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More proof that ETC fixtures are built to last

Over the past couple of years, ETC have started sending more of their fixtures to a nationally-recognized, third-party lab for testing to the LM84 standard. This standard gives an accurate representation of the lifespan of the LEDs in a complete fixture as it’s used in a real-world environment. Some of the information that comes out of testing to this standard is an L70 rating; an increasingly common rating used throughout the LED fixture industry.

The L70 rating was created as a way to measure when the LEDs of a fixture are no longer “useful.” This rating gives a representation of the amount of hours it will take for LEDs to depreciate to 70% of their original output.

As they continue to get official test results back from their third-party lab for more of their fixtures, ETC are proud to say that the numbers continue to exceed even their original expectations.
Proof that their fixtures are, and always have been, manufactured to the highest quality.

Increased warranties
ETC has always put product quality first and the recent L70 ratings reaffirm that commitment. Their fixtures are built to last. To solidify this dedication to quality they’ve decided to pass the peace of mind along to you.

This warranty applies to the following LED products sold after January 1st, 2018. All full LED fixtures now hold a:

  • 5 year full fixture warranty
  • 10 year LED array warranty

All Source 4WRD products continue to hold a 3 year warranty with an unmatched technical support team around the world, we’re proud to stand by a decade of coverage and a lifetime of support.

Additional information on L70 and the warranty extension can be found at www.etcconnect.com