Dancing to the beat of DPA and Sennheiser for Mamma Mia

Dancing to the beat of DPA and Sennheiser for Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia integrating top-tier equipment with Sennheiser and DPA

In a harmonious partnership, Splitbeam, has chosen ApexPro for their audio needs. Splitbeam is the rental company behind the scenes of the current sensation, Mamma Mia! They have raised the bar yet again by integrating top-tier equipment into their arsenal.

Building on their dedication to delivering unparalleled sound experiences, Splitbeam has recently expanded their inventory. Concurrently, they now have a selection of Sennheiser and DPA equipment supplied by ApexPro.  Among the additions and 16 dual-channel EW-DX receivers, 32 packs, and 4 additional handheld microphones. Completely kitted, they are consequently able to enhance their capability to cater to large-scale productions like Mamma Mia! with ease.

Joining forces with DPA Microphone, Splitbeam has already solidified their commitment to excellence. They have acquired 35 4061 DPA lapel microphones and 4 2028DPA handheld capsules. Evidently, this is the winning combination of DPA’s precision engineering and Sennheiser’s reliability. With unmatched clarity and fidelity, it captures every note; From the infectious melodies of ‘Honey Honey’ to the anthemic choruses of ‘The Winner Takes It All’.

“These miniature marvels,” Clifford Weilich from Splitbeam says, referring about the DPA4061’s, “have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric for most of our audio productions. Moreover, the DPA handheld capsules have now increased the variety of options available in our rental market.”

Splitbeam decided to trust us with their sound needs for Mamma Mia!. This is a testament to the unwavering quality and performance of our products. Together with Sennheiser and DPA, we are effectively setting new standards for sound excellence in musical theatre. 

Dante enables network audio capability and integrates with Sennheiser equipment. This further underscores Splitbeam’s commitment to innovation and elevating the audience’s audio experience to new heights. Behind every electrifying note and heartfelt lyric of Mamma Mia! lies the meticulous attention to sound. This is all made possible by the seamless collaboration between ApexPro, Sennheiser, and DPA Microphones.

“DPA has become a household name of ours,” Clifford also remarks, “due to their transparent and natural sound reproduction. Currently, Mamma Mia is using it as a Forehand Worn Microphone Solution. As well as using the DPA 2028 Capsules for the infamous Donna and the Dynamos.”

As audiences immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Mamma Mia!, they can rest assured that ApexPro provides unparalleled quality and reliability, enhancing every moment. Together, we continue to bring the magic of musical theatre to life, one unforgettable performance at a time.

The Perfect Combination of Sennheiser and DPA from ApexPro

The Perfect Combination of Sennheiser and DPA from ApexPro

Sennheiser and DPA is the perfect combination

In the world of sound production, finding the perfect combination of equipment can be the difference between a good show and an unforgettable experience. At ApexPro, we understand that it’s not just about the products. We know it’s about finding the right solutions to meet your needs. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Eastern Acoustics, a leading sound rental company. Delivering top-tier audio solutions tailored to your production needs. 

ApexPro is not just a product-based company; we’re a solutions company. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise you need to create exceptional sound experiences. Therefor we stand behind the winning combination of Sennheiser and DPA equipment. 

Why this combination? 

DPA microphones have earned renown for their dependability and uncompromising quality. Designed with precision engineering, DPA microphones capture every nuance of the performer’s voice, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction. Moreover, DPA microphones also excel in discreet placement and offer the ability to colour-match to skin tones. This ensures the seamless integration into any production. With DPA, you can conceal microphones without sacrificing sound quality, allowing performers to move freely without distraction. 

As a result, people know Sennheiser wireless systems for their reliability and long battery life, for providing peace of mind during performances. With Sennheiser, you can trust that your equipment with perform flawlessly, form the first act to the final curtain call. The Sennheiser monitoring and maintenance systems are second to none. Consequently it allows for real-time monitoring and adjustments during performances. Sennheiser allows you to maintain optimal sound quality throughout your show, ensuring a uniform audio experience for your audience.

“They’re taking our audio experience to a whole new level with their top-notch performance and integration,” Clifford Weirich from Splitbeam noted. 

This is why we delight in supplying Eastern Acoustics with 12 EWD’s, further enhancing their capability to deliver exceptional sound experiences. As a solutions provider, we commit to helping you achieve your vision. Whether it’s a musical production, a corporate event, or a live concert.

“We are thrilled to express our profound enjoyment of the Sennheiser EW-DXX Dante receivers.” says Cliffor Weirich. “As industry professionals, we appreciate their seamless integration, exceptional sound quality, and effortless operation. With the Built-in Dante Option, we can soundly monitor all 32 channels with the click of a button all while fitting in a compact tour friendly 10U flight Case.”

Elevate your sound experience with top-tier audio solutions from ApexPro.

Let’s create something unforgettable together. 

Parisian Théâtre de la Renaissance chooses ETC’s Halcyon

Parisian Théâtre de la Renaissance chooses ETC’s Halcyon

The renowned Théâtre de la Renaissance is the latest venue in France to choose ETC gear to upgrade its lighting. ETC dealer So What & Co supplied High End Systems Halcyon Titanium fixtures for the Parisian theatre.

Well-known spaces across France including the Bordeaux Opera, the Théâtre National Populaire, the Comédie Française and the Grand Théâtre de Provence have all recently selected Halcyon automated fixtures as the best solution to light their spaces. In the heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the Théâtre de la Renaissance also made the same choice with the support of So What & Co. 

Halcyon’s best-in-class quality, powerful output and low levels of noise were just some of the features that appealed to the Technical Director of the Théâtre de la Renaissance Éric Milleville when deciding on the right solution for the theatre. “The first thing I was looking for when deciding on the right fixtures were sources that were powerful enough to replace a 2 kW [fixture],” says Milleville. From an output of 19,000 lumens to 54,000 lumens (as well as 70,000 lumens in boost mode), ETC’s Halcyon fixtures offer a powerful range of options for users to work with alongside a matching feature set in three different varieties – Gold, Platinum and Titanium. 

A member of the ASTP (Association for the Support of Private Theatres which includes approximately 50 Parisian theatres), the Théâtre de la Renaissance also considered ETC’s SolaFrame Studio fixture. “I had heard good things about this moving light,” continues Éric, “since they don’t have a fan and the zoom is very quiet. We did tests with the So What & Co team. We liked its silence but the result wasn’t right for our needs in terms of output. So What & Co then loaned us the new Halcyon Titanium, equipped with a High Fidelity engine. And it was perfect!” 

Benjamin Boiffier, Director of So What & Co, comments on choosing Halcyon: “We also gave a demonstration of the fixture to lighting designer François Leneveu during the Avignon festival. He really liked it and it just so happened that he would soon be lighting the play ‘Passeport’ at the Théâtre de la Renaissance. The team at the theatre were immediately sold that Halcyon was the right choice for their venue.” 

By choosing the High Fidelity version of the fixture, Éric Milleville has chosen a beautiful light, with a TM-30 Rf of 91 and Rg of 98. Add the two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, the three frosts with the Trifusion system for a perfect transition between the different diffusions, four full-curtain shutters on a 180° rotating module… Finally, the next-gen gradient color mixing dichroics create smooth and even colors, both in and out of focus, with a mixing curve that gives incredible control of light tints through to intense saturates.

Find out more about Halcyon from your local dealer or sales representatives, or visit etcconnect.com/Halcyon/

About ETC

A global leader in the manufacturing of lighting and rigging technology, ETC employs over 1200 people in 14 corporate offices around the world. ETC is proud of its industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service, 24/7/365. And with a family of over 300 authorized service centers throughout the world, staffed by hundreds of certified technicians, customers are never far from an ETC resource with a face and a name. 

We develop professional tools and make them accessible to everyone. Our products are found in small and large venues worldwide, such as theatres, churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, television studios, casinos, theme parks, and opera houses. etcconnect.com

Illuminating South African Theatre: ETC Halcyon

Illuminating South African Theatre: ETC Halcyon

In the vibrant tapestry of South African theatre, the quest for lighting solutions that offer exceptional quality, versatility, and cost-effectiveness is relentless. The partnership between ApexPro, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of professional stage technology, and ETC’s Halcyon series of lights stands as a beacon of innovation and performance in this quest. Here’s why ETC Halcyon lights, distributed by ApexPro, are transforming the South African theatre scene:

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Productions

ETC Halcyon Gold

The ETC Halcyon series, known for its adaptability and high-quality output, meets the diverse needs of South African theatres. Whether it’s a grand opera, an intimate drama, or a vibrant musical, Halcyon lights can be configured to create the perfect ambiance. ApexPro’s deep understanding of the local theatre landscape ensures that these lights are not just sold but matched precisely to each production’s specific requirements.

Unparalleled Support and Expertise

ApexPro’s distribution of ETC Halcyon lights comes with an invaluable addition: unmatched local support and technical expertise. This means that theatres across South Africa have immediate access to professional advice, installation assistance, and after-sales support. This level of service is crucial for the smooth operation of theatre productions and is a significant factor in the preference for Halcyon lights in the region.

Energy Efficiency Meets Cost-Effectiveness

In an era where sustainability is key, the energy efficiency of ETC Halcyon lights stands out. These lighting solutions reduce the carbon footprint of theatre productions and make using alternative power sources possible during load-shedding. ApexPro’s commitment to promoting environmentally friendly and cost-effective products aligns perfectly with the needs of South African theatres, making Halcyon Lights an ideal choice.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Training

Through its partnership with ETC, ApexPro ensures that South African theatres have access to the latest in lighting technology. Moreover, ApexPro offers training and workshops on using and optimizing Halcyon lights, empowering local technicians and designers with cutting-edge skills. This focus on education and technology transfer enriches the local theatre industry, fostering innovation and creativity.

Strengthening the South African Theatre Community

By choosing ETC Halcyon lights from ApexPro, theatres are not just investing in superior lighting solutions; they are also supporting a network that values community, education, and the growth of the arts sector in South Africa. ApexPro’s involvement extends beyond distribution to actively participating in the development of the theatre community, making Halcyon lights a choice that benefits all stakeholders.

The collaboration between ApexPro and ETC in bringing Halcyon lights to the South African theatre market is a game-changer. It combines world-class lighting technology with local expertise and support, making these lights a superior choice for theatres across the country. As South African theatre continues to grow and evolve, the partnership between ApexPro and ETC ensures that it does so in the most visually stunning, cost-effective, and sustainable way possible.

Contact Jannie de Jager at jannie@apexpro.co.za to book your demo, today.

ETC brings new technology and new talks to Prolight + Sound 2024

ETC brings new technology and new talks to Prolight + Sound 2024

At the 2024 edition of the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt, ETC will showcase brand-new products and give a series of presentations on stands C39 and C41 in Hall 12.0.

ETC brings new technology and new talks to Prolight + Sound 2024

Throughout the week, visitors to ETC’s stand will have the chance to explore the latest lighting, control, stage machinery, and more technologies. Attendees will first see a brand new entertainment lighting fixture, new Hog software, and a preview of Eos lighting control software with expansion processing on stands C39 and C41.

ETC product specialists will also host a series of mini-presentations on the stand during the four-day tradeshow. These sessions will delve into whole system solutions and integration, explore how to make workflows more efficient, and examine some of ETC’s advanced technologies.

ETC brings new technology and new talks to Prolight + Sound 2024

Attendees will also get a chance to see the latest in stage machinery, including a Prodigy P2 hoist system, in action on the stand. New automated fixtures including the recently launched Ministar and best-in-class Halcyon fixtures will be on the stand. Visitors can also see ETC’s X8 color array with the latest in LED lighting – Source Four LED Series 3, fos/4 Fresnel 10” and 5”, Desire Fresnel and more.

ETC brings new technology and new talks to Prolight + Sound 2024

“Prolight + Sound is always a great opportunity for us to meet users and customers in person, share ideas and have hands-on experiences with our latest offerings. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stands at the show.”

ETC Market Manager Rory Fraser-Mackenzie

Recognized as a global entertainment technology shows for lighting, stage, events, and more, the annual Prolight + Sound show will take place from 19-22 March at the Messe Frankfurt.

Meyer Sound Introduces 2100-LFC Low-Frequency Control Element

Meyer Sound Introduces 2100-LFC Low-Frequency Control Element

New 21-inch Driver Is Paired with the Innovative Technology of the PANTHER Line Array Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound Introduces 2100-LFC Low-Frequency Control Element

Meyer Sound announces the 2100‑LFC low-frequency control element, a powerful new loudspeaker that extends the advanced technology of the PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker down to the lowest limits of audibility.

By pairing a potent Class D amplifier with a single, all-new 21-inch driver with four voice coils, the 2100-LFC produces a linear acoustic output suitable for the most demanding applications. With an extended frequency response from 30 – 125 Hz, this class-leading performance is achieved in a loudspeaker that is more than one foot (30 cm) narrower and about 20 percent lighter than the 1100‑LFC product.

“The 2100-LFC shares the core design philosophy behind our breakthrough PANTHER line array,” says Meyer Sound Senior Product Manager Andy Davies. “With the 2100-LFC we’ve had the same goal of making a lighter and slimmer self-powered cabinet with all the performance the industry has asked us for while bringing it to the market at a lower initial cost than the previous generation. With PANTHER and the 2100-LFC we now have a complete, full-bandwidth solution for high-impact sound reinforcement in large-scale portable and installed applications that meets the practical and budgetary demands of the modern industry.”


Achieving the ambitious performance goals of the 2100-LFC required the development of a new 21-inch cone driver and a new high-power Class D amplifier. For the driver, the Meyer Sound engineering team built on the experience gained from the dual voice coil 18-inch driver in the 900‑LFC, but here stepping up to four voice coils. The new driver benefits from an all-new Class D amplifier rated at 1200 watts maximum continuous power, with peak power of 8000 watts.

“Like all sub-bass loudspeakers producing very high levels over hours of use, the magnets and voice coils can get very warm and that affects the linearity of the output,” notes Davies. “But since we have AC power on board, we are able to engineer cooling systems not just for the amplifier but also for the magnet and voice coil assembly. So, the output of the 2100-LFC maintains a linear response no matter how hard you drive it.”

The frequency and phase response of the 2100-LFC is tailored to complement not only PANTHER but the entirety of Meyer Sound’s linear line array products. This makes the 2100-LFC a great fit for customers who already own 900-LFC or 750‑LFC products and want to expand their inventory.


Reducing the weight and size of the cabinet ensures flexibility, giving greater freedom to fly arrays using fewer or smaller motors. When coupled with the weight savings already achieved by PANTHER, this means productions are faster to rig and easier to fly in a wider range of venues. This flexibility also allows users to bring the highest levels of low-end performance to even the smallest venues, and do so with a product that could be touring into stadiums the next day.

Like the 1100-LFC, the 2100-LFC has symmetrical rigging hardware, allowing easy mixing of front and rear orientation in cardioid arrays. However, the narrower cabinet profile of the 2100-LFC allows for a much more efficient truck pack, with three-high stacks fitting three across in USA or European semi-trailers. “The stacks are a bit higher than other models in the LFC family, but that’s usually wasted space up at the top,” observes Davies. “Overall, it’s a far more efficient use of truck space, and when you add the savings in space PANTHER has already contributed, we are dramatically reducing the cost of touring logistics.”

Preliminary specifications for the 2100-LFC low-frequency control element give measurements of 42 inches (107 cm) wide, 24 inches (61 cm) high and 26.5 inches (67 cm) deep. The enclosure is premium multi-ply birch with a textured finish. The grill is powder-coated stamped steel.


The 2100-LFC also incorporates the same standard dual input module as PANTHER, offering both a Milan AVB endpoint for digital audio and monitoring telemetry, plus an analog input for backward compatibility with existing systems. System monitoring and connectivity is handled by Meyer Sound’s acclaimed Nebra software package. The 2100-LFC will also benefit from the product integration functionality in the Galileo GALAXY series of processors, ensuring seamless audio integration with all generations of Meyer Sound self-powered systems. All connections on the module — network, AC power, and analog XLR input — are via Neutrik TOP (True Outdoor Protection) connectors with an IP55 rating, making weather protection a standard feature.

“A sub-bass unit with a single 21-inch driver is something we’ve wanted to offer for a number of years because of the size and weight advantages as well as the sonic benefits,” says Davies. “Finally, technology and engineering have caught up with our ambitions. We set a high bar with the 1100-LFC, which set a new standard for power paired with accuracy and musicality. We expect the 2100-LFC will deliver a level of open, transparent, and linear low-frequency power that will again raise the bar for the industry and redefine what is possible.”

The Meyer Sound team responsible for the design, specification, and testing of the 2100-LFC was led by Engineering Director, Acoustical & Mechanical, Katharine Murphy Khulusi. “We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of performance. The 2100-LFC will be in the same performance class as the 1100-LFC in a lighter, more compact package. The extended frequency response gives 35 percent extra usable range. This launch continues to take our new products into the future.”