Built in 2009 and extended in 2018, the main chapel at Gangryeung Church in the city of Gangryeung-shi, Gangwon-do Province, South Korea is now equipped with a new Electro-Voice sound system, thanks to an installation by Muple (Hanam-shi, Kyounggi-do, South Korea) with assistance from regional Bosch/Electro-Voice product specialist Lee Hosung.

The new system was specified to bring consistent audio coverage and clarity to the expanded chapel seating area for regular services, with enough dynamic headroom and SPL capacity to accommodate contemporary Christian musical performances – all with a focus on excellent vocal reproduction.

“After carefully considering the church’s performance requirements, budget and architecture, it was clear that models from the EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeakers would be the right choice to precisely cover all parts of the chapel with consistent sound quality,” says Lee Hosung.

The main system includes six EVA-2082S/906 dual-element full-range line-array modules (90°H x 6°V coverage), two EVA-2082S/1220 (120°H x 20°V) and two EVA-1151D 15” subwoofer line-array elements. Each full-range EVA module features two low-distortion 8” woofers and four 1.25” titanium-diaphragm HF compression drivers mounted to two Hydra planar wave generators. For additional sonic fine-tuning at Gangryeung Church, EVA-AM attenuation modules were used to shade array output over the front part of the chapel.

An ideal choice for house of worship installations, EVA is a true line array that offers all the benefits of concert-type line arrays without their cost and complexity. EVA’s extraordinarily efficient crossover and driver design minimizes the need for external DSP and allows two full-sized arrays to be powered by a single amplifier – all adding up to significant cost and space savings.

Ultra-compact dual-8” EVU loudspeakers are used as fill speakers to cover the under- and upper-balcony areas and the far sides of the sanctuary. Designed to complement the other members of the EV-Innovation family, EVU models are small enough to be discreetly installed in the tightest of spaces in a vertical or horizontal orientation, helping to ensure complete coverage across the venue. Controlled coverage is enhanced via a rotatable 90° x 50° Constant-Directivity waveguide coupled to a small-format high-performance compression driver.

“The new system has plenty of headroom to accommodate any performance scenario in the chapel, while providing the focused directivity required to avoid any architectural obstructions,” adds Lee Hosung. “Even at higher SPLs, the room’s acoustics have been controlled successfully, so speech intelligibility is maintained throughout. In addition, the EVA and EVU models are acoustically and aesthetically matched, for consistency in both tone color and visual styling. Our partners Muple have a very strong reputation in the church market, and this installation represents their commitment to proving an optimal combination of performance and value for their customers – all with the assurance of quality and reliability that comes with the EV badge.”