The mission is to strengthen the company’s business development and competitive positioning through continuous organic growth and selective M&A.

Palladio Holding S.p.A. (“Palladio”) – an independent holding company, one of the most active and solid private equity players in Italy – announces that it has taken over from RCF Group the control of DPA Microphones (“DPA”), the Danish microphone solution manufacturer. RCF Group will maintain a minority stake.

Based in Denmark, DPA is the leading manufacturer of high-end microphone solutions for the live,  broadcast, theatre, and studio industries and is known as the undisputed quality leader, continuously pushing the boundaries of performance. During the RCF Group ownership, DPA has had impressive growth, even despite Covid-19 reaching all-time record performance in 2022. DPA  quickly overcame the consequences of the pandemic and was ready to serve the market with its products due to fast and clever handling of the supply chain and manufacturing. When facing new challenges DPA will have a strong partner in Palladio, a boost for its mission to strengthen the competitive positioning and accelerate the business development, also through potential synergic M&A.

Palladio is not new to DPA being a minority shareholder in the RCF Group since 2017 and having contributed to the impressive growth path of both companies. In the context of the direct investment into DPA, Palladio has significantly reduced its stake in RCF Group, in favor of the current majority shareholders and crowned a highly successful and satisfying investment for all shareholders, to concentrate on the planned growth path in support of DPA.

In November 2022, Palladio acquired a majority stake in Wisycom, recognized as one of the main players in wireless equipment for broadcast, live, and location sound applications,  confirming Palladio’s strong interest in this industry.

Nicola Iorio, Managing Partner of Palladio Holding who followed the transaction with Nadia  Buttignol, partner of PFH, said: “We are thrilled to start this new important chapter in the history of  DPA, a company with unique know-how and positioning on the market thanks to a strong brand,  premium products and an organization that excels in serving their demanding customers. Our goal  is to continue to invest in the company to develop the business even further and take it to the next  level.”

Kalle Hvidt Nielsen CEO of DPA Microphones stated: “I would like to thank the RCF Group and Mr.  Vicari for the excellent partnership we have had for the last 4,5 years. DPA has experienced  tremendous growth during this period, and we have made significant investments in key areas of  DPA, that have made us stronger and even better at developing, manufacturing, and launching  innovative products to the pro audio industry. I have been working with Palladio since 2018 and I  know that they will continue to support DPA going forward and I am sure that you will see DPA  solutions in even more places and applications in the future.”

Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group, stated: “The cooperation between the RCF Group and DPA  Microphones has been very fruitful, and I am proud of the impressive development that we have  achieved together. We have worked closely with Palladio since 2017 and I am happy to see DPA  continue its journey with another good and strong partner, while we concentrate on our core  loudspeaker business.”