The renowned Théâtre de la Renaissance is the latest venue in France to choose ETC gear to upgrade its lighting. ETC dealer So What & Co supplied High End Systems Halcyon Titanium fixtures for the Parisian theatre.

Well-known spaces across France including the Bordeaux Opera, the Théâtre National Populaire, the Comédie Française and the Grand Théâtre de Provence have all recently selected Halcyon automated fixtures as the best solution to light their spaces. In the heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the Théâtre de la Renaissance also made the same choice with the support of So What & Co. 

Halcyon’s best-in-class quality, powerful output and low levels of noise were just some of the features that appealed to the Technical Director of the Théâtre de la Renaissance Éric Milleville when deciding on the right solution for the theatre. “The first thing I was looking for when deciding on the right fixtures were sources that were powerful enough to replace a 2 kW [fixture],” says Milleville. From an output of 19,000 lumens to 54,000 lumens (as well as 70,000 lumens in boost mode), ETC’s Halcyon fixtures offer a powerful range of options for users to work with alongside a matching feature set in three different varieties – Gold, Platinum and Titanium. 

A member of the ASTP (Association for the Support of Private Theatres which includes approximately 50 Parisian theatres), the Théâtre de la Renaissance also considered ETC’s SolaFrame Studio fixture. “I had heard good things about this moving light,” continues Éric, “since they don’t have a fan and the zoom is very quiet. We did tests with the So What & Co team. We liked its silence but the result wasn’t right for our needs in terms of output. So What & Co then loaned us the new Halcyon Titanium, equipped with a High Fidelity engine. And it was perfect!” 

Benjamin Boiffier, Director of So What & Co, comments on choosing Halcyon: “We also gave a demonstration of the fixture to lighting designer François Leneveu during the Avignon festival. He really liked it and it just so happened that he would soon be lighting the play ‘Passeport’ at the Théâtre de la Renaissance. The team at the theatre were immediately sold that Halcyon was the right choice for their venue.” 

By choosing the High Fidelity version of the fixture, Éric Milleville has chosen a beautiful light, with a TM-30 Rf of 91 and Rg of 98. Add the two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, the three frosts with the Trifusion system for a perfect transition between the different diffusions, four full-curtain shutters on a 180° rotating module… Finally, the next-gen gradient color mixing dichroics create smooth and even colors, both in and out of focus, with a mixing curve that gives incredible control of light tints through to intense saturates.

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