Genelec Shortlisted Twice in 2023 Mondo-DR Awards

Genelec Shortlisted Twice in 2023 Mondo-DR Awards

We’re extremely pleased to report that, once again, Genelec has been shortlisted in the globally respected Mondo-DR Awards for AV – this time in the Sustainable Company category for our strong sustainability credentials and Retail & Leisure category for our collaboration with Informationsteknik on the AV installation at Jacy’z Hotel & Resort in Gothenburg.

Receiving recognition for our approach to sustainability – a matter we prioritise equally alongside sound quality and profitability – is always a very proud moment for us. When we were founded back in 1978, we were already treading lightly, building only long-lasting, serviceable loudspeakers and nurturing employee well-being. Since then, we’ve continuously expanded on these values to make Genelec a global leader in sustainable loudspeaker solutions. For this award, Mondo-DR’s expert panel will consider – among other aspects – our successes in working culture, environmental management, sustainable supply, communication of credentials, sustainability reporting and developmental goals. You can find out more about our sustainability credentials by clicking here.

Our second nomination this year is the elegant installation at ESS Group’s luxury Jacy’z Hotel & Resort in Gothenburg, Sweden, which was planned and executed in close collaboration with AV integration specialists Informationsteknik. With over 130 Genelecs, from both our analogue 4000 Series and more advanced Smart IP family of networked installation loudspeakers, Jacy’z is able to offer a premium sound experience that honours the high expectations of its visitors. Before the panel make their final decision, they’ll measure this project’s prowess in terms of aesthetics, ease of installation, sonic performance and customer satisfaction. To see the installation for yourself, you can watch our video here.

The MONDO-DR Awards – run by Mondo-DR Magazine – were first launched in 2017 to reward the best new fixed installation projects around the globe. Now in its seventh year, the winners across all categories will be chosen by an expert panel of independent judges and previous award winners.

We’d like to extend a very warm thanks to Mondo-DR, Jacy’z, Informationsteknik and our own team for making these nominations possible – and we’ll be hoping for a great result at the forthcoming awards ceremony, which is held on the 14th of June at the InfoComm show Orlando, Florida.

Meyer Sound Shakes Up Stadium Concert Paradigms on Metallica’s Epic “M72 World Tour”

Meyer Sound Shakes Up Stadium Concert Paradigms on Metallica’s Epic “M72 World Tour”

European Leg Concerts Debut Massive PANTHER Line Array System

Metallica, a creative powerhouse lauded as one of rock’s preeminent bands, continues to break new ground with the dynamic, in-the-round production for the global, two-year “M72 World Tour” that recently kicked off in Europe. Throughout the tour, the band’s sound is immersing the entire audience — at full bandwidth across a broad stereo landscape — through a Meyer Sound system comprising a record 288 PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeakers.

For decades Metallica concerts have been known for technical and artistic innovation, and once again the band and long-time creative director Dan Braun have moved beyond the old paradigms. Two concerts will be presented at every tour stop, with completely separate music sets for each show. The celebrated “snake pit” has been relocated inside a ring-shaped stage, requiring four drum kits for Lars Ulrich to rise up as needed. Also, the sonic field has been expanded to ensure a wide stereo spread of guitars and drums at every seat and standing point in the stadium.

“I’m always concerned about making all these new ideas work at scale, but we have great partners to rely on, not the least of which is Meyer Sound. So, I never let things like practicality and logistics inhibit the creative process.”

Dan Braun

Braun took his idea for the tour sound directly to company founders John and Helen Meyer, who captured his vision and assigned Director of System Optimization Bob McCarthy to design audio for the tour.

“I told Bob that my goal was to have full stereo sound at every point with no overlap, from the center pit to the nosebleed seats,” Braun continues. “We wanted everybody to hear the band as if with nearfield monitors, and I think we’ve come closer to that than ever before in a concert setting.”

Braun also credits the new PANTHER line array loudspeakers as a key component in realizing the ambitious concept. “The clarity of the system is breathtaking, and that combined with Bob McCarthy’s brilliant design is giving us a show that sounds spectacular.”

Crafting the Metallica sound from FOH is Greg Price, a veteran known for his long stints not only with hard rock legends Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne but also for pop acts including “The Glee Show on Tour,” Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, and Chicago.

“We’re only a few shows into the tour and so far I’m very impressed,” says Price. “And I would have to say that I don’t think there is any other PA manufacturer in the world that could take on what we are trying to do on this tour.”

As for the massive PANTHER arrays, Price describes them as “a PA system that acts like a reference monitor, like an Amie or a Bluehorn in the studio. I’m hearing things in my mixing that I always knew were there but lacked definition. Now they are right in my face, and I can work with them.”

The gargantuan “M72 World Tour” system is deployed in three concentric rings. The outer ring arrays are suspended from eight towers, with two PANTHER arrays on each tower: 16 cabinets per array on the four long-side towers and 13 cabinets on the four short-side towers. Each tower also carries dual hangs of six-each 1100‑LFC low-frequency control elements and one set of six VLFC very low-frequency control elements.

The inner system, suspended from a web over the stage, has eight hangs of seven-each PANTHER line array loudspeakers, providing stereo coverage out to 42 meters from center. The “doughnut hole” in the stage center is covered by eight inward-firing UPQ‑D2 narrow coverage loudspeakers, while the outer side of the ring employs 20 ULTRA‑X40 compact loudspeakers as front fill. Ground sub-bass is powered by eight sets of 2x 1100-LFC elements around the stage.

The entire system is connected, controlled, and monitored over three MILAN AVB networks. One network connects Milan directly to all 288 PANTHER loudspeakers via 10 Galileo GALAXY 408 and two Galileo GALAXY 816 Network Platforms using a fiber network incorporating 26 Luminex Gigacore switches. The other two networks are primary and secondary networks for signal distribution and monitoring of the remaining analog Meyer Sound loudspeakers as well as providing redundant analog inputs to the PANTHER loudspeakers. The three networks comprise 52 Luminex switches and 35 GALAXY Network Platforms. Meyer Sound’s new Nebra software platform manages all network configuration, connection, and real-time system monitoring.

As yet another innovation, the “M72 World Tour” employs Meyer Sound’s Spacemap Go spatial sound design and mixing tool to a limited extent, but with stunning effect. As an intro to “One,” the rumble and roar of a four-engine vintage bomber circles the stadium with convincing reality.

“We had some people outside wondering if there was a real plane flying around in the stadium,” says Greg Price. “But Metallica is a straight-ahead band and not into trickery. The focus with spatial audio for Metallica is to enhance show content, remaining true to the band’s performance.”

The “M72 World Tour” is supported by Clair Global, and Price gives a tip of the hat to the company’s extraordinary logistical resources and depth of expertise. “We salute Clair Global for their tremendous effort in building the M72 audio systems,” he says.

Metallica’s “M72 World Tour” launched on April 27 and is scheduled for two European legs and two North American legs, wrapping up on September 29 of 2024.

NEW: Genelec 8381A – SAM Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor

NEW: Genelec 8381A – SAM Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor

The Genelec 8381A Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor system with Smart Active Technology empowers engineers and creators to perceive every sonic detail, offering true-to-life sound level and dynamics – with the full flexibility of free-standing monitor placement and advanced room adaption.

Interacting with our Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software, the 8381A monitor system intelligently adapts its response to the monitoring room in the optimal way. This offers great flexibility to tackle even the most challenging environments – delivering precise presentation, including low-frequency reproduction that integrates perfectly with the complete sound content.

The 8381A has been engineered to deliver the complete audible content, with a response extending to frequencies beyond the standard audible range – and fully aligned in the time domain – it delivers precise understanding of all the minute details in recorded waveforms. With its high SPL capacity, the 8381A makes even very low-level details audible, creating an uncompromising tool for monitoring.

Tailored precisely to your room

Interacting with our Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software, the 8381A monitor system intelligently adapts its response to the monitoring room in the optimal way. This offers great flexibility to tackle even the most challenging environments – delivering precise presentation, including low frequency reproduction that integrates perfectly with the complete sound content.

The 8381A has been engineered to deliver the complete audible content, with a response extending to frequencies beyond the standard audible range – and fully aligned in the time domain – it delivers precise understanding of all the minute details in recorded waveforms.

Imaging you can trust

Quickly arrive at the right mixing and mastering decisions through uncompromising imaging detail. The point source operating principle of the 8381A offers the unique advantage of maintaining precise sound colour and imaging at all listening distances, enabling exceptional freedom of placement, and removing the vertical sound colour change typical of larger monitors.

The carefully designed Directivity Control Waveguide ensures clean off-axis sound colour, reducing the impact of the reverberant sound in the monitoring room on mixing decisions, while improving the accuracy and reliability of monitoring work in all rooms.

Standing on the floor, the 8381 locates the soundstage at the natural listening height, while supporting traditional high main monitor positions with the included incliner system. This enables the acoustic axis to be optimally configured towards the listening position for all installation heights.

With its high SPL capacity, the 8381A makes even very low-level details audible, creating an uncompromising tool for monitoring.

Click here to find out more.

Meyer Sound PANTHER Spreads the Jams at Daze Between New Orleans Festival

Meyer Sound PANTHER Spreads the Jams at Daze Between New Orleans Festival

Goose Headlines an Eclectic Mix on the Main Outdoor Stage

For two days in early May, Daze Between New Orleans offered up a piquant musical jambalaya with headliners Goose joined on the main stage by Melt, Lawrence, David Shaw and George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners. The festivities were hosted on the expansive grounds of the historic Faubourg Brewery, with Upscale Productions providing a Meyer Sound PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker system for spreading potent music throughout the gathering.

Goose closed the show on both evenings of the event, with the Connecticut-based improvisational rock masters deftly mixed by their Front of House Engineer and Production Manager Eric Loomis. “It was a great experience,” he reports. “I was able to mix at my preferred average loudness with more than enough headroom left over. Also, Goose is a very dynamic band, and with some other systems, the color of the mix can change. PANTHER was very consistent no matter what the band threw at it.”

Loomis first noticed the unique qualities of PANTHER in January when mixing sets at Mexico’s Playing In The Sand festival. “There is a transparency and clarity that enables me to focus more on the balance of the mix, rather than having to adjust the frequency response of the PA in the system processing.”

Upscale Productions had fortuitously engaged the services of notable systems engineer — also FOH engineer, senior instructor for Rational Acoustics and podcast host — Michael Lawrence to optimize the system.

“One of the design constraints for festivals in this format is that you have a lot of throw distance to cover but at a relatively low trim height,” says Lawrence. “That is a challenge for front-to-back consistency because you want to hang as long an array as possible. With PANTHER, we were able to hang 12 a side within our allotted weight, which gave us higher uniformity and better directivity than we would have been able to achieve with earlier generations of product.”

Lawrence also was pleased with the horizontal coverage. “One of the interesting things about this design was how the PANTHER horn behaves horizontally. You can get much further off-axis before it starts to roll off, giving coverage to the edge of the audience area without the need for outfills.”

Lawrence used the MAPP 3D System Design and Prediction Tool and the Product Integration feature in the GALAXY processors to create both the PANTHER main hang and the deep bass array, which consisted of a line of eight two-element cardioid stacks of 700-HP subwoofers, delaying the outer two stacks to match coverage with the PANTHER arrays.

“This configuration kept tonal consistency throughout and lessened the power alley effect,” he says. “Finally, I did the tuning and alignment with Smaart v9. I think I ended up with only two filters and a bit of shading to get where I wanted to go. Other than that, the only changes were in response to changes in environmental conditions throughout the festival.”

The results of his work were appreciated by all the FOH engineers working the stage, including Leo Pisaq, who mixed for the (coincidentally booked) band Lawrence.

“The sound was exceptional in terms of stereo imaging,” he says. “Also, the vocals and the transients — specifically on drums — came through like no other PA I’ve mixed on.”

Daze Between was the first major festival assignment for their PANTHER rig since acquired by Upscale Productions in late 2022, with prior booking for regional tours and a busy showroom concert schedule at the Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder, LA, not far from Upscale Productions’ home base in Lake Charles.

Upscale placed its order for PANTHER having never heard the system, according to co-owner Chris Lambert. “Meyer Sound said it would be a game-changer and I took them at their word.”

Upscale already had both the LEOPARD and LINA line array systems in their inventory, and decided it was time to upgrade their aging MILO line array system. “When PANTHER was announced, I knew it was time to make the move,” continues Lambert. “With PANTHER, we would shave off 80 pounds a box, and since much of our work is on mobile stages with weight limits, we knew that would make a huge difference. And working outdoors, PANTHER feels right on top of you at a distance. You still get a focused response at 200 feet and beyond.”

Artists enjoying the new Upscale system have included Lee Brice, Third Eye Blind, Jefferson Starship, and the Commodores. It was the Lee Brice tour that first connected Michael Lawrence with the Upscale owners and crew.

“The Upscale team takes the job seriously, but we have a lot of fun together,” says Lawrence. “I was glad to be asked to come down for Daze Between. It’s a great collaboration. Chris and David [co-owner David Lapointe] set the tone for the entire operation. They want to do it right and make sure all the pieces are in place, but they also have trust in their crew and allow everybody the space to do a great job.”

Daze Between is an interim musical celebration held mid-week between the two consecutive weekends of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In 2023 it was presented by Dayglo Presents, Live For Live Music, GMP Live, Purple Hat Productions, and Rose Tours. A portion of the proceeds benefited the Rex Foundation and will be distributed to charities in the New Orleans area.

Steve Harris Trusts in Electro-Voice

Steve Harris Trusts in Electro-Voice

In a thrilling industry coup, Electro-Voice has officially secured Steve Harris, the iconic Iron Maiden bassist, as its new endorser. The Iron Maiden founder and band leader has entrusted his standout bass sound to Electro-Voice for over four decades since the very onset of his illustrious music career. Recognized as a rock legend, Harris was heralded by Loudwire magazine as the best hard rock + metal bassist of all time, an accolade that underscores his influence. In this partnership, Harris demonstrates his trust by choosing Electro-Voice’s EVM-12L Black Label signature guitar speakers for all his Marshall 4×12 bass cabinets, forming a fusion of sonic titans that guarantees an experience of unrivaled intensity.

This exciting collaboration comes just in time for Iron Maiden’s “The Future Past Tour“, kicking off on May 28 – and there are still a few of the last remaining tickets available. Eager fans worldwide are gearing up to see one of rock’s greatest live bands, powered by the unique combination of Harris’s bass virtuosity and the superior sound of Electro-Voice. Brace yourself, the maiden voyage of rock with EV’s thunderous sound is upon us!

Genelec Strengthens MEA Distribution Network With New Appointments

Genelec Strengthens MEA Distribution Network With New Appointments

ApexPro and Sound Reference join Genelec’s global distribution network.

Genelec has significantly strengthened its distribution network in the MEA region through the signing of two new distribution agreements. Johannesburg-based ApexPro are handling the distribution of Genelec’s Pro and AV loudspeaker ranges across Southern Africa, while Dubai-based Sound Reference will be servicing the Home Audio market throughout the GCC group of countries. Both appointments signal Genelec’s commitment to what has become an increasingly important region in the global loudspeaker market.

ApexPro is part of South Africa’s well-established Prosound Group of companies, which over the last fifty years has established a close affiliation with clients in the professional broadcast, music production and Pro-AV verticals. The distribution agreement covers the Southern African region – comprising South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe – and with satellite offices in Durban, Cape Town and Gaborone, ApexPro will focus on the distribution of Genelec Professional loudspeakers via the dealer channel, while AV Worx – part of the same Prosound Group – will provide value-added distribution by concentrating on supplying Genelec Professional and AV solutions to system integrators working in audio-visual production, music production, AV applications plus education and research.

Founded in Dubai in 2021 by Muhammed Amras, Sound Reference will be supplying Genelec loudspeaker systems to the Home Audio market across the GCC nations: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. Supported by General Manager Suresh Thadani – who himself has over 25 years of audio distribution experience – Sound Reference will be working with a network of dealers across the region, while supporting sales in the UAE via its impressive Genelec Experience Centre in Dubai.

“Genelec is the standard by which all other loudspeakers are judged by professionals in the global audio industry,” comments ApexPro director Mark Malherbe. “Ensuring reliable and supported access to Genelec’s class-leading products is an essential part of delivering on our commitment to provide world-class technology and solutions to our growing pro audio industry in Southern Africa. We’re confident that our extensive network of broadcast and production professionals, AV integrators and end users in the entertainment, commercial and education markets will embrace all that Genelec has to offer in the years ahead.”

Sound Reference’s Muhammed Amras adds: “We have a very close relationship with Farooq Pasha, who’s company – Audio Video People – has had great success as a Genelec Home Audio dealer in Bangalore, India. Working with Audio Video People, we recognised the opportunities that representing Genelec in the GCC region would create – it’s a fast developing market, and the booming tourism industry is generating significant demand for high quality loudspeaker solutions in the Home Audio and AV segments.”

Genelec International Sales Director Ole Jensen concludes: “We can see the growth potential that the MEA region represents, and we’re extremely excited about working with ApexPro and Sound Reference, both of whom have high levels of experience and professionalism. It also showcases the fact that Genelec’s strong studio & broadcast customer base is now being supported by a growing number of discerning customers in the AV and Home Audio markets. This really underscores the fact that exceptional sounding, sustainable, aesthetically beautiful loudspeaker solutions are in demand everywhere – whatever the application.”

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