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MTS shows what it can do

The Electro-Voice teams in the UK and the US have been proving the stunning sound quality of MTS high output point source loudspeakers in a series of open-air demonstrations for consultants and stadium professionals. In this video, audio experts share their first impressions of MTS after hearing the new standard in stadium sound for the first time at events in Wigan and Burnsville

Understanding stadium sound

The latest webinar from Dynacord explores end-to-end audio solutions for sports venues. In the webinar, Martijn van Overveld explains how it is possible to create complete professional audio solutions to cover every aspect of stadium sound from within the expansive Bosch portfolio. The webinar also gives real-world examples of these solutions being put to use including C series amplifiers powering the system in a small stadium and IPX combining with MXE5 to control the audio in a large arena.


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Dutch fans tour Euro 2021 with Electro-Voice

Football fans cheering on The Netherlands in Euro 2021 are benefitting from a new matchday experience from the famous Orange Double Deck Bus, thanks to a freshly installed sound system ready to help whip up the atmosphere into a frenzy

HGL from Tilburg equipped the bus with a solution calling on the combined benefits of Electro-Voice and Dynacord. Sound inside the bus is courtesy of six EVU-1082/95 cabinets with low end support from a ZX1-Sub. Meanwhile four MFX-15MC loudspeakers pole-mounted on a pair of Dynacord FX20-PRO subs provide powerful sound reinforcement outdoors. Power for the solution is from a single Dynacord IPX amplifier while SONICUE sound system software and a CMS-1000-3 mixing console are part of the solution to provide perfect mixing and control.
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Electro-Voice and Dynacord deliver flexible audio solution for the Royal Institute of British Architects

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) drew on the combined strengths of Electro-Voice and Dynacord for an audio solution update in the Jarvis Hall at its London headquarters. T S Professional Sound+Light took on the installation project in the protected historic building to create a system that would be as flexible as the room itself.

Created as a lecture and examination space when the building was opened in the 1930s, Jarvis Hall has a 284-seat main hall, which can be expanded to a 400-person capacity with the inclusion of a breakout room, hidden behind a moving tapestry at the back of the space. This split design means that any solution being added to the technical setup needs to flexible enough to cope with multiple configurations.

“We originally had quite a limited system in here,” recalls Steve Barrett-White, AV Manager at RIBA. “We had a two-channel, four-speaker system but because things have grown for RIBA on the events side, we required full 7.1 surround sound to cater to film screenings. In addition to this, the orientation in the breakout room can either face the main stage when it is being used as one large hall or can be rotated 90 degrees. This led to a design with 13 speakers across both rooms.”

Over three days, the T S Professional Sound+Light team installed Electro-Voice EVC-1122s as the main system, with EVC-1082s as side fills and EVU-2082Bs as centre fills in the main hall. Low frequency support is via a pair of EVC-1181 subwoofers installed under the stage. The breakout space features three more EVC-1082s to allow for the different configurations.

“We took a look at what was already here, and we just tried to improve on that,” states Keith Upton, Managing Director at T S Professional Sound+Light. “The speakers had to be larger for a bigger sound. Thankfully, one of the things about Electro-Voice is that there is a speaker for every application, so you are never frustrated when you do a job. It had to be surround, but we were restricted with where we could install the speakers by the Grade II listed building status. So, we plotted where the speakers could be installed on custom brackets and agreed on a design in consultation with Electro-Voice.”

Power and control is via a pair of IPX10:8 amplifiers from Dynacord. These eight-channel installation-dedicated models eliminated the need for a separate audio matrix. These amplifiers feature fully integrated high-resolution 96 kHz DSP with Dante and OCA functionality.

“The amps all have preconfigured settings which we can select for the different uses of the hall,” adds Gabriel Thorp, Senior AV Technician at RIBA. “This has opened up the possibilities for how the space is used, and we can give our clients the assurance that the sound system can be optimized for their needs.”

Completing the solution is Dynacord’s new SONICUE sound system software, which provides comprehensive system monitoring and intuitive control via a “speaker view” GUI. This gives RIBA’s engineers a real-time visual reference to what is happening with the sound system, with the ability to monitor impedance, control levels and mute speakers, when needed.

Reflecting on the upgrade, Barrett-White concludes: “Electro-Voice and Dynacord came out as the number one choice for Jarvis Hall because of their flexibility with working with us and the architects to create the best possible system. The sound was so much better than anybody else’s; it just fit this space perfectly.”

Electro-Voice and Dynacord audio upgrade for Wells Fargo Arena

When Spectra, the venue management and operator of the Iowa Events Center (Des Moines, Iowa), decided it was time to update the sound system in the Wells Fargo Arena, they opted to work with Daktronics on a design-build basis. The goal was to modernize the sound both within the arena – which serves as the region’s primary sports and entertainment venue – and for several ancillary areas outside the main space, including concourses, restaurant/bars, and interview rooms. The project was led by David Sturzenbecher, applications engineer in the Audio Systems division of Daktronics. The physical installation was managed by Daktronics Field Engineer Thijs Hammink.

Providing the highest level of sound quality within the arena was the main goal, and Sturzenbecher elected to fly a series of sub-compact line-array loudspeakers to achieve it – the XLD291 from Electro-Voice. A key factor was the physical size of the arrays, which provide full audio coverage within the bowl area without interfering with sightlines to the main floor and video scoreboards. A total of 94 XLD291 elements are deployed in eight separate arrays ranging from nine to 13 boxes each. Coverage for the main floor itself comes courtesy of four Electro-Voice EVH-1152 horn-loaded loudspeakers hung within the scoreboard structure. Another EVH-1152 is deployed as a fill speaker for the low seats behind each basket. As they do for the vast majority of their stadium projects, Daktronics also provided an Electro-Voice RE20 broadcast microphone for the announcer.

“The unique thing about Wells Fargo Arena is that it’s symmetrical across one axis, but varies wildly on the other, so the south end of the house has only about two-thirds the seating of the north end. We also needed to account for the Plexiglas dasher boards used for hockey, which can create shadowing if the arrays aren’t positioned precisely,” explains Sturzenbecher. “We mapped the venue in EASE, which allowed us to position everything for full audio coverage without blocking sightlines to the center video board. Because we are, after all, also a video board company.”

Amplification throughout the arena is provided by Dynacord IPX series multi-channel DSP amplifiers for fixed installation. This enables both sophisticated signal processing and Dante audio networking of the entire sound system, while also providing highly efficient power and state-of-the-art system performance and protection technologies. “Originally, we were considering another amp for this project,” says Sturzenbecher, “but when Dynacord came out with the IPX series, we found the processing and tuning for the entire EV system works natively in them, so we gladly made that change,”.

For the ancillary areas outside the Wells Fargo Arena main bowl, Daktronics employed a wide range of Electro-Voice surface-mount speakers, primarily the EVID-S models with their innovative quick-mount system. A total of 181 EVID-S5.2XB speakers were required to expand coverage beyond the concession stands, eliminating dead spots on the concourses while upgrading the audio in the facility’s restaurants and bars.

EV’s wide selection of surface-mount models proved a huge benefit in other applications as well. The dedicated interview room received nine EVID C8.2 ceiling speakers, while the service level entrance downstairs is covered by 12 EVID-S8.2TB models. Various bar areas benefit from the use of ceiling-mounted C10.1 and EVID-S10.1DB subwoofers, plus 20 C4.2 ceiling speakers.

The new sound system has received high marks from all involved. Spectra’s A.J. Johnson, Production Manager for Wells Fargo Arena, commented, “Wells Fargo Arena needed improved sound quality and clarity to ensure the best experience for our guests. We also needed a timely installation that stayed on budget. Daktronics nailed all our needs and stayed patient when we needed to make adjustments. The new EV sound system checked all our boxes with a greatly improved listening experience throughout the arena. We are also very happy to have improved flexibility of use to fit our varied types and sizes of shows and events.”

Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system helps revive Roof Garden Ballroom at Iowa’s Historic Arnolds Park

Nestled on the shores of West Okoboji Lake in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes resort region, Historic Arnolds Park has been a major vacation attraction in the Midwest since the 1800s. The park was renowned for its Roof Garden Ballroom, a large dance hall that attracted such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, The Guess Who, the Glenn Miller Orchestra and many others during its heyday from 1923 to 1988. Today, it operates as a non-profit attraction to benefit the community.

On August 2, the new Roof Garden Ballroom reopened as a 1200-capacity multipurpose venue, with an authentic vintage look buoyed by a thoroughly modern sound system – Electro-Voice X-Line Advance X2 line-array loudspeakers powered by Dynacord IPX series DSP amplifiers. The system enabled the park to celebrate its history with a series of concert events featuring artists who played at the original venue. Tommy James & The Shondells had the honor of headlining the first concert in the redesigned Roof Garden Ballroom.

“Tommy James played the original Roof Garden six times going back to 1966, so they were the perfect act to open the new building,” notes Jeff Vierkant, CEO of Historic Arnolds Park. “It was a packed house. They put on a fantastic show, and the sound quality was incredible.”

Designed and installed by NLFX Professional (Bemidji, MN), the all-Electro-Voice loudspeaker system consists of twin eight-box X2-212 line arrays, with five 90-degree enclosures flown above three 120-degree versions. Low frequencies are supplied via six X12/128 dual-18” subwoofers.  A set of four Fri-28LPM line the stage lip as front fills, ensuring full coverage in every seat.

Three Dynacord IPX20:4 DSP amplifiers drive the rig, with each capable of supplying up to 20 kW of power. These intelligent amplifiers also provide a built-in OMNEO/Dante interface for networking the system, plus FIR-Drive and additional system DSP for easy centralized control of the entire sound system. The entire system is controlled from a laptop via IRIS-Net software. Handy presets make it easy to operate the system while still affording the advanced control that touring engineers prefer.

According to John Lynch, FOH engineer for Tommy James and the Shondells, the Electro-Voice system was outstanding. “This was a really nice rig – really smooth, with tons of headroom,” he reports. “We run an old school rock ’n’ roll stage, with classic guitar amps and no in-ears. The EV system had the punch to get over that easily, yet with excellent clarity. And the subs are amazing. We were moving a lot of air – shook all the dust out of that room!”

The band’s monitor engineer, John Melasippo, had access to the venue’s new stage system, also courtesy of Electro-Voice. Available speakers include 10 Xw15A 15” floor wedges, with three Dynacord IPX10:8 DSP amps providing power along with network connectivity. One ETX-18SP powered subwoofer is also available as a drum monitor.

“We couldn’t have done this without NLFX Professional, who did a fantastic job,” notes Arnolds CEO Jeff Vierkant. “Ben Stowe really made sure we were well taken care of. He designed a system that sounds fantastic from every seat in the house. He also trained our local sound engineers on the system, and got it all installed and perfectly tuned on our short timeline. Great company.”

For Historic Arnolds Park, the re-opening of the Roof Garden with the X-Line Advance system marks the return of a classic venue that meets the needs of top-level talent to play amid the natural beauty of northwest Iowa. “From the opening number, the crowd was happy, the band was happy, and Tommy was happy,” adds John Lynch. “That’s what’s important. The sound system is a big part of that, and the EV rig helped make for a very smooth day.”

Electro-Voice sound system installed at AFM Church in Botswana

Pepe Khumalo, from the Johannesburg branch of Prosound, discusses the company’s sound system installation at the AFM Church in Botswana. The characteristics of the Electro-Voice EVA line array speaker system for fixed installation combined with the shape of the building made the system the perfect choice for the church.

Find The Best Sound System For Your Church with Electro-Voice

Pepe Khumalo, from the Johannesburg branch of South African Electro-Voice partner Prosound, discusses the company’s sound system installation at the AFM church in Botswana. The characteristics of the Electro-Voice EVA line array speaker system for fixed installation combined with the shape of the building made the system the perfect choice for the church. #ElectroVoice #Dynacord

Posted by Electro-Voice on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Electro-Voice and Dynacord system delivers pure tone at 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas

Founded and organized by Eric Clapton, the Crossroads Guitar Festival is a two-day music event and trade show that benefits the Crossroads Centre substance-abuse rehabilitation facility in Antigua. The 2019 edition was held at American Airlines Center in Dallas, with the indoor arena augmented by an all-day outdoor Village Stage featuring special guests and surprise performances in a master clinic format, sponsored by Ernie Ball.

The sound system for the Village Stage was an Electro-Voice X-Line Advance X2 line-array loudspeaker system, powered by the latest Dynacord DSP amplifiers. Notable performers included John Mayer, Eric Johnson, Joe Robinson, Andy Timmons and Paul Reed Smith. The system was supplied by Gulf Coast Sound (Rayne, LA), with owner Larry Habetz doing most of the mixing for crowds of up to 5,000. Electro-Voice applications engineer Mike Reynolds was on hand as system tech.

The main PA consisted of twin nine-box arrays of X2-212/120, supported by eight ground-stacked X12-128 dual 18” subwoofers. Two EVC-1082 loudspeakers were deployed as front fills. The system was powered by seven of the new TGX20 DSP amplifiers by Dynacord, which enabled 96 kHz Dante audio with full redundancy. System monitoring and control were handled via Dynacord’s new SONICUE sound system software. Two Dynacord IPX10:8 multi-channel DSP amps powered the stage wedges.

On stage, the microphone deployment was also Electro-Voice based, with ND76 and ND86 dynamic vocal mics, and the ND44 handling the critical guitar amp duties. Drum mics included the ND44 and ND46 on snare and toms, ND66 overheads, and ND68 on kick drum.

Larry Habetz reports that the system was very well received by both artists and audiences. “The great thing about this system is that it’s accurate and transparent,” he says. “This show is all about tone, and the X2 really lets it shine. All these artists have their own distinctive sound. Our job was to deliver that sound accurately, and this EV line array makes that possible. We had nothing but compliments all weekend.”

Guitarist Paul Reed Smith, founder and Managing General Partner of PRS Guitars, was in the unique position of hearing the FOH mix from his display area, then experiencing the monitor system on stage. “While performing on the outside stage at the Crossroads Festival and not knowing the brand of line array and monitors, the people I performed with and other famous musicians who played on the same stage, commented very positively on the quality of the sound of the gear,” he notes. “I subsequently asked the front of the house engineer and owner of the sound company what brand of gear they were using ‘cause I liked it so much. They said it’s an EV system. Nice job!”

Larry Habetz notes that the accuracy and responsiveness of the Electro-Voice and Dynacord system is a perfect match for an event like Crossroads Guitar Festival. “The X2 system gives you the truth, and the new Dynacord amps really take it to the next level in terms of efficiency and system control,” he reports. “Once we were up and running, I knew we were in a great place sonically. But when a tone legend like Paul Reed Smith compliments your sound from the stage, it says a lot. That made it a great weekend, both for me and EV.”

Electro-Voice and Dynacord serve up superior sound at Becker Brau – HB

The latest renovation at the historic Becker Brau – HB in Bucharest has seen the installation of a new audio system that exploits the synergies of Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics. The venue is the site of the first German brewery in the city and is a popular location for a variety of events, from live music and theatrical shows to weddings and corporate events.

It was this wide range of applications that provided the main challenge for HSA Audio, the Romanian Electro-Voice and Dynacord partner in charge of the system design. “We were challenged by both the architecture and meeting the needs of multiple people, from the owners and interior designers to the orchestra and the event planner,” recalls Adrian Colita, General Manager at HSA Audio. “Our main architectural challenge was to choose an audio system that could seamlessly blend into the design of the location while also meeting the technical and acoustic requirements.”

To achieve this, HSA Audio chose the Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) from Electro-Voice for fixed installations, which allows users to drive up to eight boxes (the equivalent of 16 line array elements) from a single amp channel. The main hangs consist of three EVA-2082S 920 per side, with low-frequency extension via two EVA-2151D subwoofer elements each side, all sporting a white finish. To complement this, EVID-S series commercial sound loudspeakers were also installed, providing superior sound quality with controlled coverage for keeping background music focused and paging intelligible. Sixteen EVID-S8.2W loudspeakers form the venue’s background music system, while also serving as delays for the main system and providing a seamless, linear sound that matches the elegant design.

Power and processing for the installed solution is via Dynacord L Series amplifiers with four L1300FD and a further pair of L3600FD units deployed. Dynacord’s Multi Amplifier Remote Control (MARC) software allows users to configure, operate and supervise up to eight amplifiers. “The L Series amplifiers have helped us a lot on the processing side for both the main audio system and the background music, all the more so as we can easily set the delay groups,” says Colita. A Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixing console provides additional hands-on control.

“Our customer and their guests are very pleased with the audio quality and system performance, as well as the elegant design.” adds Colita.

Mason Sound adds Dynacord SONICUE to the mix at the Illinois State Fair

Each year, Mason Sound (Jacksonville, IL) provides the sound system and crew support for the concert series at the Illinois State Fair’s main grandstand stage. New for 2019, Mason Sound utilized Dynacord’s SONICUE sound system software to streamline the control and configuration of their Dynacord TGX-powered Electro-Voice X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system.

Requiring a 250-foot throw across a dirt racetrack to the very wide grandstand, the Illinois State Fair in Springfield is one of the region’s more challenging outdoor concert venues, so controlled coverage is key. Additionally, the fair’s diverse line-up of performers requires a sound system with the flexibility to accurately and easily deliver a wide range of musical styles in the hands of the various visiting mix engineers who run the rig over the course of the eleven-day concert series. This year’s line-up included Reba McEntire, Snoop Dogg, Old Dominion, Pentatonix, Dan + Shay and Bad Company, among many others.

SONICUE elegantly assisted in addressing all the above for this year’s deployment. SONICUE is system-focused software that uses an intuitive “speaker view” GUI that provides direct access to every system parameter on the fly, resulting in amazingly fast and precise set-up and tuning. With reduced preparation time on several days, due to horse and auto racing events on the racetrack in front of the stage, SONICUE proved to be a big help: “Our older system would take an hour or so to set up,” says Mason Sound system tech Jason Hebron. “This one takes about 20 minutes. All the engineers have been very happy with it.”

Ian Zorbaugh, FOH engineer for country stars Old Dominion, was among those with positive reviews for the Electro-Voice and Dynacord system. “It exceeds all expectations,” he says. “I mix pretty dynamic with Old Dominion, and had no issues with running out of headroom. As soon as you turn sound on, you feel comfortable mixing. It’s been a very pleasant experience.”

This year’s system included twin 18-box hangs of Electro-Voice X2-212 line-array modules, with Mason Sound opting for the 120-degree dispersion model. Six more boxes were ground-stacked to ensure full coverage of the very wide venue. Massive low frequency capability was supplied by two banks of 16 X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers stacked on the deck under the main arrays. Side-fills of three X2-212/120 were stacked on top of a pair Electro-Voice X12/125F subwoofers. The entire system was networked together for central control through 16 Dynacord TGX20 DSP amplifiers, providing 320,000 watts of clean, efficient power.

Being invited back to provide sound at the Illinois State Fair for several years now, Mason Sound President Dave Mason credits his personnel and sound system. “There are a lot of sound companies in our area, and Electro-Voice is one of the main reasons we stick out above the crowd,” he notes. “Their products and support are second to none.”