Discover The Power of HH Electronics Audio Solutions at Toms, Bloemfontein

Discover The Power of HH Electronics Audio Solutions at Toms, Bloemfontein

In the world of audio equipment, finding a robust product, that delivers professional results, and offers ‘bang for your buck’, is a tall order for most audio professionals operating in the Bloemfontein region.

Nico Greyling, the manager at Toms Bloemfontein, recently had the opportunity to discover the HH Electronics brand. This UK-based audio manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing audio equipment for the professional market for more than 50 years and is distributed by ApexPro. In a recent interview, Nico shared his thoughts on the HH Electronics range, and shed light on who might find it most appealing.

The proof is in the experience

Nico’s journey with HH Electronics began when Neill Venter of ApexPro, the local distributor of HH Electronics in Southern Africa, visited him in Bloemfontein and supplied a demonstration of the gear earlier this year.

This hands-on experience left a lasting impression on Nico, and when asked about his first impression, Nico said he was instantly impressed.

With 31 years in the music industry, Nico’s perspective carries weight. He’s seen countless brands and products come and go, but what stood out to him about HH Electronics’ range was its solid build and, most importantly, its sound quality. He noted that it didn’t have that “over-processed sound often found in new active speakers.” Instead, it delivered a solid, unprocessed sound that audiophiles and industry veterans would appreciate.

So, who is the ideal user for this product? According to Nico, the HH Electronics catalogue caters to a diverse audience but shines brightest in the hands of those who appreciate high-fidelity sound. “Your typical HH Electronics buyer would be someone with extensive experience in different brands of speakers, someone hunting for quality and a high-fidelity sound,” he explained. “While it can work for anyone, those with finely tuned ears will truly appreciate what this speaker has to offer.”

Who is the ideal market for HH Electronics Solutions?

When it comes to markets, the HH Electronics range is versatile. It can find a home in bands, churches, schools, and more. Nico emphasized its suitability for the Houses of Worship market, particularly with the TNA series. “This speaker provides a fantastic sound quality without the need to push it to its limits. In many Houses of Worship environments, this is a significant advantage as it ensures clear and full sound without excessive effort.”

Ian Wright, International Sales Director for the Headstock Group adds: “It is great to see a range of our HH Electronics product being stocked by Toms, an incredibly well-respected retail chain in the African market. We appreciate the support from the group, and it’s great to hear that they are happy with the quality, value and performance of the range. We trust that HH Electronics will continue to fill a gap in the market for Toms, and result in many satisfied customers in the years to come, and we look forward to a long and fruitful association.”

In conclusion, Nico states: “All that I can say is come and experience it because, you’ll never really know what it sounds like until you experience it first-hand.”

About Toms – Bloemfontein

Since 1978, TOMS – The Only Music Shop has been a go-to destination for both budding and professional musicians, offering a wide selection of high-quality instruments and pro-audio gear from esteemed brands at competitive prices. The knowledgeable sales and management team are renowned for their exceptional service, catering to the needs of every customer with their deep understanding of music products. The TOMS store in Bloemfontein, which opened in 2009, has contributed significantly to the area’s vibrant music scene, earning patronage from well-known artists like Brendan Pyper and Zak Steyn, and upholding the company’s commitment to deliver the finest the music industry has to offer.

Toms Bloemfontein is open for business on Mondays from 8:30 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. Nico and his team welcome everyone to their store, where they have an extensive range of HH Electronics gear available for test listening sessions.

If you’re in the market for high-quality audio equipment that’s both solid in build and sound, pay a visit to Toms Bloemfontein. Nico and his team can’t wait to introduce you to the impressive HH Electronics range and help you find the perfect audio solution for your needs.

Elevate Your Restaurant Experience with the HH TNi-W8PRO Sound System

Elevate Your Restaurant Experience with the HH TNi-W8PRO Sound System

When running a successful restaurant, attention to detail can make all the difference. From delectable dishes to impeccable service, every aspect contributes to creating a memorable dining experience. One element that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in setting the right ambiance having an effective sound system.

In this article, we will explore the importance of an installed sound system and highlight the exceptional features of the HH Electronics TNi-W8PRO, a high-power, compact, and versatile loudspeaker system designed with the needs and budgets of restaurant owners in mind.

Unparalleled Sound Quality:

The HH TNi-W8PRO boasts a powerful 8-inch HH low-frequency driver with a 2-inch voice coil, delivering deep and punchy bass. Complementing this is the 1-inch Celestion CDX1-1070 high-frequency compression driver, ensuring clear and detailed highs. With this impressive combination, the sound system provides a full-range audio experience that will captivate your customers and enhance their enjoyment of your establishment.

Versatile Orientation and Mounting Options:

Designed with flexibility in mind, the HH TNi-W8PRO offers a rotatable waveguide, allowing you to use the loudspeaker in either vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on your space and layout requirements. Additionally, the system offers various mounting options, including 7 x M10 Penn-Elcom fly points and 4 x M8 mounting points for the optional TNi-BRK30 mounting bracket. This versatility enables you to optimize the sound distribution and ensure consistent audio coverage throughout your restaurant.

Reliable and Durable Construction:

Understanding the demands of a restaurant environment, the HH TNi-W8PRO is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Enclosed in a robust wooden enclosure, the system features a powder-coated steel grille with acoustic foam backing, ensuring durability and protecting the internal components. The sleek black or white finish adds a touch of elegance that seamlessly integrates with your restaurant’s decor.

Flexible Connectivity Options:

The HH TNi-W8PRO provides flexible input connections via either an M4 barrier strip or Euroblock, giving you versatile options to connect to your audio sources. Whether you prefer a hardwired connection or a more streamlined setup, this sound system adapts to your specific needs, allowing for easy integration into your restaurant’s existing audio infrastructure.

As a restaurant owner, creating a captivating dining experience is essential for attracting and retaining customers. An installed sound system, such as the HH TNi-W8PRO, offers a range of benefits that contribute to the overall success of your establishment. With its exceptional sound quality, versatile orientation, and mounting options, reliable construction, and flexible connectivity, this system ensures that every corner of your restaurant is filled with immersive, high-quality audio. Elevate your restaurant to new heights with the HH TNi-W8PRO sound system and leave a lasting impression on your guests, ensuring they return for the remarkable experience you provide.

ApexPro is the sole distributor of HH Electronics Solutions in Southern Africa.

Reach out to us to book your demo.

HH Electronics Tessen Line Array Shines in Tzaneen

HH Electronics Tessen Line Array Shines in Tzaneen

The HH Electronics Tessen Line Array recently made a splash at the Tzaneen Pastors Fraternal Worship Conference, held at the AFM Fountain of Life Church.

The ground-stacked configuration of the HH Electronics TNA-1800S, TNA-2120SA, and TNA-2051 delivered exceptional sound quality that impressed attendees.

According to Chimmy Machimana, the Front of House sound engineer for the event, “The HH Electronics Tessen Line Array blew me away. The sound was crystal clear with a very punchy low end, and the coverage was impressive. More impressive is what we were able to achieve in a room with very challenging acoustics. As you can see, the space is only at the tail end of a construction effort. The sanctuary is yet to be carpeted and treated for sound. “

Pastor Frank Ntlemo, a Pastor and musician at the conference, was equally impressed with the line array, stating that they planned to secure funds to have it installed in their new church building. It’s a testament to the quality of the Tessen Line Array that it left such an impression on attendees.

Dr Pat Malungani, owner of Mbhetse Productions, a sound hire company, also had positive feedback about HH Electronics. He praised the clarity of the TRE-1201 model and its ability to deliver pristine sound even in challenging acoustic environments. We used the TRE-1201 on stage as monitors for the speaker and lead vocalist with exceptional results.

Overall, the HH Electronics Tessen Line Array was a standout at the Tzaneen Pastors Fraternal Worship Conference. It’s a powerful tool that can elevate any worship experience and is sure to impress anyone who hears it. We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to the brand in the region and are confident that our efforts to support our local retail partners to promote it will yield great results.

ApexPro is the sole distributor of HH Electronics in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us to book your demo.

ApexPro launches HH Electronics in Botswana

ApexPro launches HH Electronics in Botswana

ApexPro, in partnership with local pro-AV supplier Six Dots, successfully launches HH Electronics in Gaborone, Botswana.

ApexPro, the distribution arm of the Prosound Group of Companies, headed to Gaborone, Botswana, to launch HH Electronics’ range of audio solutions at the Town Lodge Convention Center on February 27.

ApexPro took on the distribution rights of HH Electronics, part of the UK-based Headstock Group, for the sub-Saharan region late in 2022. “HH Electronics offers a versatile range of both portable and commercial audio solutions that are ideal for the African market,” says ApexPro’s HH Electronics product specialist, Simba Mukabeta. “The company’s products are designed by a passionate team of audiophiles in the UK, and offer scalable audio solutions, robust design, and high-quality sound at an affordable price.”

Based on the positive response the HH Electronics launch received from the local market in South Africa in late 2022, ApexPro teamed up with its partner in Botswana, Six Dots, to arrange a pro-AV Expo at the Town Lodge Convention Centre in Gaborone.

“We presented HH-Electronics’ Tensor and Tessen Series at the event, which was very well received by both professional and end users,” Mukabeta explains. “In sub-Saharan Africa, clients are looking for high-quality sound that is scalable, affordable, and, most importantly, able to withstand the harsh African climate. HH-Electronics delivers on all these fronts, and it’s a privilege to offer our Botswanan clients a solution that we truly believe in,” he concludes.    

While HH-Electronics is a new product in Botswana, ApexPro enjoys a long-standing relationship with pro-AV service providers in the region.

 “Over the past two years, our ability to visit our partners in sub-Saharan Africa has been severely curtailed due to travel restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic,” explains ApexPro company director Justin Acres. “We have long-standing partnerships with installation and rental companies in Botswana, who have come to rely on ApexPro to deliver world-class professional audio-visual equipment on time and within budget to support their projects in the region, despite the complexities of doing business in a developing market. In addition to relying on ApexPro as a distributor, clients in the region can lean on the expertise of the Prosound team as pro-AV installations and AV solutions providers, with 50 years of experience working in the region.” Acres points out.

“One of our goals this year is to reconnect in person with our partners in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to strengthening our existing relationships in the region, we are determined to increase our already impressive African footprint in 2023. We want to ensure that Africa’s rapidly growing and underserviced pro-AV market can access the best, most fit-for-purpose AV technology through local distributors to ease the burden of doing business with overseas suppliers in the region,” Acres concludes.