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Integrated scoreboard and sound system for Trinity Christian Academy’s new football stadium

Integrated scoreboard and sound system for Trinity Christian Academy’s new football stadium

Trinity Christian Academy (TCA), a growing college preparatory Christian school in Willow Park, Texas, recently debuted a new home for its football team – Eagle Stadium – with seating for 1000, an OES digital scoreboard, and a sound reinforcement system headed by Electro-Voice and Dynacord components.

TCA Trinity Christian Academy’s new football stadium

Since its launch in 1993, the school has partnered with other local schools to use its sports facilities. Eagle Stadium is the first part of a multi-million dollar three-phase project that includes baseball and softball fields and track facilities.

Colby Howerton, U.S. southwest regional sales rep for London, Ontario-based OES Scoreboards recommended one Electro-Voice MTS-4153 three-way point-source loudspeaker mounted on the scoreboard for full audio coverage of the field and seating areas. The selected MTS-4153-64 version features a 60° x 40° coverage pattern. Designed for large-scale applications, the MTS-4153 combines four 15” woofers with dual coaxial mid/high compression drivers via a single waveguide in a design focused on cohesive high output with a strong bass response.

“The school was looking for a digital scoreboard and sound reinforcement solution that would provide audio coverage on the field and stands while offering the visibility the fans need,” explains Howerton. “To mount the loudspeaker to the scoreboard, our engineering team designed a custom bracket for the top of the center I-beam. The bracket fits the shape and bolt pattern of the bottom of the MTS loudspeaker and was easy to disguise with a scrim featuring the Eagles mascot.”

The fully weatherized MTS loudspeaker is driven by a Dynacord IPX10:4 power amplifier for fixed installations equipped with OMNEO IP networking architecture enabling Dante and OCA/AES70 networking. IPX models deliver 96 kHz DSP with low latency and a high signal-to-noise ratio and are equipped with technologies for added energy efficiency and system protection.

The amplifier is rack-mounted in the press box along with a Dynacord MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine that serves as a control center and communications hub for system devices and IP-based peripherals. The system is easily controlled and monitored via a Dynacord TPC-1 touch panel controller working with the mix engine. Using SONICUE Sound System Software, installers can freely configure the TPC-1 interface screen with customizable controls that are enhanced by images, such as schematic diagrams, school colors or corporate logos.

“One of the features the school required was a system that could easily grow,” adds Howerton. “Not only might the stadium itself expand with additional guest seating, but the additional phases will require networked systems. This system allows for all that and more – it seems simple, but it’s quite sophisticated. This was one of the first applications done with an MTS loudspeaker, and we will recommend similar packages again.”

Over 100 Electro-Voice EVID speakers help Meehan’s Chophouse bring upscale dining back to downtown Mansfield, TX

Over 100 Electro-Voice EVID speakers help Meehan’s Chophouse bring upscale dining back to downtown Mansfield, TX

  • Worth Fire & Security delivers a complete AV/security solution featuring Electro-Voice audio to Meehan’s Chophouse and adjoining Henry’s Cigar Lounge
  • EVID ceiling/pendant/surface-mount speakers and subwoofers provide premium sound quality across 12 zones, enhancing guest experience throughout restaurant, cigar lounge, private dining, common areas, and outdoors
  • EVID range offers an optimal combination of architecture-friendly aesthetics and acoustic performance

As part of the revitalization of downtown Mansfield in the south Dallas suburbs, local construction entrepreneur Tony Meehan purchased an abandoned grist mill building from the city that had also served as a local jail. After a full renovation, he created two new businesses: a fine dining restaurant called Meehan’s Chophouse, and Henry’s Cigar Lounge, an adjoining 5,000 sq-ft, members-only cigar bar. For the new facility’s technology needs, Meehan hired long-time partner Worth Fire & Security in nearby Arlington for design and installation.

“These two businesses share a lot of infrastructure, including things like kitchen and parking. They wanted to build on that approach with their technology. We did a complete AV and life safety system for them, including security cameras, audio and video systems, AV matrix control, plus data infrastructure and listed fire alarm.”

Todd Privette, President of Worth Fire & Security.

For the audio portion of the design, Worth Fire & Security focused on high-value, high-performance offerings from Electro-Voice, with a focus on the EVID line of compact installed loudspeakers. With a wide range of models to adapt to varying audio and visual needs, EVIDs were the ideal choice to provide consistent, cohesive sound across multiple listening areas, indoors and out. The Worth Fire & Security-designed system delivers background music across 12 listening zones, including the restaurant, cigar lounge, various private dining rooms, restrooms, outdoor patios and waiting areas.

“The reason we went with Electro-Voice was really the EVID line, which includes everything from flush-mount and ceiling-mount speakers to attractive pendant and flush-mount models, plus subwoofers and weather-resistant versions,” says Privette. “They have the flexibility to adapt to any room condition, are easy to install, and they look and sound great.”

The EVID C6.2 flush-mount ceiling loudspeaker was selected as the base model for background and house music, with 90 of them spread throughout the building. In areas requiring full-range fidelity, these are augmented by EVID C10.1 10” ceiling subwoofers, with a total of ten strategically placed units covering the Chophouse Bar, the main lounge in Henry’s, plus private lounges and Henry’s outside patio. In the Grist Mill private dining area, which is also equipped with a full video presentation system, audio is provided by a six pendant-style EVID P6.2 loudspeakers hung from its vaulted ceiling.

Outdoors, EVID-S8.2TB loudspeakers provide audio to the waiting areas and parking lot. “Those speakers are very nice because they can do 8 ohms or 70 volts, and each speaker has its own tap,” notes Privette. “That allowed us to put all of outdoor speakers on one circuit, using the taps to draw only the wattage needed for volume appropriate to each speaker.”

The entire system is powered by two Electro-Voice CPS 8.5 amplifiers, providing 16 channels of up to 500 watts each. The system employs 12 of those channels for independent 70-volt audio zones, with the remaining four channels powering the 8-ohm subwoofers. AV control including the audio zones is achieved via touch panels and keypads, with independent control for each business.

Meehan’s Chophouse also has a small stage area with its own sound system, used primarily for special occasions. Suitable for small music groups or DJ events, the live performance stage is equipped with a self-powered Electro-Voice sound system consisting of two ELX200-12P loudspeakers.

“Meehan’s Chophouse and Henry’s Cigar Lounge are a great addition to downtown Mansfield, and we’re proud to be a part of it,” adds Privette. “The restaurant rivals anything you’ll find in Dallas, the cigar bar is a unique attraction, and refined touches like the EVID loudspeakers ensure an outstanding dining experience.”

Electro-voice provides pristine sound for new Tizi Ouzou stadium, Algeria

Electro-voice provides pristine sound for new Tizi Ouzou stadium, Algeria

Dynacord electronics have been used to power over 200 Electro-Voice loudspeakers at the impressive new stadium at Tizi Ouzou in Algeria.

Electro-Voice for Tizi Ouzou stadium, Algeria

The recently completed 50,000-seat venue is the home of soccer team JS Kabylie and has been built adhering to the latest UEFA standards, covering everything from the pitch to the technical equipment. The Dante audio-enabled sound system with integrated redundancy was designed by Turkish partner Atempo and meets the sporting requirements, but also provides flexibility to host other events.

200 Electro-Voice loudspeakers at the impressive new stadium at Tizi Ouzou in Algeria

A total of 112 EVH-1152D/94 cabinets have been arrayed in clusters of three and flown from the stadium roof to cover the various bowl seating areas. A further 102 EVID-S5.2T provide the under-balcony fill to ensure an even sound level throughout the stadium, and four EVID-S8.2 complete the system. 12 Dynacord IPX10:8 power amplifiers drive the EVH and EVID-S5.2T loudspeakers for the bowl; the EVID-S8.2 models are powered by a pair of L1300FD amplifiers. An MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine provides powerful DSP processing, with SONICUE Sound System Software used for efficient setup and control.

Learn more about Electro-Voice EVH 2-Way Fully Horn-Loaded Speaker Systems.

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Electro-Voice and Dynacord system brings a new level of vocal clarity to Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church

Electro-Voice and Dynacord system brings a new level of vocal clarity to Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church

  • Electro-Voice EVC Vari-Intense loudspeakers help to tackle challenging acoustics while blending into the architecture at Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church
  • Dynacord L-Series amplifiers provide power and processing for extensive new sound system
  • Electro-Voice hanging microphones ensure that harmonization in the choir can be heard throughout the sanctuary

A sound system solution comprising Electro-Voice loudspeakers and microphones and Dynacord amplifiers has enhanced audio intelligibility for the congregation at Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The solution was installed by Duy Hoa Phat Corp and was specified to overcome the reverberance inside the church.

Established in 1966, Binh Thuan church is a notable religious site within Vietnam‘s Catholic community and one of the biggest churches in Ho Chi Minh City. Since its original construction, the church has been through several renovations and expansions. However, as the church building has grown, its existing sound system, which had been selected more for its aesthetic than acoustical properties, has not been able to keep up.

The church decided it was time for a new audio solution that could deliver high-quality sound across the whole chancel with absolutely no delay or echo – a challenge, since the reverberation time there is more than four seconds. In addition to this, the loudspeakers needed to blend into the church’s bright interior design to be visually unobtrusive.

The answer was found in white versions of models from the Electro-Voice EVC family of compact loudspeakers for fixed installation. A pair of EVC-1122-VI Vari-Intense 12” two-way loudspeakers address the main congregational seating area, supported by seven EVC-1082 8” two-way loudspeakers. The EVC-1122-VI has a unique asymmetrical horn design which allows uniform coverage of rectangular spaces, ensuring sermons can be heard clearly by every member of the congregation during services. In addition to the EVC models, a pair of EVID S4.2TB and a further two Bosch LB2-UC30-L1 compact installation cabinets complete the solution. Power for the audio system is provided by five Dynacord L1300FD 2x 650 W DSP amplifiers.

Electro-Voice microphones ensure an equally high standard of audio quality at the input end of the signal chain. Four wired ND96 dynamic supercardioid vocal mics are joined by an equal amount of RE3 UHF wireless systems featuring ND96 handhelds. Completing the microphone selection are 12 RE92HW cardioid hanging mics to capture the harmonies of the choir.

This combination of equipment precisely addresses the church’s needs, especially in delivering the highest level of clarity for speaking and singing voices. And, importantly for a worship application, the durability and quality of Electro-Voice and Dynacord products mean that Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church will be enjoying the advantages of its new audio solution for many years to come.

Electro-Voice Sound and Power for Bavarian Country Inn

Electro-Voice Sound and Power for Bavarian Country Inn

Local AV company Firma Weinfurtner recently completed a professional sound reinforcement system at the Landgasthof Thalhauser, a typical country inn located in lower Bavaria. The fixed installation consists of high-quality audio components, including EVC series loudspeakers and a wireless RE3 microphone system from Electro-Voice. Dynacord Electronics provide power and DSP for the entire installation, ensuring pristine sound quality.

The front PA features EVC-1122-95 loudspeakers, while EVC-1082-96 cabinets are used as delay lines. EVC compact loudspeakers are designed to offer superior performance for small to mid-sized applications, with all the formats and features installers want. To mix the sound, a compact PM502 mixer from Dynacord is employed. The sound system is powered by a C2800 power amplifier with FIR-Drive, a premium feature typically found only in tour-grade amplifiers. SONICUE Sound System Software was used for the system setup. A wireless RE3 microphone set from Electro-Voice complements the installation, which features a handheld mic for live performances and announcements.

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