Initial Toolset Provides Connectivity and Monitoring

Meyer Sound has announced the introduction of Nebra™, a new software platform that brings together multiple tools for specific tasks into a single integrated solution. The initial release is focused on fast and intuitive connectivity for endpoints in Milan™ AVB networks, including Meyer Sound’s PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker, three ULTRA-X series point source loudspeakers, and the USW-112P™ compact subwoofer. Nebra also provides comprehensive system monitoring directly via the AVB network or, for other Meyer Sound products, through the existing RMS network via the RMServer™. Nebra also will provide connectivity for Meyer Sound’s Galileo® GALAXY Network Platform and for third-party network devices using the Milan protocol.

Nebra’s connectivity tools are designed for fast, trouble-free configuration and connection of complex Milan-based audio systems. “Many current audio-over-IP solutions are heavily text-based,” notes Andy Davies, Meyer Sound’s senior product manager. “Here, by displaying connections and monitoring in a clear visual layout, the system overview is much easier to understand. Connections are shown as graphical wires offering a clear picture of the system, while device icons change color to quickly identify any potential points of failure.”

Nebra leverages the latest in sensor fusion technology to simplify the task of monitoring large and highly complex networked audio systems. Disparate system health information is collected from all connected devices, with sensor data combined from multiple sources and displayed in one simple summary.

“A ‘traffic light’ indicator in the corner of the screen constantly displays overall system status,” Davies continues, “so all the user needs to see is that one green box to know everything is fine. In addition, critical system messages are brought to the user’s attention via banner alerts, so there is no need to constantly review the status of every device. If there is a warning, Nebra directs the user swiftly to the source of the problem.”

Nebra is a stand-alone solution for all Milan-based devices. For Meyer Sound loudspeakers using RMS technology, Nebra functions in parallel with Compass control software.

Nebra is now available as a free download from the Meyer Sound website. Versions will be available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Nebra will immediately enable comprehensive connectivity and monitoring functions for Meyer Sound Milan equipped loudspeakers, the GALAXY Network Platform, Milan-certified AVB switches, and other Milan-certified devices. Nebra is conceived as a comprehensive software platform, and other functions will be incorporated into future releases.

In addition to the PANTHER linear line array loudspeaker, Nebra is compatible with the newly introduced Milan endpoint versions of the ULTRA-X20™, ULTRA‑X22™, and ULTRA-X23™ loudspeakers and the USW-112P subwoofer.

“Nebra is unique in the way it applies software tools to groups and identifies large numbers of Milan endpoint devices, presenting an intuitive workflow when making a large number of connections, such as with PANTHER deployments. Touring sound users will benefit from the ability to quickly reconfigure systems for different venues, while installed sound users will benefit from a clear, easy-to-understand monitoring screen that operators can grasp with minimal training.”

The first use of the Nebra software platform was by rental company Major Tom, Ltd. on the massive, in-the-round Ed Sheeran +-= ÷x (“Mathematics”) Tour, underway since early 2022.

Milan is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real-time audio and video media. Certification by the Avnu Alliance assures that devices will work together for maximum convenience, reliability, and functionality.