Steve Harris Trusts in Electro-Voice

Steve Harris Trusts in Electro-Voice

In a thrilling industry coup, Electro-Voice has officially secured Steve Harris, the iconic Iron Maiden bassist, as its new endorser. The Iron Maiden founder and band leader has entrusted his standout bass sound to Electro-Voice for over four decades since the very onset of his illustrious music career. Recognized as a rock legend, Harris was heralded by Loudwire magazine as the best hard rock + metal bassist of all time, an accolade that underscores his influence. In this partnership, Harris demonstrates his trust by choosing Electro-Voice’s EVM-12L Black Label signature guitar speakers for all his Marshall 4×12 bass cabinets, forming a fusion of sonic titans that guarantees an experience of unrivaled intensity.

This exciting collaboration comes just in time for Iron Maiden’s “The Future Past Tour“, kicking off on May 28 – and there are still a few of the last remaining tickets available. Eager fans worldwide are gearing up to see one of rock’s greatest live bands, powered by the unique combination of Harris’s bass virtuosity and the superior sound of Electro-Voice. Brace yourself, the maiden voyage of rock with EV’s thunderous sound is upon us!

Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system solution elevates the live music scene at a Thai restaurant

Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system solution elevates the live music scene at a Thai restaurant

  • Electro-Voice EKX and ZLX loudspeakers provide the ideal combination of professional sound quality and compact form factor
  • Dynacord L series DSP amplifiers allow user-friendly system management.
  • The system serves double duty for daytime BGM and nighttime live sound.
Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

A new Electro-Voice loudspeaker system with power and processing from Dynacord is delivering state-of-the-art sound quality in a compact format for patrons at Naimuang Station, a leading regional restaurant known for its live music scene, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

The restaurant’s management was determined to elevate the audio experience at the venue to the next level. In addition to top-notch sound quality, a key prerequisite was controlled coverage to keep the output contained in the venue and minimize any noise pollution into neighbouring properties. In step with this consideration, the system also needed to sound great at lower volume levels for daytime guests. And, of course, it all needed to be reliable and easy for the staff to manage.

Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

To deliver on this vision, a system comprising passive EKX and powered ZLX series loudspeakers was specified. The main PA includes four EKX-15 and four EKX-12 full-range boxes to cover the dining/audience area, with low-frequency support from four EKX-18 subwoofers. Four ZLX-12BT boxes serve as stage monitors. Both the EKX and ZLX series models feature Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) technology, which, in addition to allowing for a more compact speaker enclosure, helps to time-align the low- and high-frequency drivers and allows for a larger waveguide and port to fit inside the enclosure, yielding enhanced pattern control and bass response.

Naimuang Station, in Chai Nat, Thailand.

The main EKX system is powered by Dynacord L Series DSP amplifiers, designed for live/mobile applications: three L3600FD (2x 1800 W) and two L2800FD (2x 1400 W). Dynacord’s remote control software allows Naimuang Station to wirelessly manage and monitor system settings such as volume and EQ without the need for additional speaker processing. For example, the audio can be adjusted to provide the perfect ambience with background music for diners during the day, with higher output for live shows at night. Being able to configure the system quickly and easily completes a solution that combines user-friendly convenience with professional performance.

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Electro-Voice at Nottingham’s Island Quarter Regeneration Project

Electro-Voice at Nottingham’s Island Quarter Regeneration Project

Electro-Voice X2 supports everything from solo artists to festival stages at Nottingham’s Island Quarter regeneration project.

The regeneration project at Nottingham’s Island Quarter is turning a 36-acre former industrial site into a mixed-use space with multi-functional public spaces as well as areas to live, work and relax. As one of the first examples of what the new district will bring to the city, the Canal Turn performance space has set a high bar for what people can expect with a stage that can handle everything from solo artists to full festivals, thanks to its Electro-Voice X2 line array system driven and controlled by Dynacord amplifiers and electronics.

Canal Turn is set to be the cultural centrepiece of the Island Quarter development, with plans in place for the venue to host everything from world-class music and live theatre to locally created art and open-air public speaking. The job of creating the solution for this space fell to local AV installers Music Gear Installations, part of the MGD Group. A versatile yet powerful sound system has been one of the keys to enabling this aspiration, with the combined strengths of Electro-Voice and Dynacord an obvious choice.

“We’ve pushed the boundaries of technology a bit, and everything is built around being futureproof,” explains Mick Whittemore, from Music Gear Installations. “The idea was the owner could put anyone on – we had to get to a certain level for the tribute acts and mid-level touring bands, but also have the infrastructure to enable major acts to play there. It needs to handle literally anything from a solo acoustic performer who can simply plug and play (with their own mixing desk if required) to a potential full-on music festival.”

To achieve this, Music Gear Installations enlisted the help of Bosch consultant Neal Allen, who suggested a solution he knows well from his time as a touring FOH engineer, the X2 line array systems for live sound applications from the X-Line Advance line array family. “I know the product really well,” says Allen. “The owners liked the heritage of where I had been with it and what I had done with it. When they heard it, they really liked the sound of it too.”

The open-air stage at Canal Turn is covered by six X2-212/90 line-array elements per side, with two X12-128 subwoofers delivering the low frequencies. “X2 provides the detail this kind of project needs,” states Allen. “It’s a nice sounding box that can do multiple styles of music. They can run it full range, which sometimes they do when they are just doing the screen and it will cope well with whatever they need it to do.” On stage, artists are supported by eight Electro-Voice MFX-15MC multi-functional coax monitors.

The system is powered by Dynacord amplifiers, with IPX units handling the MFX stage monitors and TGX models responsible for the main PA. An MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine delivers the routing and mixing capabilities while SONICUE Sound System Software provides precise and user-friendly control and configuration for the solution.

“It was simple to tune the system with SONICUE and the latest upgrade version has also made it very user-friendly for the venue staff and students, especially for general system operation,” says Allen. “They only use the parts of SONICUE that they need – such as presets and level changes – which means that the system can be just as easily run by a sound engineer or by students on a day-to-day basis.”

Reflecting on the overall project and the futureproof solution he has delivered, Whittemore is very pleased with the results. “The whole feel of the place is great and they have some really big plans,” he reflects. “We’ve made a futureproof venue that integrates well into the surrounding environment and the plans for this area. Most importantly, everybody is pleased with the way it sounds.”

“This was a future-proof selection that I was more than happy to recommend,” concluded Ben Hicklin, project manager from Canal Turn. “I’ve been delighted with the results. Everything I have been promised has been delivered, together with the added bonus of working with local specialists.”

BMX Daredevils Perform Stunts To The Beat Of Electro-Voice

BMX Daredevils Perform Stunts To The Beat Of Electro-Voice

The “King of Wheels” BMX contest held on March 11th at the “Stuttpark” skatepark in Stuttgart, Germany, was a huge success. With riders from all over the country competing in three different classes – Kids, Amateurs, and Professionals – the competition was fierce, but in the end, it was all about the skills, the stunts, and the fun! The incredible atmosphere of the event was ensured by Electro-Voice sound systems.

Two EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker systems served as the main PA, with a further two EVERSE 8 battery-powered loudspeakers deployed for the adjacent areas and as a DJ monitor to blast out the perfect mix of cool beats and tunes, while announcements were made crystal clear via a wireless RE3 microphone system that was connected to the EVOLVE 50Ms.

Two EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker systems served as main PA,

The DJ also used a Dynacord CMS 600 mixing console for signal processing and to keep the party going, making sure that every rider’s trick was accompanied by the perfect sound.

ApexPro is the premium distributor of Electro-Voice products in sub-Saharan Africa.

ApexPro is the premium distributor of Electro-Voice products in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts installs largest Electro-Voice X2 system in North America

Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts installs largest Electro-Voice X2 system in North America

Located in suburban Fort Worth, the Mansfield Independent School District (ISD) facilities include the Dr. Jim Vaszauskas Center for the Performing Arts, a freestanding 142,000 square-foot facility used for live music and theater events. It also functions as a professional development center, with a conference/banquet area, breakout rooms and computer labs, creating a profit center for the school district while serving its students, staff and community.

During the pandemic, the facility began experiencing end-of-life issues with some of the high-end technology installed there, necessitating a full refurbishment. Mansfield ISD engaged CRUX Technology & Security Solutions (Fort Worth) to make an in-depth assessment of the situation, then make recommendations on how best to bring the facility back to state-of-the-art standards, in line with the district’s needs and vision.

The PA solution CRUX recommended was designed around Electro-Voice X2 line-array loudspeakers in combination with Dynacord’s IPX series amplifiers. DSP, time delays, speaker optimization, and system control were programmed into the amplifiers via Dynacord SONICUE Sound System Software. The physical installation was executed by another established area company, Electro Acoustics.

One key element of the upgrade was reinforcing the performing arts center’s ability to generate revenue for the school district by hosting national touring productions with its in-house sound system. This requirement is easily met by the EV-Dynacord solution, which provides a level of all-around performance and control that represents a marked improvement over the venue’s previous system.

“We specified the Electro-Voice and Dynacord products very deliberately on this project,” notes Mason Brooks, Senior AV Consultant at CRUX. “Since legacy product end-of-life and supply chain issues were driving forces on the project, we did not have the luxury of allowing alternates. These brands represent Grade A technology, and the X2 delivers a significant audio upgrade with a smaller footprint, and with less impact on sightlines. Bosch (EV and Dynacord’s parent company) was also one of the few manufacturers that could actually deliver the product in our required time frame.”

The ability to deliver a large system in a timely manner was critical, as the CRUX design actually created the largest permanent installation of Electro-Voice X-Line Advance in North America, with a total of 67 full-range cabinets plus ten subwoofers, making the 5500-seat auditorium’s PA system worthy of hosting major touring concert events. In addition, both the left and right sides of the semicircular room can be walled off to create smaller dedicated spaces, each with its own sound system and seating for 640.

The main auditorium PA consists of twin 13-box X2-212 arrays, each with 11 X2-212 90° boxes above two 120° models to ensure full coverage across the front. The low end is amply supplied by a center hang of ten X12-125F dual-15” flying subwoofers, notable for their tightly-controlled cardioid output. To ensure full coverage to the back of the capacious auditorium, three delay arrays of seven X2-212/120 enclosures are evenly spaced to cover the back of the room.

Audio for the two side rooms is provided by independent 10-box line arrays, utilizing the 90° dispersion X2-212 to achieve full coverage in those narrower spaces. These side room hangs were optimized via SONICUE to deliver sufficient low end without requiring additional subwoofers.

The entire PA system is powered by 16 Dynacord IPX20:4 amplifiers. With 20,000 watts in just two RU of space, these Dante-enabled smart amplifiers house significant DSP power and are part of the SONICUE ecosystem. SONICUE was thus used to implement key system design elements, including loudspeaker optimization, room EQ, time delay and subwoofer directionality. Additionally, IPX amps employ Eco-Rail technology to reduce power consumption by up to 50%, which was a big selling point for the school district.

Another unique function of IPX’s energy-efficient feature set is Ghost Power – a problem-solving technology that ensures the amplifer and processing will instantaneosly recover from mains power glitches. It eliminates reboot issues that might occur during a short-term outage or a transition to a secondary power source by ensuring the amplifiers have sufficient power in reserve to maintain DSP through generator startup. IPX achieves this without the need for an expensive uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system or non-network components.

“The Dynacord IPX amps were important to ensure the reliability of the system,” explains Mason Brooks. “The arts center is in a location that’s known for having occasional power outages, and the facility is used as a reunification point for Mansfield schools in case of emergency. The Dynacord amps solve that problem beautifully. The Ghost Power technology acts as a power backup until the building’s backup generators kick in. So as soon as the power returns, sound is happening without waiting for the amps to reboot. It’s a huge upgrade that addresses the critical needs of mass notification and evacuation.”

In replacing dated system infrastructure with a modern Dante network, finding an appropriate location for the new amplifiers presented a minor challenge. Fortunately, with only 16 amps needed to accommodate 320,000 watts of power, the existing catwalk in the main auditorium could handle the equipment racks without additional structural support.

“In upgrading the facility, our flexibility was limited in terms of conduit runs,” explains Ryan Walker, Senior Account Manager at Electro Acoustics. “Fortunately, the catwalk made a pretty good midway point. We have about 300 feet of CAT cable to bring the Dante network up to the amps. From there, we had manageable runs of about 300 to 400 feet of copper out to the various speaker positions. So really, the Dynacord product design was a big part of the solution.” Walker also notes that installation of the line arrays was remarkably easy. “We were fortunate that the auditorium had a motorized hoist system in place for the massive self-powered system we were replacing,” notes Walker. “The positive pin-locking system on the EV arrays made it easy to stack the speakers and build the arrays in place. EV’s hardware design is outstanding, so the reinstallation was ten times faster than most typical line array systems.”

The system design for the Mansfield ISD’s Center for the Performing Arts represents a strong success story during the pandemic, with Bosch’s global resources serving to enable a fast-tracked project from concept to completion in under six months. “While there are several companies that can provide the technology this project demanded, the Bosch ecosystem of Electro-Voice line arrays and Dynacord electronics provides a synergy of technology, sound quality and value that does a tremendous job of meeting all the customer’s needs,” says Mason Brooks of CRUX. “Everyone involved is thrilled with the result.”

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Level 42 level-up with Electro-Voice and Dynacord for UK tour

Level 42 level-up with Electro-Voice and Dynacord for UK tour

The recent Level 42 UK tour called on the versatility of Electro-Voice and Dynacord equipment to ensure that every audience had the best possible experience, no matter what kind of venue the band was performing in.

The British jazz-funk band toured with an Electro-Voice

The British jazz-funk band toured with an Electro-Voice X2 system as its main PA, driven by Dynacord TGX amplifiers with control from SONICUE sound system software.

The tour marked the first time that the band’s FOH engineer, Mark Clements, had moved away from Level 42’s usual equipment supplier for 25 years. However, the band had been working with Merlin PA on overseas and festival packages, and it became a natural move to tour the UK with the rental company too.


“The percussive and transient nature of Mark King’s style really shone through with the use of the X2’s 12” driver on the Mid Band Hydra.”

A further reason for the switch was to move to Electro-Voice’s X2 system, which Clements had heard several times. The solution’s size and form factor made it the perfect choice for a concert hall tour, but the technical qualities of the X2 also made it a strong choice for Level 42.

“The percussive and transient nature of Mark King’s style really shone through with the use of the X2’s 12” driver on the Mid Band Hydra,” explains Merlin PA’s Neal Allen. “That’s what the technology in the MBH allows you to deliver.”

The capabilities of the X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers were also an important factor for the performance. “This tour was one of the first where we consistently used a cardioid sub arrangement in almost every venue,” recalls Allen. “Due to the nature of the stage setup, some venues required a super-cardioid sub design, which dramatically cleaned up unwanted resonance onstage for Mark King.”

In addition to the X2 main PA, compact 8” two-way XLE cabinets were called into action to provide further support. “XLE was required to provide extra intelligibility and consistency,” says Allen. “This was particularly important at Sheffield City Hall, which is a notoriously tricky venue to contain with a full house when you need to cover all three floors.”

A further aspect that enhanced the tour was the Dynacord electronics and software that drove every performance. “TGX amplifiers and SONICUE sound system software provided the backbone power to the Electro-Voice system,” notes Allen. “The intuitive nature of SONICUE enabled us to make effortless on-the-fly changes at different locations, while also providing an overall picture of all aspects of the system.”