up in a small package. They joined over a hundred other High End Systems moving lights as well as 50 Source Four LED Series 3 Daylight HDR profiles, all controlled by a mix of Hog 4 and Eos consoles. Series 3 continues to wow on-camera around the world, with its patented X8 array giving unmatched control over how skin tones and objects render on-screen.

SolaPix 19 luminaires returned to the world-famous reality competition show ‘The Voice’ this year, working alongside High End Systems SolaSpots and almost one hundred Source Four LED fixtures. The unique face-look of SolaPix, with its HaloGraphic Pixel Definition and innovative FleX Effects engine, is a big hit on camera, but the fixture is also capable of incredibly smooth washes, adding even more versatility to the rig.

Papadimas AVL S.M.P.C established its presence in the broadcast market in Greece by working on such shows and supplying ETC products. “We met the demand for high quality equipment and services on the ‘The Voice’, ‘Just the 2 of Us’ and the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with ETC gear, which has also set the bar high for our competitors. The certified quality of ETC products combined with the large quantities we own have helped us create a fleet that provides exceptional results, with consistency and competitive prices,” comments General Manager at Papadimas AVL S.M.P.C, Panagiotis Papadimas.

The live productions of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ used a wide range of High End Systems spots and wash-lights alongside the industry standard Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr profiles to bring the story to life. Released in 2014, Series 2 continues to earn its keep-in-hire stocks worldwide, with venues and rental companies continuing to invest in its reliability and incredible color control, all backed up by ETC’s industry-leading warranty and support.

ETC Regional Sales Manager, Konstantinos Vonofakidis comments: “I would like to thank Papadimas AVL for their continued trust in our products and services even during the challenging times of the pandemic. This has been a great collaboration that has been forged through the unparalleled support of our local dealer – Audio & Vision”.

Eos V3.2 Brings Powerful New Programming Features To ETC’s Flagship Control Family

Eos V3.2 Brings Powerful New Programming Features To ETC’s Flagship Control Family

ETC’s flagship Eos lighting control family grows more powerful with every free software release, introducing features that streamline and revolutionize the design team’s workflow. Eos v3.2 – the latest major update – is no exception, bringing powerful tools to quickly adjust fixture-, device- and session-level settings, as well as massive expansions in the Augment3d programming environment.

As modern lighting systems grow to encompass more and more controllers and devices, easy access to network configuration controls is paramount. Eos v3.2 brings several key settings from the shell into the Eos application proper, allowing them to be saved in the show file and adjusted in real-time without leaving your session or stopping output. Device settings are also now stored in profiles within the show file, allowing you to bind devices for quicker configuration. With the template file feature, easily starting from a known point is as simple as starting a new show. Output protocol settings have also been brought into Eos and have been significantly expanded to support advanced configurations for dynamic and static systems large and small – laying the groundwork for future system expansion.

Color control has also received significant upgrades in the new software. You can now set color configurations for your fixtures, allowing Eos to control them with ease. As you use and build LED fixtures, Eos dynamically generates a gamut, giving you use of the color tools with any fixture — from two-emitter white light fixtures to eight emitters and beyond. The software also adds native and virtual CIE XY controls via the color tools and command line to keep you up to date on any communication path your fixtures and your team may use.

The most dynamic new control feature can be found in Augment3d, the award-winning 3D-programming and visualization environment built into the Eos software. The new Zones feature offers a revolutionary way to let your 3D environment affect your lighting. Don’t want moving fixtures to land on the projection screen? Would you like the lights to turn blue every time they move offstage or go dark when they pan over the audience? Zones allow you to define regions in your model space and automatically affect fixture behavior when they intersect with the zone – turning intensity off or on, triggering macros, or applying presets or palettes. You can even attach a Zone to a moveable scenic element in your model – allowing the Zone to intersect and affect the behavior of static fixtures as well as movers. Programming complex behaviors has never been simpler.

A 3D programming environment is only as good as its model, and Eos v3.2 makes getting started in Augment3d easier than ever. ETC teamed up with Vectorworks to implement direct MVR import for fixture and model data — no more plug-ins. In addition, you can import glTF from other drafting suites, as well as the 50+ file formats Augment3d already supports. And with the upcoming Augment3d Scanner app for iOS & Android, you can use your phone or tablet’s built-in AR tools to scan your space and instantly create an Eos-compatible model.

Eos v3.2 adds a massive suite of tools that elevates your design and programming, letting you work not just faster — but better. With additional quality-of-life improvements system-wide – including new features like macro search, cue alerts, and focus palettes that follow Augment3d objects – the new software is bound to be a game-changer, no matter which Eos Family console you use.

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