The smooth way to drive your sound

Dynacord SONICUE 1.2.4 Sound System Software has been released. It supports the upcoming Dynacord WPN1 networked wall panel controller, offers operational parameters for IPX and TGX amplifiers for designing control panels in SONICUE’s panel designer, and comes with new MXE logic featuring an active HTTP API, a scheduler function and other enhancements.

In October Dynacord will release the WPN1 networked wall panel controller. It provides simplified operation and control of devices within the SONICUE ecosystem. With its 1.77” TFT color display and rotary encoder it can control MXE5 Matrix Mix Engines or IPX amplifiers system-wide. Configuration in SONICUE’s panel designer provides dedicated customization, from volume control in a single zone to multi-zone control with individual pin-protected menus. Combined with the color display and support of characters for local languages, the WPN1 provides a customization level close to a touch panel controller, ensuring that users can interact effectively with their system.