High End Systems has announced the launch of the SolaPix 7 and SolaPix 19 wash luminaires. The SolaPix family takes the traditional concept of a pixel wash and pushes it to its maximum potential. With a wide variety of looks to help set the mood and steal the show, SolaPix features an additive LED, RGBW colour mixing system for extremely powerful saturated colours and tunable white control, a versatile 4.5° – 60° zoom range, FleX Effects Engine and Pixel mapping on all models.

HES national sales manager Sean Hoey commented, “We are excited to bring this new fixture range to market. SolaPix is truly an innovative wash fixture. It provides incredible wash capability with great output, and the face of the fixture brings a new, unique look.”

Automated Lighting Product Manager Matt Stoner added, “Ever since High End Systems created the pixel wash with our ShowPix fixture, it has been an integral part of lighting rigs of all types. The SolaPix family builds on this technology by introducing new optics and next-generation brightness in a fixture that is far more versatile than ever before.  The lenses and efficiency have been maximised, plus the size and footprint have been minimised. SolaPix also features HaloGraphic Pixel definition, the newest patent-pending innovation from High End Systems.”

“The fixture’s FleX Effects Generator is a macro system that allows users to choose from a library of different patterns; once selected, up to three colours can be selected for use in the pattern.  These patterns will display over the background of the fixture, which is also completely user-controllable.  Effect speed and fade rate add the final touches, giving the user a massive level of control for fixture face looks.”