Element 2 consoleIntroducing the Element 2 console and a new Eos family brochure

The new Element 2 console brings a significant hardware upgrade to the hands-on, entry-level desk, including an updated keyboard layout that matches the rest of the Eos® family.

The Element 2 console will require the upcoming Eos v2.7 software, which is anticipated to release within the next month. Once the new console begins shipping, the classic Element console will be retired and supported as a Legacy product.

A new Eos family brochure is also available in multiple languages. It can be obtained via download or literature request.

For more information, visit the Element 2 product page.

Wash Light Zoom fixtureNew architectural wash light from ETC

The Irideon® line of architectural fixtures from ETC features exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space. The newest addition to this family, the WLZ or, Wash Light Zoom fixture, is no exception. This feature-rich design is ideal for museums and retail environments.

Similar to the other fixtures in the Irideon family, the WLZ is available in a variety of colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 5000 K, and three mounting variations; Track mount, portable. and ceiling canopy.

The most innovative feature of the WLZ is the built-in rotating zoom adjustment at the rear of the fixture housing. This enables beam angle adjustment within an impressive range of 9-78 degrees. The zoom position markers on the fixture make fixture-to-fixture referencing quick and easy.

Shipping of the Irideon WLZ will begin in May.

Click here to watch the short video on the many benefits and features of the Irideon WLZ.

ColorSource PearlColorSource Pearl: the many colours of white

ColorSource Pearl is the newest array for our ColorSource® line of fixtures. Available for the Linear, PAR, and Spot, Pearl is a variable, white-light option that can be tuned to output white light anywhere between 2700K and 6500K.

And because it is part of the ColorSource Family, the Pearl array includes the same great feature set and high quality construction as its full colour siblings including an impressively bright output, a simple user interface, and a price point that is tough to beat.

Designed for installations that depend heavily on white light such as studios, houses of worship, and architectural installations, this array features flicker-free operation and an impressively smooth dimming curve.

Click here to watch the product video and find additional information.

ColorSource Pearl fixtures will begin shipping in May.

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