Attero Tech incorporated into QSC portfolio

Attero Tech incorporated into QSC portfolio

QSC has announced the acquisition of Attero Tech, a move which will combine the growing portfolio of Q-SYS audio, video and control (AV&C) products with Attero Tech’s range of networked AV endpoints and I/O peripherals. Attero Tech’s engineering staff will also be joining the QSC team.

‘This acquisition is a natural next step for our organisations given our long relationship, highly compatible portfolios and the exceptional shared values and company cooperation that have developed over the last several years,’ said Jatan Shah, chief operating and technology officer at QSC. ‘Both QSC and Attero Tech were early adopters of network audio transport technology, including CobraNet, Dante and AES67. In addition, when QSC expanded the control capabilities of the Q-SYS ecosystem in 2017, it allowed Attero Tech to become the first manufacturer partner to independently develop Q-Sys Control integration plugins, and has since developed 20 plugins for their portfolio of I/O devices.’

‘A primary guiding principal of our Q-SYS product development strategy has been a protocol-agnostic, software-based approach utilising the best hardware available, combined with innovation at the software and application layer. This approach allowed us to deliver a standards-based, powerful, flexible and scalable AV&C platform unlike anything on the market,’ commented TJ Adams, VP of systems product strategy and development at QSC. ‘Adding the Attero Tech peripherals to the greater Q-SYS Ecosystem will expand existing options for integration end points today, and enlist this new engineering talent pool to accelerate the pace of future software innovation and native end points for the platform.’

Rus Sundholm, president of Attero Tech, added: ‘Attero Tech has grown to become the premier provider of innovative, cost-effective audio networking I/O endpoints and AV connectivity solutions. Our catalogue of products have a reputation as highly robust, innovative products within the AV industry. We are excited and confident for the future of our combined organisation.’

Joe Pham, president and CEO of QSC, concluded: ‘This is such an exciting time for QSC and I am thrilled to welcome the Attero Tech team to the QSC family. We look forward to executing an integration strategy that prioritises the needs of our customers, incorporating Attero Tech into QSC sales, support, service, marketing and training for our channel, while always striving to ensure and maintain a positive experience for our customers.’

Attero Tech launches audio extension module

Attero Tech launches audio extension module

Attero Tech has released its Axiom ML1 audio extension module, the latest addition to the company’s audio extension I/O modules. The Axiom ML1 provides extension of analogue mic and line level audio sources in a single gang wallplate.

The Axiom ML1 features a combination of XLR and a ¼ -in connector, with +4 dBu nominal input level.

A 3.5mm jack is included with -10 dBV nominal input level, featuring 20dB of adjustable gain.

Audio signal-level indicator LEDs are included for each input, providing input gain adjustments.

Selectable sum-to-mono options for both inputs are featured, allowing  two ML1s or an ML1 and another Axiom device to be daisy-chained on a single bus.

The Axiom ML1 sends mono or stereo analogue audio for up to 100 metres (total run length) over the Attero Tech Axiom bus via a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to an Axiom AXP20 expander unit.

In turn, the AXP20 outputs balanced analogue audio on 3-pin depluggable connectors for connection to commercial audio equipment. 

Attero Tech launches Axon A4FLEX AVC interface for huddle rooms

Attero Tech launches Axon A4FLEX AVC interface for huddle rooms

Attero Tech has introduced the Axon A4FLEX networked AVC interface. Combining four studio-grade microphone preamps, logic I/O, a USB audio interface, and a two-channel power amplifier in a 1/3U form factor, the A4FLEX is suitable for huddle rooms. When paired with an enterprise DSP, the A4FLEX can be the only in-room interface needed for larger conference spaces.

The Axon A4FLEX can be powered over the network by PoE+ or locally using an optional +24 VDC power supply. The A4FLEX’s two Ethernet ports can be used to daisy-chain multiple units. Alternatively, the second Ethernet port can be set up to provide a control system interface in which the control system has complete access to the audio network but all non-control-related traffic is suppressed on the control port.

The unit’s audio signal processing includes input and output EQ, matrix mixing, and dynamics control. The AES67 network audio interface supports 8-in by 8-out, so when multiple A4FLEX’s are used in a room, much of the signal processing and routing usually done in the main DSP can be handled locally, freeing up DSP resources.

Included mounting ears enable under-table use, and a 1U rack shelf is optionally available for cleanly rack-mounting up to three A4FLEXs.

Attero Tech introduces D2FLEXio

Attero Tech introduces D2FLEXio

Attero Tech has introduced the D2FLEXio, the first in its new series of networked AVC products – the Axon product family.
The D2FLEXio provides analog audio connectivity for installed AV systems. Each analog audio I/O features an installer selectable switch to assign input or output audio connectivity.

This provides a single product for analog audio conversion to and from any Dante or AES67 system.

Key features include dual analog flex I/O with slide switches for selecting the preferred I/O configuration, retrofit connectivity for legacy equipment to and from Dante/AES67 networks, and Dante Domain Manager support.

The D2FLEXio is suitable for networked-interface for connecting power amplifiers and powered speakers, wireless mic receivers, in-ear monitor transmitters.

Attero Tech adds four button IP paging unit

Attero Tech adds four button IP paging unit

Attero Tech is targeting large sporting venues, airport terminals, train stations, convention centres and corporate facilities with its Zip4 four-button IP audio paging interface.

Paging audio and bi-directional status data can be routed over a Dante or AES67 network to a DSP or other Paging Management System (PMS) controller to distribute paging audio to up to four zones or zone groups.

The Zip4 integrates directly with QSC’s Q-Sys PA router functionality running on a QSC Core series DSP, using the Zip4’s Q-Sys Designer control plug-in.

Bi-colour (red/green) Ready, Busy, and Zone Status LEDs provide visible indication of zone and system status.

Attero Tech introduces Synapse DM1

Attero Tech introduces Synapse DM1

Attero Tech is now shipping the latest addition to the Synapse family of networked audio rackmount interfaces – the Synapse DM1.  The DM1 is a networked audio monitor for confidence monitoring of networked audio and local sources at the rack. Audio monitoring is provided via front panel headphone connectivity or through the integrated speakers on the front of the device.

The DM1 includes two modes of network audio monitoring: Standard and Extended. The standard mode features monitoring of any of the 32 channels assigned to the Dante/AES67 receiver inputs. Extended mode allows subscription-based monitoring of up to 128 channels (Dante-only) loaded to the DM1 using the unIFY Control Panel Software. In both modes, audio may be selected for monitoring by the user via the front panel controls. The DM1 also features AES-3 digital outputs for connectivity to full range powered speakers or amplifiers and two channels of analogue I/O for local source monitoring and network connectivity.

Additionally, the DM1 provides two integrated SFP ports for fibre expansion where long-haul audio is needed, a primary and secondary Ethernet port for network redundancy, and an integrated power supply with optional external supply for applications requiring redundant power capabilities.

The Synapse DM1 is now supported by the latest release of Attero Tech’s unIFY Control Panel software (v3.2.1) and is shipping worldwide.

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