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Mason Sound adds Dynacord SONICUE to the mix at the Illinois State Fair

Each year, Mason Sound (Jacksonville, IL) provides the sound system and crew support for the concert series at the Illinois State Fair’s main grandstand stage. New for 2019, Mason Sound utilized Dynacord’s SONICUE sound system software to streamline the control and configuration of their Dynacord TGX-powered Electro-Voice X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system.

Requiring a 250-foot throw across a dirt racetrack to the very wide grandstand, the Illinois State Fair in Springfield is one of the region’s more challenging outdoor concert venues, so controlled coverage is key. Additionally, the fair’s diverse line-up of performers requires a sound system with the flexibility to accurately and easily deliver a wide range of musical styles in the hands of the various visiting mix engineers who run the rig over the course of the eleven-day concert series. This year’s line-up included Reba McEntire, Snoop Dogg, Old Dominion, Pentatonix, Dan + Shay and Bad Company, among many others.

SONICUE elegantly assisted in addressing all the above for this year’s deployment. SONICUE is system-focused software that uses an intuitive “speaker view” GUI that provides direct access to every system parameter on the fly, resulting in amazingly fast and precise set-up and tuning. With reduced preparation time on several days, due to horse and auto racing events on the racetrack in front of the stage, SONICUE proved to be a big help: “Our older system would take an hour or so to set up,” says Mason Sound system tech Jason Hebron. “This one takes about 20 minutes. All the engineers have been very happy with it.”

Ian Zorbaugh, FOH engineer for country stars Old Dominion, was among those with positive reviews for the Electro-Voice and Dynacord system. “It exceeds all expectations,” he says. “I mix pretty dynamic with Old Dominion, and had no issues with running out of headroom. As soon as you turn sound on, you feel comfortable mixing. It’s been a very pleasant experience.”

This year’s system included twin 18-box hangs of Electro-Voice X2-212 line-array modules, with Mason Sound opting for the 120-degree dispersion model. Six more boxes were ground-stacked to ensure full coverage of the very wide venue. Massive low frequency capability was supplied by two banks of 16 X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers stacked on the deck under the main arrays. Side-fills of three X2-212/120 were stacked on top of a pair Electro-Voice X12/125F subwoofers. The entire system was networked together for central control through 16 Dynacord TGX20 DSP amplifiers, providing 320,000 watts of clean, efficient power.

Being invited back to provide sound at the Illinois State Fair for several years now, Mason Sound President Dave Mason credits his personnel and sound system. “There are a lot of sound companies in our area, and Electro-Voice is one of the main reasons we stick out above the crowd,” he notes. “Their products and support are second to none.”

Bosch, Dynacord and Electro-Voice provide professional sound solutions for 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan from August 31 to September 15, 2019. This is the first year in which China is hosting the event, which features a record number of participating teams and anticipates record attendance numbers. Accordingly, the demands on infrastructure – including sound and security systems — are higher than ever.

Thanks its rich experience in stadium system installations and an extensive product portfolio, Bosch and its professional audio brands Dynacord and Electro-Voice were chosen to provide integrated sound and security solutions for four of the tournament’s major venues: Beijing Cadillac Center, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Wuhan Sports Center and Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center.

According to the different requirements of each site, Bosch PRAESIDEO public address and voice alarm, Dynacord IPX and Electro-Voice TG multi-channel amplifiers, Electro-Voice X1 line array loudspeakers and EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers, and a range of other high-performance products have been installed to help elevate the game-day audio experience for fans and help share the excitement of the FIBA Basketball World Cup with the world.

Cadillac Center

Beijing’s 18,000-seat Cadillac Center, formerly known as Wukesong Station, served as a competition venue for basketball matches during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Since it is the venue for semi-finals and finals of this year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup, its reconstruction project has attracted a lot of attention. Thanks to its location and advanced facilities, Cadillac Center is among the busiest stadiums in the world, with a particularly high utilization rate in recent years. The installation was successfully completed within a tight time frame, significantly reducing the impact on daily activities at the venue.

The placement of the X1 arrays was limited by having just four hoisting points available on the stadium’s ceiling structure. The choice of horizontal coverage patterns – 90 and 120 degrees – and rigging hardware options meant that a total of 48 X1 full-range elements were installed across the space with no compromises in coverage or sound quality. These are supported by 12 X12-128 subwoofers distributed in four groups, ensuring excellent low-frequency reproduction. Four EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers cover the court area, ensuring the players and team members hear announcements clearly. The system at Cadillac Center is powered by 21 Dynacord IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers, which offer presets to optimize the performance of the Electro-Voice loudspeakers.

Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center

Compared with Cadillac Center, which has been in use for over ten years, Foshan International Sports and Performing Arts Center — built in 2018 – is an up-and-coming star. Within just one year the stadium, designed to host international NBA games and the FIBA Basketball World Cup, has become one of the most important sports and cultural facilities in south China.

“In order to meet the customer’s strict requirements for the sound reinforcement system, together with Electro-Voice team we installed a total of 54 X1 line-array loudspeakers in six groups with 12 Xsub subwoofers to cover the spectator area, as well as 20 TG7 power amplifiers to satisfy system drive needs for transient peaks and low impedance,” explains Wang Yong, project manager at Bosch partner Nanjing Hiwin. “To ensure that spectators throughout the venue hear games and announcements clearly during every match, we selected 28 EVF loudspeakers as auxiliary fills (powered by seven TG5 amplifiers), and eight ZX3 loudspeakers as mobile sound fills (powered by two TG5 amplifiers), delivering the exciting competitive atmosphere to every corner of the venue.”

In addition, an Electro-Voice N8000 digital audio matrix controller provides comprehensive and extensive management for the entire system. Wang Yong adds,“depending on the requirements for places of various sizes, such as deluxe boxes, chairman lounges, VIP lounges and club lounges, we have installed hundreds of EVID and ZX1i loudspeakers together with Dynacord C-series power amplifiers, ensuring that personnel in different areas can hear sound clearly and synchronously. In addition, a Bosch CCS 1000 D digital conference system also allows effective communication between stadium and FIBA staff for meetings during the event.”

Wuhan Sports Center

1000 kilometers away from Foshan, the Wuhan Sports Center has also transformed its sound reinforcement system for the upcoming Basketball World Cup. The Electro-Voice and Dynacord team installed four EVH loudspeakers to cover the court area, with 36 flown EVA compact line-array elements in six groups to cover different zones of the spectator area. Utilizing the powerful processing functionality of 24 DYNACORD C-series amplifiers, the system provides consistently excellent performance for major events at the venue.

Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

Bosch and Electro-Voice solutions are also providing a combination of sound and security at the 18,000-seat Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. This large indoor sports facility installed Bosch and Electro-Voice products soon after its completion. 10 years later, their excellent performance continues to extend the value of the initial investment.

Key products include EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers and N8000 digital matrix systems to coverage and intelligibility across multiple audio zones. The PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System from Bosch, combined with a range of ceiling and surface-mounted speakers in zones, enhances the venue’s overall operating efficiency, safety and security. More than 1000 high-performance Bosch cameras are installed on site to ensure personnel safety and to conduct real-time surveillance inside and outside the stadium.

Bosch, Dynacord and Electro-Voice are proud to play such an integral role in hosting the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Like every player on court, each brand strives for excellence in every project.

Electro-Voice X-Line Advance powers the college baseball party in Omaha

Each June the city of Omaha is invaded by roughly 300,000 college baseball fans over the two weeks when the city hosts the NCAA’s college baseball championship tournament. Just outside the stadium is the Omaha Baseball Village, located at the parking lot of The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill, a local-favorite sports bar. With family-friendly activities by day and DJ-driven parties by night, “The Matt” is the go-to place for hanging out near the stadium.

Event producer Pinnacle Productions (Sioux Falls, SD) decided the time had come for a better sound system, so Pinnacle founder Chris Hintz brought in NLFX Professional of Bemidji, MN to complement their lighting, video and staging. NLFX Pro President Ben Stowe chose an Electro-Voice X-Line Advance system for the job. “They needed full-volume coverage for DJ parties that draw 8000 on a good night,” he says. “We knew the EV X2 system would be perfect for that.”

Stowe’s system design consisted of twin eight-box X2-212 line arrays, with six 90-degree boxes flying above two 120-degree models. Beneath the stage, eight X12-128 subwoofers kicked out plenty of low-frequency energy to keep the party moving. The entire system was powered by 12 Electro-Voice TG7 amplifiers, each equipped with RCM-28 OMNEO network and DSP modules.

The system created smooth, even coverage across The Matt, while its networking ability allowed Stowe to customize the volume levels. “We wanted full volume the first 100 feet or so, then there’s a giant beer tent and all the food vendors,” he explains. “So I engineered a 10 dB drop out there so that the vendors could work effectively. For the people up front, there was still plenty of volume. In fact, I had 20 dB of headroom to spare, so everyone was happy.”

To ensure sufficient volume on stage, NLFX Pro installed an Electro-Voice ETX-35P three-way loudspeaker coupled with an ETX-18P subwoofer at both ends of the booth on stage. “Lots of DJs like it extremely loud, so we made sure they had what they wanted,” says Stowe. Performers included national artists like DJ Skribble, Kryoman, James Kennedy, and DJ Spryte, along with top local talent like DJ JAB.

Entertainment producer and talent booker Leah Johnson reports that that the X-Line Advance system was a clear upgrade. “The EV system was an incredible step up for us, and Ben from NLFX Pro was fantastic to work with,” she says. “It really improved the entire experience for concert-goers at The Matt. We were very impressed.”

The X2 system handled 13 nights of Omaha weather, from blazing sun to torrential rains. “The stage was covered, but the main arrays were exposed,” Stowe notes. “Those boxes got plenty wet, but we never had a failure. When we get home, we’ll take them apart and drain them, and they’ll be as good as new. That’s why I love using the X2 outdoors: It delivers the reliability and control we need with the sound the customer wants.”

Electro-Voice rises to the challenge at El Patron

A newly built restaurant and cocktail lounge in Mozambique called El Patron has reinforced its sound solution. Prosound’s Durban and Johannesburg team was appointed to deliver the audio system. With the venue being divided into sections, comprising a dining area, bar, VIP/performance area and a private room, the audio needed to be distributed evenly throughout and allow for a divisable source, as well as volume controls for each section. 

The first thought was to go with a wall-mount loudspeaker solution, however being on the ground floor of a residential building, audio level control was an overriding factor in the choice of the EVID ceiling-mount loudspeakers. Acoustic consultant Bruce Gessner was called in to advise on how to contain/dampen the sound so as not to disturb the residents above.  

The final installation included EVID 4-inch and 8-inch ceiling-mount 2-way coaxial loudspeakers and EVID 10-inch ceiling subwoofers, along with EV CPS 8 and 4-channel Class-D amplifiers. A Symetrix Prism was used for DSP and control. In the performance area, an Electro-Voice Evolve 50 column array was supplied and installed for performances, while the DJ booth was kitted out with Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus2 Media Players with a DJM900 Nexus2 DJ Mixer. 

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 offers impressive audio solution for Langford High School gymnasium

  • Flexible system blends permanent ZX3 loudspeakers with time-aligned dual EVOLVE 50 portable column speaker systems
  • Truth Seeker Productions designed selectable-zone system for full coverage of both sporting and musical events
  • EVOLVE 50 systems are employed for a wide range of applications, both on and off campus

Burnsville, MN, July 2019 – With a gymnasium that is used for music and theater events as well as athletics, Langford Area High School in rural Langford, SD was searching for an economical – but high performance – sound system that would provide clear, high-fidelity audio in multiple seating configurations. The solution they found combines permanent and portable systems from Electro-Voice for unique flexibility and ease of operation.

The system design came from Ohio-based Truth Seeker Productions, where President Dave Horn is well aware of the sonic issues involved in a multipurpose gymnasium. “For games, you’ve got to cover the bleachers on both sides of the court, but that creates both coverage and localization issues for auditorium activities like a play or concert,” he explains. “Fortunately, Electro-Voice makes a portable system, the EVOLVE 50, which offers quick set up and great sound quality with a very low profile, so there’s no visual distraction. With two of them, we can create a full-range stereo concert system that can combine with the bleacher speakers, plenty loud and very clear. Both we and the school are thrilled.”

The main PA system consists of six fixed-installed Electro-Voice ZX3 loudspeakers; Truth Seeker used EASE modeling to place three per side for full coverage of the bleachers. All are powered by a single Dynacord C1800FDi two-channel DSP power amplifiers for installed applications. For auditorium set-ups, two self-powered EVOLVE 50 column systems provide full-range audio with full stereo capability in a very compact footprint, and are time-aligned with the ZX3 speakers to ensure clear, cohesive audio for stage productions.

From there, Dave Horn created a series of coverage zones, making it easy to select home and away bleachers, with or without the EVOLVE 50 systems. Having two portable systems also allows the high school to deploy them anywhere on campus and for outreach events in the community.

“That’s why we chose the EVOLVE 50,” says Horn. “They sound great and they’re easy to implement. Plus, the narrow speaker columns give wide horizontal coverage and a strong stereo image without creating a visual obstacle. When they’re combined with the ZX3s for the bleachers, you’ve got a true multipurpose solution for a fraction of the cost of two systems.”

Going for Gold

While a new Chinese sports centre is providing a platform to take Olympic events to a new level, its Electro-Voice sound systems are doing the same for audio. Caroline Moss reports from Suzhou:

The Chinese city of Suzhou is known more for its traditional gardens, nine of which have UNESCO world heritage status, than for its sporting facilities. However, the new Olympic Sports Centre could be set to change that. The sports centre, designed as a new city landmark, is based in a zone built to consolidate all of Suzhou’s sporting facilities in one new area, including the existing stadium which will be relocated from downtown. Sound systems for the sports centre’s three main venues, some of which will also stage music events, have been provided by Bosch China.

Built to a design by German architectural practice, Gerkan, Marg and Partners, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre takes its cue from the Chinese landscape gardens that populate the city. A 47-hectare, publicly accessible landscaped park accommodates extensive sporting facilities as well as offices and a shopping mall. The three main sporting facilities – a 45,000-capacity stadium, indoor arena and aquatic centre – have been equipped by Bosch in a tender that was won by Hangzhou Tianlong Audio. According to the brief, all three venues had to meet the most stringent of standards to ensure the project got top ranking among Chinese sports facilities and is able to host international sporting competitions and other events.

Xianghua Zhou is one of the proprietors of the systems integration company, which is based in the nearby city of Hangzhou. Sporting facilities are becoming a bit of a speciality for the company, which recently completed work on the Shanghai International Circuit, the venue for the annual Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. Hangzhou Tianlong Audio was employed on the Suzhou project as a subcontractor, working for the main contractor to provide and install the audio systems.

The main structures of the buildings were already in place when Zhou and his team started work in the summer of 2017. This included the stadium, which has the distinction of being constructed with the first single-skin steel cable network roof in China. While the visual aspect of this roof gives the stadium a distinctive and striking look, the practicalities of flying a powerful sound system from it presented some specific challenges. There wasn’t much that could be done about movement in the roof caused by heavy winds, which can add a swing range of up to 1.5m, but the effects of other extreme weather conditions have been mitigated by the installation of Electro-Voice EVH weather-resistant speakers which have been mounted on the lip of the roof. The speakers have been supplied in white, so the aesthetic qualities of the stadium roof have not been spoiled in any way.

However, the main challenge thrown up by the special roof was that it wasn’t capable of bearing very heavy loads. This caused problems, as the tender specified that all speakers should be capable of being derigged for maintenance at any time. Hangzhou Tianlong Audio worked closely with the Bosch team to come up with a solution for this. Their first design included lifting mechanisms to be flown at each point, but this would have added too much weight to the structure. The company played around with the design, changing it many times before finally hitting on an ingenious solution: they would design their own piece of lifting equipment that operates from the ground. Two such systems have been built and supplied, allowing the loudspeakers to be lowered to the ground by means of a motorised winding engine and raised back up on wire cables wound around a winch. This method of installation was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Stadium which, like Suzhou, has a cable-supported fabric membrane roof, covering approximately two thirds of the audience area. The London stadium is installed with Electro-Voice EVH speakers, which have also been used in Suzhou.

A total of 80 EVH-1152S full-range, horn-loaded speakers have been installed on 40 rigging points around the perimeter of the roof, in alternate groups of three and one; the trio of speakers covering the spectators in the stadium seats, and the single ones – 20 in total – projecting sound outwards onto the playing field. The system was designed using EASE prediction software. ‘The general acoustics of the stadium were very good, and there were no major problems,’ says Zhou, explaining that coverage is even throughout the entire audience area.

The entire system is being driven by Electro-Voice TG7 3500 w/ch amplifiers, with audio transmission throughout the stadium via Dante. Cables to each speaker have been run through the roof of the stadium from amp rooms on either side, and Zhou estimates that at least 20km of Cat-6 cabling has been used for the installation.

Up in the control room, the mixing console is a Stage Tec Auratus Platinum. During most sporting events held in the stadium, the console usually receives audio signals from TASCAM and Pioneer CD and DVD players in the control room rack playing recorded music, and announcements via Shure wireless mic systems consisting of UA844+SWB antenna distribution systems, UA874 active directional antenna, SLX24 and SM58 handheld mics and MX418 goosenecks. The stadium is mainly being used for football matches, and has become home to a local team. Additionally, and befitting its name, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre can also accommodate all the different Olympic sporting activities, with a track circling the stadium pitch for sports such as running, hurdling, jumping and throwing events. The stadium’s PA system, therefore, will find most of its use in providing background music and speech for sporting applications, with its secondary purpose being for emergency evacuation and other announcements.

When the stadium hosts rock concerts, however, as well as the protective covering that is applied to the pitch and the stage erected in the centre, the audio system is expanded with the addition of a portable Dynacord Cobra-2 compact line array system, which can cover the entire venue, working together with the installed system. This portable system has been used for a popular TV show, Running Man China. Large touring productions may often choose to bring in their own systems, however.

In one of the distinctive, curved buildings that makes up the sports centre is a gymnasium, or indoor arena, with 8,000 fixed seats that can be expanded with portable seats stored underneath them to accommodate a total of 13,000. This venue is approved for CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) league games, the first-tier professional basketball league in China, of which Suzhou boasts a local team, the Jiangsu Kentier Dragons. The gymnasium can also be used for other sports, such as badminton and curling.

According to CBA requirements, a cuboid LED screen has been installed in the centre of the gymnasium which can be raised and lowered. So, this presented the main challenge when it came to installing the Electro-Voice X2-212/90 high-performance compact vertical line array system. ‘We needed to avoid hitting the LED screen but, by using EASE to predict the system design, this was a straightforward job,’ says Zhou.

A total of 70 X2-212/90 speakers in black have been installed here, divided into six hangs of eight, and two of 11, both flown in the centre of each of the long sides of the gymnasium, where they can focus more energy on the VIP seating areas.

This venue can also be used for musical events – a recent Jacky Cheung concert was held here – with a stage erected at one of the shorter sides of the gymnasium, above which a lighting rig has been fixed. Again, the sports centre’s portable system can be deployed here if necessary, but, quite often, supplementary equipment will be brought in by the production itself. However, Zhou is impressed with the capabilities of the installed Electro-Voice system. ‘For concerts, you definitely need to add subs in here of course, but this model is compact and powerful and has a very good performance at the low end,’ he says.

Amp rooms on each of the long sides of the venue are installed with Electro-Voice TG7 3500 w/ch amplifiers, and again the signal is transmitted via Dante. Up in the control room is a further Stage Tec Auratus console, while a Shure radio mic system is in use here as well.

Over in the 3,000-seat aquatic centre, which houses two swimming pools, two separate speaker systems have been installed, one for spectators and the other for the swimmers competing in the main pool. ‘They put on water ballet in this pool, so they needed to have an underwater system,’ explains Zhou.

Six Electro-Voice UW30 underwater speakers in white have been installed along each of the long sides of the competition pool, 1.2m below the surface. Hangzhou Tianlong Audio constructed special boxes with a grid to contain these 12 speakers, which have been hardwired into the pool via conduits that run below the poolside and up into the amp rooms, and are networked via AES digital cabling. Electro-Voice claims that these speakers are able to offer a fast transmission speed underwater courtesy of the patented structural enclosure which acts as a sound transducer. This waterproof enclosure also ensures that no metal parts are exposed, increasing the longevity of the speaker and allowing it to operate in deep water.

The audience system for the competition pool consists of 20 Electro-Voice EVH-1152S weather-resistant speakers, which have again been supplied in white to meet the high standards required for the installation. A cluster of three of these has been flown in the centre of each of the long sides of the pool, facing downwards to cover the audience. To the right and left of these central clusters are two further clusters targeting the audience, each consisting of two EVH speakers, while single speakers at either side of these focus on the pool itself.

Up in the control room, all sound sources – mainly prerecorded music for swimming competitions and water ballet, plus announcements – are run from a DiGiCo S21 compact digital console, with a Yamaha MGP24X installed for backup. Again, a Shure radio mic system has been provided here.

Outside in the commercial plaza, an ice rink in the shopping mall is covered by a sound system of Dynacord VL Series loudspeakers, which plays music for the skaters.

With the addition of its new Olympic facilities, Suzhou’s ambition to develop a new sporting zone is well and truly off the starting blocks.

Article from: www.proavl-asia.com

Electro-Voice launches Multi-Function Monitors

Electro-Voice has unveiled the MFX Multi-Function Monitors range at InfoComm 2019, engineered to complement the Bosch brand’s X-Line Advance X1, X2, X12-128 and X12-125F line array models and corresponding installation versions.

This MFX catalogue comprises the 12-inch MFX-12MC and 15-inch MFX-15MC. They are two-way coaxial monitors that use high-output, coaxially aligned HF and LF transducers paired with a new Constant-Directivity waveguide and crossover design. Coverage in monitor orientation is 40° x 60°. The dimensions and location of the waveguide are said to interact with the woofer to create a bipole output that enhances coverage control through the midrange frequencies.

As well as providing a stable sound image when the performer moves off-axis, the compact coaxial design of the cabinets reportedly results in a low-profile footprint onstage in comparison to other high-end monitors. The cabinets also employ a brand-new concept with dual monitor angles of 35° and 55° that allows the output to be focused directly towards the performer.

The MFX Multi-Function Monitors have also been optimised for use with TGX10 or IPX10:4 amplifiers from EV’s Bosch sibling Dynacord. Both the MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC can be deployed in passive or biamp configuration, and can be put to use for different applications via DSP settings in the amps. Power handling for the MFX-12MC is 400W (continuous) and 4,000W (peak); the MFX-15MC delivers 500W (continuous) and 4,000W (peak). Both models have maximum SPL ratings of 135dB and 136dB, respectively.

In addition, the MFX monitors feature an integrated pole cup, allowing use as short-throw main/full-range loudspeakers for sound reinforcement when needed.

Electro-Voice EVA powered by Dynacord C series amps: A high-performance, cost-effective audio upgrade for Grace Church

“EVA has the right tone, covered the space very evenly, and there was nothing abrasive or harsh. We knew right away that we had found the right system.”

Located in suburban Akron, Ohio, Grace Church is a contemporary Christian church with eight locations. They sought a more musically coherent sound system to replace the aging point-source system in their main Bath Campus location. Integrator Kevin Root of Rootaudio saw the 620-seat sanctuary as an excellent candidate for a line-array system, and suggested Electro-Voice as a solution.

“Electro-Voice systems deliver amazing sound quality without breaking the budget, so I spoke with my representative, CL Pugh,” says Root. “They set up demos of the X1 system and Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) for us. The larger-format, longer-throw X1 was more than this sanctuary – which seats just over 600 – needed, and the EVA filled the room perfectly. EVA has the right tone, covered the space very evenly, and there was nothing abrasive or harsh. We knew right away that we had found the right system.”

Working with EASE software, CL Pugh and Rootaudio designed a highly efficient system based around two five-box hangs of EVA-2082S dual-element array modules. The top three boxes have 90-by-6-degree dispersion, transitioning to the 120-by-20-degree version beneath them for nearfield coverage. This layout provides full HF coverage from about three feet off the stage, eliminating the need for front fills, side fills and delay speakers. The arrays are each paired with three EVA-1151D subwoofers, flown separately, directly behind each line array. As a final touch, three Electro-Voice ETX-18SP self-powered subwoofers are mounted beneath the front stage extension.

The entire system is powered by just four Dynacord C3600FDi DSP power amplifiers. Each array requires just one amplifier, with one channel for the top three modules and the other feeding the bottom two boxes. Each flown set of three EVA1151D subs is powered by a single amplifier.

“These are great amps,” says Root. “With the power they have, and the efficiency of the EVA arrays, there’s so much headroom that they haven’t even hit the limiters yet, even during services.”

The actual installation went very smoothly, with all speakers flown in just one day, followed by time alignment and final tuning. Root reports that the EVAs sounded great right out of the box, requiring very little system EQ beyond a bit of filtering due to the room shape, which is 60 feet wide at the back and about 100 feet wide in the front. The entire process was completed in less than a week. The EVA’s installation-dedicated design also ensures a clean, architecture friendly look, with hidden rigging.

“Working with churches, budget is always a driving force, so some people end up designing a system around the budget instead of the room,” says Kevin Root. “That’s what makes EV and Dynacord such a great value. We designed the right system for the room, which turned out to be within budget and with no compromises, which is how it should be. Everyone involved is thrilled at the result.”

EV Rig Shows its Clout

On Friday May  3, beloved Bedfordview venue Bailey’s Live welcomed the iconic South African rock band Clout. With the gig powered by a new Electro-Voice (EV) rig, the crowd were treated to a night of great music and top-quality sound.

Musician Gary van Zyl has played bass in some of South Africa’s most esteemed bands, including Juluka and now Clout, who are best known for their hit single, “Substitute.” He explains that Prosound have been sponsoring him since the 80s, though he has worked at the company – as repairs manager – for the last 11 years.

This relationship led to Prosound sponsoring the rig for the Clout show at Bailey’s. The rider featured new gear from US company Electro-Voice, including two EV ETX35P speakers and two ETX18sp subs for the main PA (left and right), solutions which have been praised around the world for their power and portability. This was complemented by a stage setup of one EV TourX TX 1122FM 12” monitor speaker; three EV Phoenix PX 1122M 12” monitor speakers; one ZLX 15p powered speaker and two EV Q1212 amplifiers, with EV PL series drum microphones to ensure fantastic low-end response and snappy snare drum sounds.

Murray Grassow, the full-time sound engineer at Bailey’s Live, says that he “likes the EV rig, because for its weight and size, it packed a hell of a punch.”

He also mentions the attractive look of cabs, and says that – in his experience – the company makes durable and reliable gear.

“For example, I have been working with a second-hand TourX single 15” tops and single 18” subs for many years, and they just keep pushing on like they’re brand-new.”

Reflecting on the show, Grassow says “it was great to work with Prosound and Clout are still some of the best musos I have worked with.”

From the band’s perspective, “We had a fantastic night and Lee Brune (of Prosound) did a great job as always,” van Zyl says. “Bailey’s is a beautiful venue and Murray, their sound technician, was very helpful. The EV rig kicked butt!”

Australia’s Largest Pub puts its Trust in Electro-Voice Sound

Nestled by the Swan River and right in front of Perth’s new $1.5 billion Optus Stadium, The Camfield boasts an impressive set of numbers: 9000 square metres, 3,000 person capacity, 2 km from CBD, 300 kegs of beer delivered every week, 125 kegs of beer made in-house, 80 m long bar, 175 beer taps, and 180 staff on an average night. Then there’s 96 Electro-Voice loudspeakers and amplifiers used to provide sound for functions, ambience and pure raw entertainment, whether it’s a game coverage or live music in its spacious beer-garden.

The pub is extremely spacious, and welcoming at the same time. It caters for a wide variety of patrons and uses: from the sports fan visiting next door, to workers popping in for lunch or an after work drink, through to meals with friends and family, or corporate events of all shapes and sizes. Not only does The Camfield provide the suitable spaces, extensive menus and a wide selection of beverages (including in-house micro-brewery products) for a wide variety of patrons, it also features the professional audio system required for a venue this size.

“The performance of both the indoor and outdoor speakers selected outdoes what was proposed to the client”

The Canteen

The bright and tasteful bistro space caters to reservations, walk in guests and small to large functions. The combination of bar, dining and lounge style seating offers an ideal space for meeting up with friends and family or networking with clients.

Electro-Voice’s EVID-S, the latest award winning commercial installation loudspeakers, provide background music in this space. EVID-S offers impressive performance, faster and easier installation, and great value for money. Due to the expansive area and changing volume in chatter from varying numbers of patrons, EVID-S loudspeakers are reinforced with Electro-Voice EKX passive subwoofers, to extend the frequency response of the system at all volumes.

The Terraces & Surrounds

There are a number of terraces with spectacular views of either the Swan River, Optus Stadium or the Beer Garden. Perfect for cocktail events, or just for chilling out, the spaces combine both high and low seating. Industry staples, the Electro-Voice EVID ceiling speakers are used across the terraces. Designed with both the contractor and the listener in mind, EVID ceiling speakers are aesthetically pleasing and sonically proven to provide exceptional sound for patrons. Corners of buildings feature ZX5 loudspeakers that easily fill the outdoor spaces with music.

The Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is at the heart of the venue. The space has access to the Main Bar, Garden Bar and the Container Bar with roof-top seating. The space has a huge, custom-built screen surrounded by an arrangement of high and low seating, as well as beanbags. Across the outdoor spaces a full-range of high performance Electro-Voice ZX5 loudspeakers provide sound for the big screen as well as outdoor entertainment.

The ZX5 is lightweight and combines audio performance, with versatility, aesthetics and a tremendous output capability. ZX5 loudspeakers are known in the industry for their installation versatility, durability and high-spec performance. They deliver 600 W power continuously (2400 W peak), produce a maximum SPL of 132 dB and have a very smooth frequency response.

The Amplifiers

Every amplifier used to drive the loudspeakers at the Camfield comes from the Electro-Voice CPS range. Engineered in Germany, the CPS 2 and 4 channel amplifiers are industry workhorses known for their reliability and value for money. The 2 channel models drive the low-impedance ZX5 loudspeakers while the 4 channel models drive the EVID-S 100 V line loudspeakers.

Words from the Integrator

Marcus Stackpole, Project Manager from Vision Cabling explains why Electro-Voice gear was chosen for the project. “Vision Cabling Systems designed the concept around the EVID-S wall-mount and the ZX5Pi weatherised range for the performance, quality and ease of installation. Backed with The Camfield being so close to the Swan River, speakers that could perform in an environment such as this were integral to deliver the project. Since the opening of the venue the support for the product from an integrator’s perspective has been outstanding and we look forward to working with Electro-Voice and Audio Source (Distributors of Electro-Voice in WA) again on upcoming projects. The performance of both the indoor and outdoor speakers selected outdoes what was proposed to the client, exceeding their expectations and delivering a higher quality of sound than previously thought with acoustic challenges throughout the venue including stadium ambience.”