ETC dealer, White Light Ltd has supplied Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) venues with an LED upgrade using High End Systems and ETC lighting equipment.

Two theatres – Aylesbury Waterside and the Grand Opera House York were upgraded with brand new LED packages consisting of High End Systems’ SolaFrame 1000, SHAPESHIFTER, ETC’s ColorSource PAR and ColorSource Spot.

High End Systems’ SolaFrame 1000 was selected as the central fixture of the new rig. ATG opted for the High CRI version which offers a more refined quality of light with a CRI of 90+, as well as 16,000-lumen output. It has an extensive feature list including full-curtain framing shutters, rotating and fixed gobo wheels, animation as well as CMY colour mixing; while at the same time remaining extremely quiet and weighing just 32kg.

“Seeing the SolaFrame in-situ, it became clear that this was the perfect fixture for both venues. They are extremely versatile and ultimately will be the workhorse for the rig. They also have a five-year warranty for the LED array, which is obviously a huge bonus”. White Light Business Development Manager, Jonathan Haynes

Implementing an LED upgrade in both venues ensured that ATG could provide support for its diverse range of productions while also presenting an environmentally friendly installation. White Light established an LED upgrade package accordingly which substituted the tungsten rig with LED and replaced overhead and cyc lighting.

In addition to the SolaFrame 1000s, there were 48 ETC ColorSource PARs, 42 ColorSource Spots (complete with a mix of profile and fresnel lenses) and 8 High End Systems’ SHAPESHIFTERS. The fixtures have now been fitted into both venues and have immediately been used on a host of shows.

“It was important for us to find the right company which could offer us industry-recognised products and the full back-up and support required for such a large-scale transition from tungsten to LED.” Jonathan adds: “ETC and High End offer some of the longest warranty periods on their fixtures and all brands are represented and supported in the UK. It is fantastic to work so closely with an organisation as established as ATG to begin improving and modernising their offerings with the latest lighting technology and make them stand out in what is an increasingly competitive marketplace”. ATG’s Head of Technical Operations, Stuart Graham