• Flexible system blends permanent ZX3 loudspeakers with time-aligned dual EVOLVE 50 portable column speaker systems
  • Truth Seeker Productions designed selectable-zone system for full coverage of both sporting and musical events
  • EVOLVE 50 systems are employed for a wide range of applications, both on and off campus

Burnsville, MN, July 2019 – With a gymnasium that is used for music and theater events as well as athletics, Langford Area High School in rural Langford, SD was searching for an economical – but high performance – sound system that would provide clear, high-fidelity audio in multiple seating configurations. The solution they found combines permanent and portable systems from Electro-Voice for unique flexibility and ease of operation.

The system design came from Ohio-based Truth Seeker Productions, where President Dave Horn is well aware of the sonic issues involved in a multipurpose gymnasium. “For games, you’ve got to cover the bleachers on both sides of the court, but that creates both coverage and localization issues for auditorium activities like a play or concert,” he explains. “Fortunately, Electro-Voice makes a portable system, the EVOLVE 50, which offers quick set up and great sound quality with a very low profile, so there’s no visual distraction. With two of them, we can create a full-range stereo concert system that can combine with the bleacher speakers, plenty loud and very clear. Both we and the school are thrilled.”

The main PA system consists of six fixed-installed Electro-Voice ZX3 loudspeakers; Truth Seeker used EASE modeling to place three per side for full coverage of the bleachers. All are powered by a single Dynacord C1800FDi two-channel DSP power amplifiers for installed applications. For auditorium set-ups, two self-powered EVOLVE 50 column systems provide full-range audio with full stereo capability in a very compact footprint, and are time-aligned with the ZX3 speakers to ensure clear, cohesive audio for stage productions.

From there, Dave Horn created a series of coverage zones, making it easy to select home and away bleachers, with or without the EVOLVE 50 systems. Having two portable systems also allows the high school to deploy them anywhere on campus and for outreach events in the community.

“That’s why we chose the EVOLVE 50,” says Horn. “They sound great and they’re easy to implement. Plus, the narrow speaker columns give wide horizontal coverage and a strong stereo image without creating a visual obstacle. When they’re combined with the ZX3s for the bleachers, you’ve got a true multipurpose solution for a fraction of the cost of two systems.”