• Electro-Voice EKX and ZLX loudspeakers provide the ideal combination of professional sound quality and compact form factor
  • Dynacord L series DSP amplifiers allow user-friendly system management.
  • The system serves double duty for daytime BGM and nighttime live sound.
Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

A new Electro-Voice loudspeaker system with power and processing from Dynacord is delivering state-of-the-art sound quality in a compact format for patrons at Naimuang Station, a leading regional restaurant known for its live music scene, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

The restaurant’s management was determined to elevate the audio experience at the venue to the next level. In addition to top-notch sound quality, a key prerequisite was controlled coverage to keep the output contained in the venue and minimize any noise pollution into neighbouring properties. In step with this consideration, the system also needed to sound great at lower volume levels for daytime guests. And, of course, it all needed to be reliable and easy for the staff to manage.

Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

To deliver on this vision, a system comprising passive EKX and powered ZLX series loudspeakers was specified. The main PA includes four EKX-15 and four EKX-12 full-range boxes to cover the dining/audience area, with low-frequency support from four EKX-18 subwoofers. Four ZLX-12BT boxes serve as stage monitors. Both the EKX and ZLX series models feature Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) technology, which, in addition to allowing for a more compact speaker enclosure, helps to time-align the low- and high-frequency drivers and allows for a larger waveguide and port to fit inside the enclosure, yielding enhanced pattern control and bass response.

Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

The main EKX system is powered by Dynacord L Series DSP amplifiers, designed for live/mobile applications: three L3600FD (2x 1800 W) and two L2800FD (2x 1400 W). Dynacord’s remote control software allows Naimuang Station to wirelessly manage and monitor system settings such as volume and EQ without the need for additional speaker processing. For example, the audio can be adjusted to provide the perfect ambience with background music for diners during the day, with higher output for live shows at night. Being able to configure the system quickly and easily completes a solution that combines user-friendly convenience with professional performance.

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